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Video Online-Great Promotions!!

Updated on June 15, 2014

Video Advertising


Video Online-Great Promotions!!

The search engines are spinning away from Google to You The reason why is video is very user friendly and easily accessible to everyone. No reading, just watching a video on. “How to…” is better than reading about this subject on a web page. The You Tube search engine is a familiar one like Google and with millions if not billions of video files on “homemaking to surfing “ are all at your fingertips.

All of us are visually acceptable to take in information from video files. The video streaming now is in High Definition on most of You Tubes’ site and have 5.1 surround sound to top it all off. Therefore you can hook up a stream to your cell phone and watch a movie or a rock concert while waiting to pick someone up or virtually anywhere your cell phone coverage will let you. Television flat screens that can show 1080p or 420ip can stream these videos also in full color and perfection. Most marketers already know the stimulation their sales get from advertising on You Tube. It’s no secret that we are bombarded with information these days and we like this.

You Tube and Google Adsence

The ease of using a site like You Tube is that you can search most anything you want. This will help with and find a great video on how to do a project. It is amazing if you think about the kind of money some of these people make with their webcams and posting on You Tube. Just look at how many times someone has been searching the same thing you are and if it is in the 100,000 mark these normal everyday people are making money from Google’s Adsence program that one can put with their video and then put online. You can rake in a fortune if you start taking video and use Google Adsence. The more people that come to your video the more money you make and continue to make. It is a win situation for you the searcher and the video maker.

Google is watching how You Tube is making their money. Google is the leading search authority with You Tube second on the list. If you’re a marketer you want something on You Tube to persuade a person to click on your website. This is a must have any more for generating traffic to your website. Even if your website is a personal blog, you would want a link to You Tube describing the blog and some video footage of interest to someone that would want to go to your blog.

Business and advertising has struck into videos on You Tube and in a manner that makes a consumer a bit upset. The beginning of a video with an ad is a user that has the Google Adsence program installed with their video so that advertisers can show their product to you before you watch the video. The good thing is if you don’t want to watch the ad you have about three seconds to shut it off and begin the video. Minor, as this annoyance is, this is how many make their living, and you get to see your video for free. So it is a give and take situation on both parts of this community of loyal videographers and sales advertising.

Google Adsense

Make it Stand Out with You Tube

If you do writing on the internet, it would be nice to have a link to You Tube and get paid for this writing. This can be done by back-linking your writing to this site also. Very handy tool You Tube has made and very profitable for some of us. SEO work may be needed to generate more traffic for you , but if your just a casual user and writer , not much more has to be done except linking to your writing and doing a video on You Tube. Very cut and dry way of making your work on the web visible to those who may not know you exist. Then you could link to another site and so on. This is done every day with most websites anyway, so this is old news to most of you.

In conclusion video is the way to go for information and using Google and You Tube can be beneficial to both you and the website administrator. It will get your product in view and people will find it visually. What better way to browse and learn about the things we are searching for. The information is all out there in the cyber-world, just using it freaks some people out that are older. It even scares some into not using this service, as I have found with older people that like to go their email and that’s it. To each his own and what they do on the internet is keen to what you will find. Sometimes there is too much information we don’t need to know or even want to know, but this is the new age of computer generated technology, like it or not.


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