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Amazon Money Machine Review

Updated on March 29, 2014

A Closer Look At The Amazon Money Machine

Like Matt Clark's Amazon Money Machine, aka the Ultimate Promotion System, there are hundreds, no thousands, of programs available which promise to teach you how to make money online. The "Amazing Selling Machine" is his newly released video which promotes his newest system and its designed to show you how to make a lot of money selling products, primarily on Amazon. And yes, lots of people really do make great money with the Amazon business machine.

Having been involved with online marketing for almost 3 years now I've been where most newcomers are now. There is all of this information telling them how much money people are making, and these people will show you, too, how to make money if you pay them. Which is fair, right? It takes time and costs them a lot to create training programs, for sure. But what about when the cost of that training they're offering approaches $1,000? It's no longer a simple matter of saying "I have nothing to lose."

To be fair, I've tried various programs and have marketed some of them myself as an affiliate, and still do. And in the interest of full disclosure I'll tell you about one of those at the end of my review, one that I know works and which delivers without costing an arm and a leg. I just cannot see asking new marketers to pay the kind of money that some do. And my goal is not to crap on someone's business model or system, but to say nothing isn't right, either, when I believe that there's a better way to find success for far less.

I hope that if you find this review of the Amazon Money Machine helpful you'll share it with others. And please leave a comment below and share your own thoughts and experiences about this program, or any others. When everyone shares we all win.

Image via Creative Commons - llee_wu

Searching For Amazon's Pot Of Gold

Image via Creative Commons - Kodyak Eyeland

Update 3-12-13:

All I can say is WOW

Seriously... this takes it to a whole new level. They charged a "One payment of $3497" to become an Amazon Money Machine guru.

Supposedly this was a one time, 7 day only offer... at that price if they had 1,000 people sign up they made a whopping $3.5 Million.

If you have money to burn go for it and tell us how you do, I would truly love to hear. If not, grab some books listed below, and check out Andrew's program.

Update 3-11-2013

Video 3 is out, and shows more about how "easy" it is to make money selling on Amazon. The tease "Amazing Selling Machine" e-mail for vid 3 mentions that soon you learn how to "hit the ground running" by joining their team and purchasing the "Builder's Kit." Stay tuned... we'll see how much it costs to make a fortune on Amazon.

Update 3-5-13:

I reviewed video #2 from this Amazon Money Machine series as soon as it was released today, and giving Matt full credit the program and information he provides do look beneficial and well targeted. As you'll read about below, the question comes down to one of cost, and so I'll wait and see what the final cost is to buy the program before I level my final opinion... for now, I still believe the cost will outweigh the benefit.

You will NEVER make millions in traditional online marketing even with the Amazon Money Machine, period. Are there a few exceptions? Sure, but most people don't and you should not be led to believe anything else. Why would someone who really makes $200,000 a month regularly need YOUR $1,000 to show you the secrets? I promise you here and now, if I ever net $200,000 a month I will give you all the information I have, for free.

I'm pragmatic and I've seen all of the promotional methods that some people use to lure newcomers in. And I'll state here and now that I don't place Matt's Ultimate Promotion System into that category, nor Matt himself. I believe that he makes great money with his online businesses and can help other people, too. I believe his is genuine and his intentions are solid.

But as in all things, its relative to the cost of getting that information. I believe that you can learn the same principals that are making people good money without spending the kind of cash that some programs cost, including this one. Many (no most) people simply roll up their sleeves and dig in, learning everything they can by searching the web, reading free or low-cost e-books (see below)... a trial and error process that while painful and slow, is perhaps the best way and one which makes you an expert.

So what about the principles behind the Ultimate Promotion System? The idea is that you can leverage the power of Amazon to reap tremendous profits by becoming an Amazon seller, that is, selling YOUR products on the Amazon site. You can use drop-shippers or a number of companies to find products that you can list and sell. In his system he shows you where you can get products and helps you decide which ones might be best.

But he goes beyond that of course, because simply listing products for sale does nothing if people don't find and buy them. Let me rewind a moment. If you've watched the Amazon Money Machine video then you know that there is a significant amount of time spent "showing" you how much money they are making. Which goes back to my original question... why would anyone making that kind of money need to charge people so much money, especially when so many people are struggling to get by?

While reading the Amazing Selling Machine landing page they mention that you need 3 things to be successful as an Amazon seller:

1) Your products need to convert better than the competition's for better ranking within Amazon.

2) Your products need to get reviews from actual customers. He talks about how to do this on "auto-pilot" and his training promises to include the details.

3) Get a burst of traffic/sales to show Amazon that your products are popular and therefor get a higher beat sellers ranking..

Image via Creative Commons - Binary Ape

7 Step Ultimate Promotion System

This Is The Free Promotional Description of Amazon Money Machine

The Amazing Selling Machine landing page outlines these 7 steps, but of course for details on how to implement you have to buy the course, so I'm not giving anything away that isn't on the "free" introductory video:

1) Set up an Amazon Seller's account so that you can sell on Amazon. He recommends that you choose the $39.99 a month seller option for more features.

2) Pick a product that you want to sell. The right product is crucial for your success. Their upcoming video 2 will outline how best to do this.

3) Create a KILLER product detail page that includes keywords and SEO components. He gives you a basic idea of how to find some good keywords, but in the program you'll get the meat.

4) You need to get 3 legitimate customer reviews for your products to lend credibility to your page. He mentions giving away one of your products for free to three people and asking them to post a review on Amazon.

5) Create a free and simple YouTube video review of your product to increase conversion and your amazon rankings. This can be a 45 second to 2 minute review.

6) Create a press release for your Amazon product and distribute it with a link to your Amazon product page and YouTube product review video.

7) Finally he recommends that you strive to get customer reviews on your product pages every day to keep the page relevant, and appearing popular.

To be fair, this "Amazon Money Machine" sounds like great advice, and I am positive that the complete system will help people do well on Amazon, certainly much better than average. I would even go so far as to say that for those who buy the program I'm pretty confident they will be successful. But as we talked about early on, the discussion rolls back to one of cost. There are a lot of training courses for newcomers to look at, and most of them don't cost anywhere near $1,000, and lots of them provide quality information and instruction.

Some people might presume that this review was written for the specific purpose of promoting my own affiliate links or another marketing page, and that's not the case. In fact I'm not even going to talk a whole lot about what I consider to be the best course for newcomers to online and affiliate marketing. I landed at the Amazing Selling Machine website because I was curious. I always check out new products and if I feel like there's something I can learn from them then I'll buy it... learning is a never ending process. If the cost hadn't been so high I might even have bought it because I believe he has some great ideas and a solid system. But in the end, I can't justify the cost and I doubt that you can either.

Here is the current (as of 03-2013) Amazon Associate Fee Schedule and from it you can see that affiliates can earn a nice fee simply by marketing and recommending Amazon's products, without ever having to worry about the headache that can come with marketing your own products. Again, many people do find success and enjoy marketing their own branded products, and I guess it depends on your personality type... some people really enjoy it and are successful. I just wanted to show you that as an Affiliate there is a great opportunity as well.

Image via Creative Commons - LegendsWeb

Free Or Low Cost Resources To Help You

Amazon Can Be A Money Machine, But Its Not "Easy"

Some people (thousands) make good money selling their own products on Amazon, no doubt. But many more, myself included, prefer to sell as an "Affiliate" because I don't handle any merchandise and I still earn 7% - 8% commission fairly easily without ever touching inventory or the hassles involved with it. Which is why I prefer the method that Andrew teaches in his system (discussed later).

Here are some example e-books at Amazon to show what I mean.. there are a lot of people willing to help you and teach you what they've learned for far less than the $1,000 systems some people are selling. If you have a Kindle Fire HD (you have one, right) you can download these for free. At any rate, for even a couple of bucks they're cheaper than any training program you'll buy. You can also check out many free sites and learn about the seo factors which directly relate to getting your sites ranked well in search engines.

Amazing Amazon FBA Work From Home the Easy Way!Amazon Product Page

Selling On Amazon: How You Can Make A Full-Time Income Selling on AmazonAmazon Product Page

Sell on Amazon: A Guide to Amazon's Marketplace, Seller Central, and...Amazon Product Page

So What Are You Supposed To Do?

There Are MANY Options For Learning The Ropes And Finding Success

Over the past couple of years I've checked out most of the big name "how to" affiliate marketing courses like the Amazon Money Machine, and bought some of them too. I've read literally hundreds of reviews from other professionals and dozens of e-books. For the most part all of them do a fair job of teaching you how to get started, and the really successful trainers even have some unique tips and ideas that aren't well known.

And in fairness they don't all address the same specific types of marketing. Ultimate Promotion System is about selling on Amazon, others are about article marketing as a mechanism for affiliate marketing, etc...

Among the ones I've seen or used, I'm the most excited about Andrew Hansen's affiliate training course. It's premise is to create a stream of very simple sites from which you market your affiliate or Amazon products and from which you enjoy long-term and steady passive income. That premise is actually the holy grail for most affiliate marketers. And he delivers.

Andrew has received testimonials and recommendations from some of the biggest names in the industry, and for good reason. He doesn't ask you to take out a loan, and he's as genuine and honest as everyone says he is. See for yourself.

What are some of the other programs that I've liked? Commission Blueprint is a pretty robust program which also has some good tools, and fellow Squid PotPieGirl has One Week Marketing which is really helpful for people who want to find success writing online, at Squidoo and elsewhere. But none of the programs focus on specifically creating quick and easy sites that draw traffic and create residual income like Andrew has done. Which is why its in a class by itself and why I'm really excited about it.

If you follow advice from people who have been successful, and if you work hard, you can be successful making a living online. You may even exceed your expectations. Just don't count on lofty promises by anyone, or pin your hopes on programs like the Amazon Money Machine... just get out there and do it.

Have You Seen What A Kindle Can Do?

For $200 Nothing Comes Close!

Kindle Fire HD 7", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-FiAmazon Product Page

Kindle Fire HD 8.9", Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-FiAmazon Product Page

Image via Creative Commons - Valerie Everett

Even At Amazon There is NO Money Machine

Making Money Online Requires Work, And Lots Of It

Rae Hoffman, in her sharp tongued but poignant address in the blog post titled "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Had Success with Affiliate Marketing" lays out what I believe to be the bottom line for anyone wanting to be truly successful with affiliate marketing, and blogging in particular- hard work and commitment.

I've had six WordPress blogs on domains I've bought, and muddled my way through with not a huge amount of success until recently because I really didn't know how to do it right. I've ditched 3 of those very general blogs and sites and am now focusing on fewer projects, and may even drop down to one blog and give it 100% of my non-Squidoo attention, building a very specific niche following Andrews program. Then, afterwards, build more and more, but ONE AT A TIME.

That being said, I do love Squidoo. My only concern is that it takes a lot of effort to get your work recognized and ranked by search engines and found by readers; via back-linking strategies, guest posts, etc... All of that effort, the fruits of your labor, rests in the hands of Squidoo. If they decide for whatever reason to close your account, remove lenses, close shop, change the rules, whatever, then your work is gone. Sure, you own your writing, your work, but the backlinks, the bookmarks and Pins that you had accumulated would be gone.

How easy it would be for Squidoo to "remove" your hard work? Push of a button and its gone. The recent transformation here shows very clearly that if your work doesn't fit their "mold" then it's at risk. Its important because hard work you lay out "today" could be deemed unfit "tomorrow." Why is the risk of all this change so high for Squidoo, and your work here? Because other people would LOVE to have Squidoo's market share and are pushing back. There are other platforms popping up; some designed by former Squids. Also you simply don't know how new search engine algorithms will affect article sites like these and you aren't in the driver's seat to make changes like you could on your own blog. Bottom line, work you put into an article site could be marginalized or lost.

That is precisely why Andrew at Forever Affiliate, like Rae, advocate creating your own blog on your own domain. You control virtually every aspect that is controllable. Yes, it is more difficult. On Squidoo I have LITERALLY had a lens reach page 1 of Google within days. Its uncommon, but the point is that with Squidoo you're starting with a trusted site that Google loves. On your own blog, you are one of millions and that's where the hard work mentioned in the article from Rae comes in to play.

It's a trade off, and I do believe that Squidoo is THE best writing platform online (other than your own blog) and anyone looking to make a living writing online should be a part of it. Its a great way to get visitors to your blog, AND sharpen your writing skills. You'll also meet some fantastic people along the way. I have. There is no secret Amazon Money Machine, there's just YOU.

Also, as you've likely discovered by now social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are rapidly becoming the battleground for businesses and internet marketers. If you haven't began using these social networks for business then read this review of FB Echo and see how effective they can be at building exposure for your brand or businesses.

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Take a moment and share your toughts, suggestions or experiences....

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