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Used Pedicure Spa Equipment and Supplies For Sale-Stools-Chairs-Stations

Updated on January 17, 2016

Where To Buy Used Spa Equipment

Would you buy used spa equipment? When starting a new business it sometimes seems overwhelming when you go to purchase your equipment and supplies. It could save you lots of money just by buying Used equipment as opposed to brand new. Spas and Salons can be expensive to set up but if you do a little research, you can keep your initial costs to a reasonable amount.

I know first hand from helping my Mother-in-law set up a Spa and Hair Salon. Knowing where to buy Used Spa Equipment can save you tons of money. Even if you don't go with all brand new Spa Equipment, you can still have a beautiful Salon like the one in the photo, courtesy of Ambiance Nail Salon & Spa Cincinnati OH.

You will be happy to know you can shop right online to find all the spa equipment you might need. Used pedicure chairs, portable massage tables, stools, and even complete used pedicure chair stations.

Shopping online with companies you can trust like Amazon and Ebay is a great place to start saving and get your business off the ground without breaking the bank.

New and Used Spa Equipment - Professional Salon and Spa Equipment

When looking for quality, professional used spa equipment, look no further than Amazon! Read customer reviews, buy from a trusted site and best of all save money! Although we usually think of Amazon having only new products, there are many of the products available for sale as used and usually at a great discount!

DIGITAL Paraffin Wax Hot PRO Warmer Therapy Parafin Heater Bath SPA Equipment
DIGITAL Paraffin Wax Hot PRO Warmer Therapy Parafin Heater Bath SPA Equipment

I love going to the Spa and getting dipped in paraffin, it is wonderful therapy.

used pedicure chair
used pedicure chair

Used Pedicure Chairs

Research and save...

When purchasing used pedicure chairs online you should always ask all the necessary questions and get pictures of the actual equipment. You might be amazed at the number of used pedicure as well as manicure chairs you can find.

You can set up your new Salon or Spa with good quality pedicure/manicure stations giving your customers the feel of luxury while still keeping your bottom line in order.

You can also get some great ideas on setting up your salon by visiting other salons in your area. Not only will you see how you want to set it up but you will also find things you will want to avoid when purchasing your used pedicure spa equipment. Knowledge is always a good thing if you are setting up a first time business.

Photo courtesy of Mundane Entertainment.

Used Spa Equipment At Wholesale Prices

Need one or more pieces of used spa equipment,? Find used pedicure chairs, complete pedicure stations, stools, tables and more at great discounts on Ebay.

Used Spa Hair Station Equipment - Choosing your color scheme and design

Used  Spa Equipment Stations
Used Spa Equipment Stations

Hair Station Photo courtesy of Evolution of Hair Salon & Spa Wilmington, NC.

You will want to consider what type of services you will have available in your Salon, what you have room for and what will fit into your budget. If you will have Hair stations in your salon remember you can always go with a different color from your other spa equipment as long as it blends together with your overall color scheme.

Consulting spa magazines is another great way to discover different color schemes, designs and layouts that will give you some great ideas before you make your purchases!

Used Pedicure Stools

Although you may not realize it, a good pedicure stool is very important when you are working. You can find some great deals on used pedicure stools at Ebay.

Why do Girls Love to Get Pedicures?

Photo courtesy of Lovelyish

Ladies you probably know why you love to get pedicures but there are some guys out there who might be wondering. So this little note is for them (or any of you girls who have not been lucky enough to get one.) I think first and foremost we love having pretty feet! Then of course there is the relaxation factor that runs a close second and then we really just like feeling pampered!

So here's your chance, be sure to vote below on why you love to get pedicures!

Love to Get Pedicures? - Tell us why you love to get pedicures...

Beautiful toes photo courtesy of The Gloss

Why do you love to get pedicures?

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Used Spa Equipment Video

Visits to the Spa - I say you can never go enough!

pedicure- manicure salon spa girls night out
pedicure- manicure salon spa girls night out

Girls night out photo courtesy of Interviewher

How many times a year do you visit a spa?

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      New You Salon owner Brenda 16 hours ago

      How can I sale my salon equipment. I am down sizing and can not use all my stations in my smaller salon.