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Notes From the Unemployment Line

Updated on August 23, 2012

Does this Suck, Or What?

I just started my 3rd week of being without a job, and I am already bored, broke, and pissed off. I had barely started a new job when the rug was pulled out, catching me totally by surprise. But I bet that is the same song a bunch of folks have been singing. Even if you do know it is coming, it doesn’t make you feel any better. I wish I could say “Stay positive, man”, or something uplifting, but the fact remains I am jobless and getting poorer by the day, both in account and spirit.


I will admit, I was a bit stoked the first week. Numerous projects around the house could be tackled, progress would be made, and my better half would be happy I was home. That lasted about 3 days. I began actively looking for work on day 3, and had a few interviews lined up within a week. It’s not that I didn’t want to be at home getting projects done, but I felt like I needed to be working. Being at home at 10am on a Tuesday feels weird, especially when you know you should be somewhere earning a living. It is almost too quiet, at that hour of the day. To make matters more interesting, my better half works from home, so we have not had much separation as of late, and men and women need to get away from each other occasionally. She finally “suggested” I go fishing, and not to come back until dark. I went, but my mind was focused on finding work, and I finally returned home in the early afternoon. Nice try.


Nothing spells poverty like making less than $1000/wk, and I can tell you I am not getting anywhere near that while on “unenjoyment.” Loans get deferred, and expenses get severely cut, all the while keeping a smile on my face for appearances. I have not had to really watch how I spend for a while, and having to do so has been a rude awakening. Being “frugal” has become my mantra, and I am always on the lookout for deals. When you are unemployed, life gets put on hold, and nobody enjoys that. What really makes it tough is the fact that you know you are not getting ahead when you are unemployed, in fact, you might be going backwards, and it sucks.

Pissed Off

Initially, I was not mad when I was let go. Business is business, and it is never personal. The last couple of weeks, though, have not been overly cheery. I have gone through several interviews, a few of which felt like a great fit. But getting the rejection letter or phone call a few days later after getting your hopes up tends to dampen the mood. Worse, though, is the anger you feel when the position you were hoping to get is filled by a total tool or d-bag. Keeping your head up after getting kicked so many times becomes a real bitch, and the effort to keep believing, “Everything happens for a reason”, gets tougher to do. It is hard to not get your hopes up after a while, because you keep thinking it is finally going to change. But it doesn’t, and you need to prepare yourself for the harsh reality of the situation. As for me, I am going to keep pounding away at it, day after day. Real defeat comes if you just quit, and I have never been one for quitting.


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