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How Do You Unleash Creativity And Innovation Thoughts?

Updated on October 24, 2012

Creativity and innovation makes the world to be so fun. You’re on Facebook so I am, Right? That is a place where your friends can write something or you can write anything you feel like. Hey, I am talking about the “wall.” Again you can post your latest photos or get to peep at your friend's photos. Is Facebook not an example of creativity and innovation? Yes, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg had a dream and he made it come true.

However, there is something that makes me sick to the pit of my stomach, the misconception. There is often a misconception that only a handful of people actually have a regular flow of creative genius.

Everyone has creativity and it must be exercised on a regular basis to ensure that we always give our best results. If you don't take a step to harness and practice this creativity, this muscle will begin to fade and die. But when we keep working with it, the creativity will grow stronger and more powerful.

But how do you unleash a creative thought? To begin with, feel comfortable leeching, and no, it doesn't mean to suck the blood of living creatures. This means to hunt down and fill your mind with as much information as possible. Keep your mind open and begin to look at the possibilities of the universe. The more you learn, the further you’ll want to expand your world and the more you’ll get from your life.

Each day should be spent doing some creative activity. While that might seem like a lot, even drawing a doodle or writing poems for friends is creative. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas come from a simple activity. This process will begin to help things come together and soon you can build from where you are at. You might work on drawing a picture for a few minutes each day, and work towards the big picture as time passes.

Another idea is to grab your camera and try taking pictures. You could even spend the time describing something with each of your five senses and avoid using vague words. In no time you’ll have a portfolio of ideas you can use down the road, and you have expanded your knowledge at the same time.

The point is, think outside of the box when you can, but know that sometimes being in the box is good. They offer discipline and help you to be more resourceful. Creativity is fine but the limitations give you a sense of discipline.

Every day do something new in your life, and allow your life to broaden from this. Maybe explore a new area where you live, or spend the day in the museum. Be sure to open up to those around you and step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis. This is where your adventurous side will grow, and you’ll end up having a new respect for life.

When was the last time you did something before anyone else? If it has been too long, you need to get the ball rolling and get the growth you need. It could be spiritually, physically or even mentally. Try bungee jumping, or even try going skiing. This will give you stories to tell, and make you the life of any party.

This also means you should embrace your insanity. Not to where you’re admitted to a special room, but sometimes this can make you more interesting as a person. Think about this, every person that has had a creative thought was deemed crazy by others. But this didn't stop them, and these geniuses helped create the internet and other things.

Sanity prevents people from thinking beyond our sane limitations. Sure, things might go wrong, but if they don't a creative idea can become brilliant and help millions of people worldwide.

I hope you have been inspired by this hub to push past your limits. If you begin to follow these steps, you’ll have one of the best adventures you’ll ever have in an entire lifetime. Unleash your creative and innovation side and find that part of your life that you've been missing for so long. This is the time to make it happen and remember fear of not taking a step has slain many great ideas and dreams!


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