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A wrong recruitment process leads high turnover rate

Updated on August 15, 2014

what is recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of injecting new people in organization. It involves in attracte the job candidate for a specific job who have the ability and skills to perform the job. It is looking for employee. Recruitment process are included attraction and retention of applicants. A recruitment process start with searching the potential employee for the job focusing on the responsibility of the job that the candidate have quality and skills for persuing the job. It is the previous step of selection. Before selecting finally a people to do the job, every steps are the recruitment process. Recruitment process depends upon some of the external factor. These factors are few government's activity, labour market condition, domestic and global economical condition. The view of the employers and the preference of the ca didate also influence on recruitment process.

The influences on the recruitment

The factors that influence on recruitment process are describing. The influencing factors are external influencing factor and internal influencing factor. The external influencing factors are Government and union restriction, labour market condition, etc. Government restrict in hairing the employee and in recruiting process. Hence the rules and regulation of government sometimes restrict the recruitment process from different parameter of view. In terms of gender and gender equal oppurtunity and some of the case government setted gender ratio of recruitment, that means how number of women and men should be recruited. Some of the case specialization for few groups or communities is specified. These are the factors in terms of recruitment. Hence recruitment process should be obeying the government rules. In an advertisement It should be include that womens are encourage to apply. But should not good to mention that womens are prohibited to apply or this jo is only for the man. The governments another rules is making a percentage ratio of female gender, minorities, ethnics, etc. Labour market condition also influences in a recruitment process. If the labour forces in labour market is very higher than the nnormal level of the demand to employer, then the recruitment process will be influenced. If in labour market the condition becomes opposite than normal than the recruitment process affacts oppositely.

wrong recruitment process leads to turnover

A wrong things can leads a wrong result and it can drive whole things wrongly. A wrong recruitment may lead a wrong result wuth turnover rare increasing. If you focuses on the definition of recruitment, it is the steps af attracting the candidates. In this procedure maintaining the such things is important that can match with the job criteria. If wrong process is done in this step wrong people will gather for job. A perfect people selecting from a lot of people if so difficult. Hence, selection may lead to wrong way. It may posible of selecting a wrong people for the job who is no sufficient level of able for the job. This wrong selection may lead turnover, either it by employee or by employer.


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