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Boss should not be always right

Updated on August 5, 2014

the illegal sound in job

Few illigal sound in job is becoming an alarming situation. This is also alarming is that the severity of sound is increasing and implementation of the sound is also increasing.

This alarming sound is "Boss is always right". This sound sometimes leads a dictatorship. Boss is nothing but a system. Boss should not be an individual people. The system may be right for employee. And this system may be illegal. If this system or the activities of the company is illegal the state government will not support the system.

In a legal organization the dictator sound "Boss is always right" should count as illegal word. This sound psychologically weaken the employee. That also provides a dictatorship to line management.

In a job employee must have to responsibility with law and human rights. Superior may be involve in illegal activities. But a man should avoid all kinds of illegal activities.


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