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virtual mailboxes

Updated on June 19, 2013
virtual mailbox
virtual mailbox

One of the most popular services for many business today is a mail forwarding service. So what exactly is a mail forwarding service? Also known as a virtual mailbox service, this is a secure way of receiving mail, but instead of using your real business address, which may be harvested for fraudulent purposes, you use a simpler abbreviated address, which gives you full security in your home or business. Due to the sensitive nature of some business, including those who work in the financial sector, such as accountants or financial advisers, its become a necessary business requirement to use a good virtual mailbox service.

As the internet grows in ever increasing complexity, so does the ever increasing use of data, and scam artists increase. Essential and confidential business and home information can be sold and used online by cyber criminals.

A virtual mailbox works in such a way that you choose from a virtual street address, and when you they enter your details on your business cards, or you put your details on a website, then any mail that you receive will be automatically forwarded to your real address.

You can use your new business address whenever you see fit. For business cards, on your website, and for advertising campaigns.

One of the other services that is favoured by people who use virtual mail forwarding is the ability to have this mail scanned in by the service provider. This gives the user the chance to view the mail online from anywhere in the world, instead of having to physically receive the mail. They can they choose to have it properly forwarded, or have it destroyed.

When you receive mail into your virtual PO box, you can be sure it is secure, and confidential since the scanning process is fully automated by the service provider.

If you need to access the paper mail in a hurry then you can just print off the letter directly to your home printer, giving you the option to control which mail gets through to you.

If you travel worldwide or round the country, then having a virtual mailbox is also a great way to keep track of your mail. Just let your local post office or mail company know that you want to change all the mail to your virtual mailbox, and they will easily comply.

Having a virtual mailbox just quite simply makes things easier for reducing your paper trail. It reduces the time that it takes for you to get your mail, and makes it easier to access the mail from anywhere in the world. Its often used by people who are moving house to, if they want to make sure that they capture all the mail the gets delivered to their old house.


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