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Science and technology and its relation with turnover

Updated on August 23, 2014

Effects of science and technology in turnover by employees

With the emergences of science and technology the turnover rate increased. Science and technology have increased the mobility of the employee. With the emergence of internet the there have created an option of engaging different kinds of earning methods. Hence, turnover rate increasing is the as usual cause.

Technology have enable a man to switch one work to another work or business. Science and technology makes easier in production, distribution and marketing. Hence it became easy to build a business organization than past. So why not few employee will leave their job and start a new business?

Science and technologies effects on turnover by employers

The sciences and technologies impacts significantly on turnover. When human skills can be replaced by the machines skills than employers start an estimation of machine in place of human on the basis of labour cost and machines cost . A one machine can do work of a lots of people within short time. An automated software can do unlimited work within a short period of time. If there was no software was implemented there required a lot of human people as employee. Hence there need a single people.

Science and technologies in sales department

Now customer contact is more easier than past with bless of science and technologies. Science and technologies in sales department also giving an employee more flexibility and it also undertaking the employee in a strictly monitoring. Now order collecting and submitting can be done by a automated software. Manually order collecting and submitting is now outdated. That have introduced flexibility. On the other hand it have taken employee in under strict monitoring. Though, boss wants any employee to spends more time in front of customer, he command employee sometimes illegality to spends more time in front of customer.

Because of strictly monitoring the turnover by employer and employee is also increasing.


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