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Custom Built Viral Marketing Platform with Mobile App

Updated on November 13, 2011


DiscountBomb.Com® New Viral Customizable Marketing Platform

This new viral marketing platform works in conjunction with a corporate website, an individual store’s website or “LIKE” our facebook page, handles mobile marketing (texting alerts and free mobile app for IPhone and Android), auto generates QR Codes for print publications and performs social media broadcasting (over 300 platforms).

The admin panel has the flexibility to obtain instant analytics for each location and easily edit campaigns including discount offer values 1-99% along with perks (1/2 off, 2/1, etc) for each store location.

The system locks out the ip address once a digital offer code is sent and can be reset by management at anytime. Each store can utilize a unique verifiable code generated by our system or an override code.

Additionally, a general video ad will be indexed for local searches pertaining to a specific market at no additional charge. An example would be to perform a Google search for the phrase “save money on lunch, houma, la” and see the results. All of the video thumbnails are from our indexing. Branded Video Commercials are also available for each store location.

This marketing tool is being marketed for “The New Economy” at a mere $99.00 per month for each location with no contracts. The goal for the DiscountBomb system is to over deliver and under charge. This will be a widely used system in the very near future.

Video about DiscountBomb.Com can be viewed on our video marketing and broadcasting platform VideoMall.TV

Contact us today, we are aggressively seeking a national chain for our promotions! Hope you join us now before your competition. We are open for arrangements at this time.


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