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The Viridian Energy Business Opportunity and Why It Won't Work For YOU.

Updated on November 3, 2011

The Basics

Hello and welcome to this hub! If you have not heard yet, Viridian Energy is just one of many companies to have spawned because of the deregulated energy market. A parallel to describe the magnitude of this event would be when companies like MCI, Sprint and Excel got involved with telecommunications deregulation in the late 80's. There is a serious opportunity available right now for anyone, but you'll want to be very selective as to which company you join. This hub will include my third party view and opinion of Viridian and it's business opportunity that is offered.

Viridan Energy is an energy company that consumers can choose to get a lower rate on their electric bill, just as long they live in an area that is covered by Viridian. Viridian’s main claim-to-fame is not only competitive rates, but to also offer customers energy from renewable sources. After all, the company is named after the color viridian which is a shade of green. This 'green' selling proposition is very attractive to consumers, considering the United States' dependence on nonrenewable energy sources such as coal and oil.

You not only can sign up as a customer with Viridian energy but you can also become an associate in the business opportunity and be compensated for helping the company acquire new customers. This referral approach is network marketing and has helped competing companies like Ignite and Ambit to become some of the fastest growing privately held companies ever! Judging from the annual revenues these other companies have created you would think the model works just fine, but there are a few flaws. (more on that later)

At the time this hub is being composed Viridian Energy is offered in the states of Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. To sign up for the service as a customer you would visit an associate's website or call an '800' number. If you want to join Viridian’s referral program you would work directly with an associate. Viridian also offers a fundraising program that is optimal for non-profit organizations who want to leverage the referral program.

How Did You First Hear About Viridian Energy?

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Viridian Energy Business Opportunity

The owners of Viridian Energy know that they can market to customers in two ways. They can pay millions to advertise or they can have thousands of people, acting as distribution points, spreading one single message to bring in customers. This again is network marketing and whether you despise it or absolutely love it, it will go down in history as one of the most powerful and effective means of distributing a product/ service our world has EVER seen!

But here’s the flaw I mentioned earlier - most network marketing companies in the energy market require their associates to pay upfront and monthly fees to earn income.

Viridian Energy is no exception. To join as an associate and market in only one state you must pay $199. To promote in all states you would have to pay $399. Additionally, you must pay $20 a month for your website. Hypothetically, if you never sponsored a single associate or customer your total spent by the end of the year would be between $439-$639. The reason I have such a big issue with these fees is because Viridian does not offer a phsycial product. They are merely offering consumers a lower rate on an existing service! So bottom line, there should be no fee associated with joining their referral program.

Now of course, there are many people that have earned their money back in Viridian, but there are far more (like in the thousands) that have never recouped their initial investment. Read on as I explain just why fee-based programs will stunt your overall team growth.

Why Fee-Based Programs Won't Work

The main concern with fee-based programs such as the one offered by Viridian is longevity. Most people who join enjoy upfront commissions sure, but the majority of people are after the long term residual, get-paid-every-month-no-matter-how-much-you-work kind of money. Truth is, most people will never get there. Even if you make your money back and bring people in like an Army recruiter, most people in your organization simply can't. You'll notice that every month your residual income seems to dwindle. You’ll then find yourself so focused on recruiting people into the business because it’s the only way to keep your current income.

The Key To Success In Deregulated Energy

The key to success in any company offering you a business in deregulated energy is customers. The person who has the most customers in his or her organization each month will get paid handsomely. It's a simple as that. If a company is telling you have to recruit a certain number of people each month and that they have to do the same, there is a good chance that most of your income and the company's will come from the fees paid by new associates.

In addition to having an abundance of customers each month you'll also need something called support. Find a company with people that will train, educate and mentor you to success. Most people who see the opportunity that deregulated has presented, have never owned their own business. If you simply treat your business seriously, surround yourself around successful people and take action, you can reap the rewards of this monumental shift occurring across the U.S.

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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      As far as Viridian pricing, the bottom line is that you get renewable energy. To get the equivalent from the Grid will cost an EXTRA $.07 kWh. So apples to oranges, you can't possibly pay more for renewable energy from Viridian. If it is bothersome to pay even $10-$20 more a month to have renewable energy, then that's ok. But if you care about renewable energy, it's a no brainer, money saving, world cleaning, responsible thing to do.

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I am a customer and guess what my electric bill went from $68 to $142 the killer part is that i'm only home for a few hours... what Viridian representatives don't tell you is that your rates can change at any time for any reason and if you're not happy.. want to go back to your original supplier? they charge you to terminate the service think about this when you left your supplier they didn't charge you a dime... and all you gunho Viridian associates how did you feel when they changed your comp plans and all of that money you made magically Vanished? Ask yourself this all of those meters you got and the people under you got where did your money go? Its a business and just like any other business they use the fact you need a better income to suck you and all of your friends and family dry and after that they sell the dream to someone else!!!!

    • profile image


      24 months ago

      Have you eaten your words yet? Maybe time to remove this wrong prediction of a post lolololol

    • profile image

      Christine Bravo 

      4 years ago

      I had read a lot of blogs and articles about different energy companies. The one that really catch my attention is the ambit energy review, it seems like this company offers cheaper rates and they also quality service.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      For what it's worth....

      Friends of mine joined the Viridian MLM program very enthusastically in 2012. They 'sold' me on the concept and I switched my energy supplier to Viridian in January 2013, both because I believed their rates would be lower (and I could save some money), but also because I was willing to help them get established with Viridian figuring it would be a competitive supplier and at the same time helping my friends to build their downline.

      The first month, my energy bill was about $15.00 higher than it would have been if I had stayed with my old supplier. Through the year my extra expense varied between $23.00 and $68.00 higher per month. For total year 2013, my extra costs through Viridian were $524.38 higher than they would have been if I had stayed with my old supplier (Not even shopping for a lower rate from an alternative supplier, just remaining where I was before Viridian).

      Viridian's rates jumped dramatically from $0.0945/kWh, to $.1749/kWh (or a total of a little over $0.08/kWh). In the first 4 months of 2014, I've paid Viridian an extra $523.10 to supply my energy over what the competitive market would have charged me.

      Am I disappointed in Viridian? No. I should have realized what they were before I signed on. Am I disappointed in my so-called 'friends' who asked me to support them and save energy costs at the same time? You bet. It shows me that while Viridian can't save me money on my energy costs, my friends are asleep at the wheel, and enriching themselves at the expense of their friends. Numbers don't lie. Do the math for yourselves.

    • Frank Sebastiano profile image

      Frank Sebastiano 

      4 years ago

      I do enjoy reading a blog where someone tells YOU what you CAN'T do. How does this writer know what YOU are capable of? Seems like if you put in the effort you can make money as a Viridian Associate. And really, for the money they have you pay it's not like you could buy into an established company for that amount. It might not be for everybody, but taking what someone else tells you you can or can't do as gospel isn't very smart.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am a Veteran and it only cost me $6.90 (yes, six dollars and ninety cents) to get into my own Viridian business.

      It was the shipping cost for my first order of 250 business cards (when I run out, I pay regular price).

      And I have two free months on my personal Viridian website (well laid out and intuitive), just to give me a little boost right out of the chute to help me hit the ground running. After that, it is $19.95 per month for a well maintained, polished and tight website.

      But that is because I am a Vet. Viridian understands that Vets can maintain a professional attitude and take their training and experience and function extremely well in a company that expects their representatives to conform and perform, without fail, to an extremely rigid set of guidelines, that follow along the letter of the law and regulations, as prescribed state by state and value the relationships they make, while functioning like a cog in a finely tuned machine.

      The standards Viridian sets expresses an esprit de corp that I, as a Vet, can understand and support. I "get it" that there are strict guidelines in place, not just to protect myself and the company, but to the consumer, without whom none of this is possible.

      Personally, I have only just begun my relationship with Viridian, but I do also understand that direct sales is probably the only way someone like me can make a go at actually having my own business, with the great support and excellent training (you cannot even activate your personal website until you train successfully in certain modules), I would have paid full price to join (not a lot for the training and support you get). Why? Because I recall what the break-up of "Ma Bell" (the phone company) and how the deregulation of that industry made many regular folks, just like me, very wealthy, in not a lot of time.

      But it doesn't happen overnight, and you get out of it what you put into it. Vets understand that. Vets understand synergy and the value of each team members effort, and even more importantly, they understand what success "by the numbers" means. We make success happen together, helping each other succeed makes everyone successful.

      That is where I believe Viridian will eclipse other "similar" companies, and how Vets will build a strong foundation for a company, Viridian, a company that has demonstrated such generosity and confidence in us.

      As with the deregulation of the telecoms, 2015 is "go time" as the US will deregulate it energy markets. There will be instances and concerted efforts to spread disinformation in every conceivable form between now and then to scare people away from Viridian -or even other "similar" players -who will attempt to make fast cash on the fly, without regard to consumers.

      Energy is an extremely regulated industry in every conceivable way, from how you advertise for customers to what you can claim or say. Vets understand that and Viridian understands us. What's more, not only can the service-member join for no money (AND be qualified for every single state!), but the service-member's SPOUSE can join for the same cost ($0.00 as of this date, 01MAY14)!

      I hope that people will do their due diligence on any company promising big bucks and mansions, and check out the people that make up the business that interests them. There are a lot of "dream stealers" out there. Watch for those who walk their talk. I'm not rich. I just started, but I can spot a successful plan and a team of enduring quality. If you're interested in the energy sector, remember that 2015 will be here in a blink of an eye. Do your research and get trained, and get busy. Everyone knows the best way possible to make the most out of your effort is in timing the opportunity in front of you.

      Train now, plan your work and work your plan and you will be successful with consistent effort. That is true in any business.

    • profile image

      Viridian Associate 

      4 years ago

      You don't know what you are talking about. Your numbers are old and wrong, no one is required to pay for a website to sign up customers and 80% of the Associates in my organization of over 3000 are making a profit. The problem with the Internet is that there are no editors and any slimeball with an opinion can air his/her ignorance and prejudices . . . and cause a lot of harm. You could be subject to a lawsuit.


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