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Start you Salon with Used Salon Equipment

Updated on June 26, 2010

Buying Used Salon Equipment Online

Opening a salon requires a number of significant start-up costs. One major expense that burdens many new salon and spa owners is that of salon equipment. Necessary equipment may include styling chairs, styling stations, manicure tables, pedicure chairs, shampoo bowls, backwash shampoo systems, hood dryers, hair conditioning steamers and hair color processors, among others. These pieces are essentials in the salon business. Unfortunately, they rarely come at a low price.

Often, new salon owners are unable to afford brand new supplies and are instead forced to purchase used salon equipment. This often involves purchasing reduced price equipment from recently closed salons. Unfortunately, salon closings only happen every so often, and few can afford to wait for a local salon to go out of business. In such cases, other options must be explored.

There are several online options perfect for those desperate to get their hands on inexpensive salon equipment and furniture. Possibilities include websites such as Craigslist and EBay. These sites list a number of pre-owned items for a fraction of the original cost.


People have been using the Craigslist wanted and for sale sections for years. These online ads are perfect both for users wishing to get rid of unwanted possessions and those hoping to acquire listed possessions for a low price. Listed items may include almost anything, even salon equipment. One advantage of purchasing salon equipment from this site is that it allows you to purchase equipment from nearby residents of your city. This can significantly reduce shipping costs and transport times.


Like Craigslist, EBay allows users to sell a variety of items over the internet. The difference between the sites lies in EBay's auction set-up. In some cases, the ability to bid can be very useful, as it may help you obtain salon equipment for an incredibly low price. In some cases, the setup can be a major hindrance. If you aren't the highest bidder for the item, you lose the opportunity to purchase it. Craigslist uses more of a "first come, first served" approach, which is best if you are in a hurry to obtain inexpensive salon equipment. Another potential disadvantage of EBay is that the shipping costs can be extreme. Look for sellers that offer free shipping on salon equipment.


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