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water refilling station philippines

Updated on January 27, 2014

how to open water station store...


Source of pure, safe, drinking water. Water is basic needs for everyday in life.


Entitles you to Franchise / Franchised Water Refilling Station Business, No Franchise fee, No Royalty fee, No. Hidden Charges, We Guaranteed 0% Interest, With a very low low Price Packages.

Its so simply to start!


WATER REFILLING STATION one of the fast growing business nationwide, you can see it any on any street especially in metro manila. Many people seeking for their good, pure, and safe drinking water. It is simple PURE Safe, PURE Clean, PURE drinking water, PURIFIED WATER.

VIVA SEN WATER TREATMENT gives you a low low low price, cheaper solution and convenient price of WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM guaranteed 0% Interest, No Franchise Fee, No Royalty Fee, No Hidden Charges.


Its just simply…This will be done after inquiry or closing negotiation with us….


This is the time to order your equipment, 50% of the payment are normally due upon placing the order and the remaining 50% upon installation. Its takes 3 weeks maximum upon delivery installation of your equipment. So while waiting for your store renovation to be completed the equipments are ready to be installed. Also while renovation is on going you can apply for business permit to save time.


Look for a place where you can put up your water refilling station at least 20 sqm (Store) If you don’t want to rent and there’s a space in your house that you can used at least 20-25sqm and do renovation / construction, contact us for further needs like site inspection and store layout it is depends on your location estimated price Php60,000.00 for renovation construction and contractor (under negotiation). Posters to hang around the store when renovation is on going are important. This is a part of your marketing Strategy.


Checking the source of water for Deep Well, Nawasa, Maynilad, or Any Water District are also included in our site checking we have to check the TDS of Water and examine it for laboratory to know what’s the best equipment or filtration are needed.

Water Testing may be required by local health officials.


We recommend store layout therefore we can give our clients the best layout for the store and strictly followed especially the washing area, like Lavatory, Piping, Drainage Area, Door Entry, location of Equipment and Electrical outlet, So that the client have the idea for renovation / construction of the store.


Equipment Delivered

Equipment Installed

System Trial & Backwashing


Final System Run & Demonstration

Water Laboratory Test

Personnel Training

Mayors Permit

BIR Permit


Inventory should be ordered 2 weeks before your opening date it is important to do it early just in case the supplier does not have them on stock. Outside store signage must be installed before opening your store.

CONGRATULATION!!! You are now open for business

Water Refilling Station Promo


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    • profile image

      Levy Hernandez 16 months ago

      Pls send a quotation.

      Purified, alkaline and mineral or 3 in 1.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      EDZ 2 years ago

      Hi, could you send me details and proceedures aswell as mode of payments. expecting to here from you very soon.

    • profile image

      gary abas 2 years ago

      merun ba kayung automatic machine for 5 gal round.... ito po ang email add ko... maraming salamat

    • profile image

      Ranny 2 years ago

      Hi, Im ranny from naic cavite , can you give me a quatation regarding that business im interested , pls send me your offer at include installation and others...ty

    • profile image

      Lorenz 3 years ago

      Good day po, pwede po bang malaman kong magkano lahat ng magagastos sa isang standard na water rrefeling station. eto po email ko. po..

    • profile image

      Teresa joy 3 years ago

      Good day po,pewede ko po bang malaman kng nag kkontrata kayo sa istablish ng water refelling station sa province of Quezon..tnx po..pwede nyo po ko mamail sa email:

    • profile image

      louie 3 years ago

      good day. if you are planning to have water business, we offer 3 in 1 alkaline water machine, air purifier, food sanitizer, and water alkaliner. no franchise fee. with income opportunity to all those people who are interested. pls send me a message @09483010049, 09176144362. thanks

    • profile image

      freda 3 years ago

      Good day!

      Kindly send Me the quotatios for the best deals and packages.. very much interested. my location is in iloilo.. for my email add. Ty

    • profile image

      rhia 3 years ago

      is your promotion still available till now , i am an ofw here in uae. and i want to know more of this water station business, can you please send me your quatations for the 3in1 and the purified drinking water alone. are you installing in clarkfield pampanga also? my email add is

    • profile image

      nancy 3 years ago

      hi,kindly. send me quotations for 3 and 1 package...very much



    • profile image

      roshiel 3 years ago

      please send your quotations at i will be glad if you may. FYI Ilocos Norte po sana ung plan na pagtatayua incase. thaks

    • profile image

      krish 3 years ago


      send me a complete quotations, i am very interested in this kind of business. email add:

    • profile image

      dennis 3 years ago

      Please send me a quotations for 3 in 1 package. i am relly interested. My location is in Lian Batangas near Matabungkay.

      email add.



    • profile image

      ivan raye 3 years ago

      kindly send me a complete quotations, my place is mabinay negros oriental. ty. send at

    • profile image

      ace 3 years ago

      good day,

      Can I request please a complete quotations of 3in1 package, location is Mindoro province, Thank you.


      Mobile : 09292982711

    • profile image

      rey san jose 3 years ago

      hi, kindly send me a business proposal with complete details and information about your water station venture. i am very interested to open this kind of business,thank you and best regards.

      my email add :

    • profile image

      celyn 3 years ago


      please send me a quotation of your equipment including terms and conditions and packages.I want double membrane equipment.

    • profile image

      theo 3 years ago

      Kindly send me the quatation, terms and condition of stated above.

    • profile image

      MARY 3 years ago

      please send me the quotation for the best deal & packages.

    • profile image

      Tonix 3 years ago

      Please send me quotation for best equipments, terms and conditions and software for inventory; all in package for setting up the water refilling station (if possible include expected costs in construction of place) on my email:

      Appreciate the immediate response.


    • profile image

      Carmena 3 years ago

      hi im very much interested with the business can u give me more infos on starting the business and how much it will cost and some options because we have limited budget thank you pls send it to my email

    • profile image

      celle 3 years ago

      Kindly send me the best price, proposals, brochures and packages of machine for the equipment stated above.

      Please send on our email

      Many thanks.

    • profile image

      Madrid Cardozo 3 years ago

      We are a UAE Investment consultancy, seeking Philippine Investment Opportunities on behalf of our client.

      We will appreciate proposals related to Green Energy, Eco Preservation, Real Estate, Tourism, Hospitality and Construction.

      Please send email inquiries to:

    • profile image

      Maue 3 years ago

      Kindly send me a quotation with terms and condition I am planning to put up this kind of business here in my place....e-mail me my queries at hoping for your prompt reply.


    • profile image

      eric 3 years ago

      GOOD DAY,

      Can you please send me quotations for all your prices, with terms and conditions. and i am lloking 4 gud equipments and good prices.

      you can email me at:


    • profile image

      gottfried Esperanza 3 years ago

      Hi sir, I am from La Union.. been so interested in this business since it boomed then. I want to put such but I need to know first its terms and conditions and also a quotation and supporting details of your product and services if possible, and pls. send to this email.



    • profile image

      Gemma 3 years ago

      Do you have any branch office in pangasinan where we can inquire your product.We are enteresting to put up a business of water refilling station.

    • profile image

      charm 4 years ago

      Hi kherwin, can you send me your plan or business proposal . Email me at Thank you

    • profile image

      ghenna 4 years ago

      gud day.. plano namin ng kapatid ko nasa saudi na magtayo ng refilling station dito.. sya mag fifinance ako magmamanage kaso wala ppo akong masyadong idea about dito,., sana matulungan nyo ako.. pasend po sa email ko ng terms and conditions pati na ri po ung proposal ng full package nyo.. nag sasagawa po ako ng canvassing ng franchising kung saan mas mkakamura po kami pero maganda po ang quality.. slamat po .. ill be waiting sir


    • profile image

      Rea Marinell 4 years ago


      Can you please send me price quotation, and what is included in the package. Cash basis and installment.


    • profile image

      rizalin glor 4 years ago

      hello pwede po ba kau sa oriental mindoro pinamalayan

    • profile image

      ralf 4 years ago

      Hi im interested and would like to ask for the full package quotation of this . How much for cash basis and installment.

    • profile image

      Dan 4 years ago


      I want to put up a water refill station. What can you do for me?


    • profile image

      AVELINO TUMIMBO 4 years ago

      Hello po Madam/Sir

      ako po ay nag ka enteres ganitong business kaso wala po akong sapat na halaga para sa business na ito, Piro po kong matulongan nyo po ako na matupad ko ang mga pangarap ko salamat ako po ay ofw sa saudi ako po ay taga gumaca quezon provence may aria po ako sa amin para jan sa business na yan ano po ang magandang gawin ko at magkano po ang down payment bago mag umpisa


      Lino tumimbo

    • profile image

      Genilyn 4 years ago

      Hi! I am interested to have a water refilling station here in Samar. Would you please send me all the business information to Thank you.

    • profile image

      Ed Gregana 4 years ago

      hi,,, can i have your quotation for the 4-in 1 which im intereted to open a business such water refilling station in zamboanga city Email ( thank you verry much.

    • profile image

      Monette 4 years ago

      hi sir,,

      I am also interested to franchise this busness, we curently here in abroad, sir can u pls give all the quotaion..

      Here is our email add:

    • profile image

      ato j 4 years ago

      Good morning.

      Kindly send me your quote, type of purification process, and other expenses at


    • profile image

      jesus lim camins 4 years ago

      gud am im from zamboanga city can you send your quotation of your fully automatic .

    • profile image

      Rey Lagmay 4 years ago

      Good day,

      The construction of my proposed buidling in Cordon, Isabela is in-progress, please send me ASAP a Typical Lay-out of Water Refilling Station for us to follow the same.

      I'm Interested on the 4 in 1 machine that can produce different type of water as follows;

      1.Mineral Water

      2.Purified Water

      3.Alkaline Water

      4.PI Water

      kindly send me the quotation of this type of machine and related expenses therein.

      Thanks & regards,


    • profile image

      Sam 4 years ago

      Hi, I just want to enquire, are you able to send more details on my email address:

      And is this available in puerto princesa palawan?

      Thanks, Sam

    • Ronjude profile image

      Ronjude 4 years ago

      Hi there,, can u send me a quotation of your best prices. And also, please send me a copy of brochures or pictures of the equipment. Email:

    • profile image

      kent mercado 4 years ago

      good kent mercado and i am much interested for your water refilling station, please send more details and info at my email address:

      the 50k downpayment how much the monthly and how many years to pay? thank you and godbless.. i need asap response..

    • profile image

      juanito moreno 4 years ago

      i am much interested for your water refilling station, please send more details and info at my email address:

      the 50k downpayment how much the monthly and how many years to pay? thank you. i need asap response..

    • profile image

      Arman Garcia 4 years ago

      i am much interested for your water refilling station, please send more details and info at my email address:

      thank you....

    • profile image

      Loida Arcega 4 years ago

      Kindly send me a proposal. Thanks.

    • profile image

      humphrey 4 years ago

      do you sell these outside Philippines?

      Please send me a quotation for your equipment. I am targeting production capacity of 3000-4500 gals/day.

      my email address is

    • profile image

      Keeno 4 years ago

      Hi I'm very interested my family owned a 2 hectare land in Cagayan de Oro city with a big source of natural spring water on it . And we would like to put a mineral water station

    • profile image

      BenG 4 years ago

      Hi.i am interested in putting up a water station in pangasinan..

    • profile image

      gloridy acosta 4 years ago

      interested akong mag-franchise kaso yong area namin ay nasa capiz. mayroon ba kayong branch doon na malapit sa amin? ito yung email add ko

    • profile image

      Manny 4 years ago

      Please email me more/complete details on your prom. I am interested in the 50T downpayment. my email ad is

    • profile image

      karen 5 years ago

      Hello, Kindly send to me your 50k downpayment promo also just want to ask lang po, actually Im just going to continue my friend exsisting business, coz she was going to migrate na in canada, she was planning to sell it to me, but my husband dont like the idea, he wants a new one, the good thing is we got already the contract of the place, coz she was just finishing her contract this coming april. My email add is karenzky2000@yahoo,com

    • profile image

      Gerry 5 years ago

      Hi can you send me the quotation and other details base on your post with 50k downpayment. I'm willing to avail this promo. Here's my email

    • profile image

      remelyn 5 years ago

      hi,my family is planning a water refilling business .our place is in iloilo.our water source is a natural mountain spring.can you please give us any idea on what machine are we going to purchase and how much it cost.thank you so email is

      mobile 85291909445..thank you...

    • profile image

      karen 5 years ago


      Can you please send me quotations for all your prices. I am very much interested. Pls send a complete details on my email

      Thank you and good day.

    • profile image

      george 5 years ago

      hi pls kindly send me quotation and cost for water refilling station . here's my email : Thanks

    • profile image

      jay 5 years ago

      Hi please do send me as well the total cost and your quotation in a breakdown send it to

    • profile image

      alex 5 years ago


      I want to make this business in my place Cagnocot,Villaba,Leyte.

      Kindly advised how much total cost for me to build this business.

      Just send it to my email:

      Best Regards,


    • profile image

      zeny aquino 5 years ago

      Hi Im planning to retire this year 2014 and I would like to put out a water refilling business in my hometown which I owned the store. would you please send me a quotation on how much budget I need for this kind of business. It will be greatly appreciated if you could also send me any brochure to read and understand the ins and outs of this kind of business. Email address

    • profile image

      Hazel 5 years ago

      Hi, im interested in water station bussiness. Please send me quotation at htcamama@ you

    • profile image

      Rexan 5 years ago

      Good day! I am very much interested to purchase a water refilling station in zamboanga city, can you please help me by sending all the quotations for your packages. here's my e-mail add.:

    • profile image

      benjamin caguioa jr 5 years ago


    • profile image

      almira 5 years ago

      hi im also interested opening business like this..kindly send me quotation and other information about water refilling email add

    • profile image

      Roland 5 years ago

      HI it's me again Roland posting and need the way this is my contact number and email to those interested to help me or be my staff with knowledge in Water Refilling Station - 09477126242

    • profile image

      james 5 years ago


      i'm interested to put up this business. pls email me at kindly send me info,quotations and other details.

      thank you

    • profile image

      elma 5 years ago

      by end of this year plano kong mg open ng WRS,I' looking for a good package deal.Pls send a complete details on my email

      thank you!


    • profile image

      Lance 5 years ago


      Im planning to put up a WRS, and I'm currently canvassing quotations from different suppliers/franchisers. I would like to inquire if you will set-up an d install in camotes island cebu, please send me your package deals, requirements and after-sales services.

      please send to my email:

      many thanks and best regards


    • profile image

      Ed 5 years ago

      Interested to this business Kindly send a complete details to my email kasi icocompare ko din po sa ibang nagquoquote before i could Decide thanks

    • profile image

      manilyn 5 years ago

      hi po pwd pasend sa email q ung mga details i want dat business pero wala aq masyado alam about dito ..ds s my

    • profile image

      Harry 5 years ago

      im intersted in buying one. plz send me details @ or skype zero2vm


      Harry S

    • profile image

      Aia 5 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      Please quote a complete package including terms of payment at

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      arvin rico 5 years ago

      Please email me quotations, complete equipment specifications, what is inclusive, term of payment -

    • profile image

      Rene 5 years ago


      I'm also interested. Please email me at Please provide me some information to put up this business.


    • profile image

      shiela geranco 6 years ago

      good day sir,

      I'm very much intrested on this kind of business pls. email me at all the needed information regarding this water refilling station installation.

      thank you and Godbless;)

    • profile image

      Irish 6 years ago


      My friend from QC recommended your company . I am interested to put up a water station business and install it in our house. Can you please send me quotations. How much downpayment and if I want o pay by installment. How about the gallons and other equipments needed.


      email me at

    • profile image

      Armi Ballaran 6 years ago

      Hi. My friend and I are interested in putting up a water refilling station in Sorsogon, Bicol. Can you please send me your quotations, full packages and details at this email address -


    • profile image

      jun ediza 6 years ago

      hi im jun im interested to know more about this water refilling business. can you please send me a messages @ my email add.

    • profile image

      Lyn villamater 6 years ago

      Please send me quotations, packages and full details at lynvillamater@,, hope receive it soon. I am also willing for a sit down meeting with you. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Micah gabrielle n punzalan 6 years ago

      Please send me details and quotations on how/how much will it cost to put up a Water refilling station . Thank you. Godbless.


    • profile image

      Amfy 6 years ago

      Can I have your mobile contact number? please contact me through this number: 0933-6351842. I am from Gensan, hope you have the branch.

    • profile image

      Nida 6 years ago

      I am planning to put up a water station in my town, would it be possible to send me quotations,prices,terms and conditions for me to read please.My email add is Very much appreciated.

    • profile image

      rodel de Silva 6 years ago

      I am very much interested in putting up water filling station here in my place. Could you please send your system package, prices terms and condition. Or if you are giving a rent to own scheme, what the cost will be in a manual filling system.


    • profile image

      west 6 years ago

      hi!can you please send me quotations and all details regarding your package.i am interested but my place is in imus cavite. my email add

    • profile image

      jambi22 6 years ago

      im planning to put up water reffiling station + laundry at the same place... can u send me a quattation 4 it... tnx! my email is tnx!

    • profile image

      Hector 6 years ago

      I am planning to put a water refilling business in Leyte. I am searching for the best offer and packages of water refilling company. Please send me your pricelist and quotation in my email you

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      Hi interested here from Mindanao (Gensan Area)?

      Kindly send me the proposal and quotation of your 3 in 1 water system products including terms for installment basis.

      I would appreciate if you will also include the store lay out so that I can refer to the building owner for possible renovations...thank you

      email me:

    • profile image

      Badz 6 years ago

      hi can you give me a miscall I'm planning to have that and I'm very well place is in Cebu

      +974-33930421 any time

    • profile image

      noel lopez 6 years ago

      gud day.. i just want to know how to apply franchise and other related info. email add:' tanx

    • profile image

      mel 6 years ago

      Can you please send me quotations for all your prices, with terms and conditions. and i am looking 4 gud equipments and good prices.

      kindly email me at

    • profile image

      alexander telan 6 years ago

      Sir/Madam.can u send me full details or package included.base on ur ads,its P165k package& only P50k downpayment.or how much will it cost to start this business..can you send it to my e-mail,

    • profile image

      alexander 6 years ago

      I am interested in putting up this business in our area, kindly email me of the details:

    • profile image

      Conie Sioson 6 years ago

      Good day! I am very much interested in putting up this business. Please give me the full details from the Type of Equipment, Prices,Term and Conditions, Payments Terms and Sample lay-out of shop. Please email at Thank you very much.

    • profile image

      ericley 6 years ago

      I'll be coming to manila in two weeks to talk with FRANZAVIAN-a water station equipments provider but then I happen to came at this site and I think it is but wise to ask for your package in order for me assess the best deal for my investment. I am interested in putting up a Fully Automatic 3-in-1 System (Purified-Mineral-Alkaline)here at Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. Please do send me your business propasal for the above-mentioned package at my Hope to hear from you soon.

      Ericley Lazaro

    • profile image

      Ging-ging 6 years ago

      I'm interested to put up this business. Please give me the complete details about his business.

      My email address is:

      Thanks a lot!..

    • profile image

      arnel 6 years ago

      Hi..Is this available for Bacolod areas?If yes, please kindly send me the proposal and quotation of your products.

      Here is my email address :

    • profile image

      eden 6 years ago

      hi.. im interested in the 200k fully auto franchise... can you please send a business proposal;/quotation o my email? please do send it to

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Hi, I am very much interested in putting up this business. Please give me the full details from the Type of Equipment, Prices,Term and Conditions, Payments Terms and Sample lay-out of shop. Please email at Thank you very much.

    • profile image

      Gary 6 years ago

      Hi, good day. . I'm inclined on putting up the said business, kaya I'd like to ask from you these things;

      ~ Quotations on you equipments (if you have brochures please send me those)

      ~ Terms & conditions

      ~ Payment terms

      ~ Sample lay-out plan of water shop (if available)


      Thank you so much. .

    • profile image

      sophia lynn lumantod 6 years ago

      I'm planning to put up a water refilling station in Visayas area, Malatapay, Maluay, Negros Oriental. Pls send me your price quotation at my email address,

      Thanks so much.

    • profile image

      guilly 6 years ago


      Sir, my dad is planning to operate a water refilling station..

      We are currently doing a research studies about it.

      And I have found out some impressive information about "alkaline water"(

      the machine is most likely low investment for about only 75,000-100,000 vs the purifying machine with reverse osmosis 21stages or whatsoever that cost 250,000 up to half a million pesos.

      The main reason is that I just wanted to know your advise and opinion as an expert in water refilling business.

      Tnx. Email me at this address.