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6 scam free ways to make money online

Updated on June 3, 2012

How to make money online intro

How to make money online? That’s a question that tortures most people who want to be financially independent, plan their own time, and spend a lot of time travelling and enjoying life. Unfortunately, most people become very fast disillusioned if they expect money to come very fast. Like any other job, making money online requires a lot of time, hard work, analysis and your most positive character features like patience, determination and self control. In most situations there is no longer boss who would give you orders and pay you a monthly or a weekly salary. You have to make it yourself. And nobody can guarantee you that if you do ‘this and that’ you will be financially independent in ‘such a period of time’. There are a lot of factors that determine the time and the ‘amount’ of your success. So, if you are willing to learn how to make money online, arm with patience and start building your online business from today. There are a number of ways how to do it. Some of the ways can actually create passive income. Other ways will only enable to make money by actively doing one activity or another. When you do your own analysis on the topic (which I recommend doing) you will be able to select they ways which you like and reject those that you don’t. In the hub I will try to cover only some of the online income possibilities. There are many more, but I will try sharing something that I have tried and liked. And of course, something that can bring money! So, let me begin with my preferences on how to make money online!

How to make money online possibility 1: make money from your website

Creating a blog or a website is probably number one idea if you want to make money online. There are very many ways how you can make money with your blog: adsense, kontera, adbrite, amazon, affiliate and other kind of products’ advertisements that would bring you money either through clicks or the purchases that are made through your site and you receive a share of the seller’s profit. There are a number of steps that you have to take in order to start earning from your website.

a. Identify what you want to write about. I do not advise you to write something you are not interested in as the process can become a real torture for you. Write down a list of things you are interested in or things you would be interested to write about. Try to look through all possible market sectors, taking into account some general ideas as well. You could go to an article directory like ezinearticles and look through all the article categories to see which fields you would be interested in.

b. Do keyword research. Keyword research is extremely important. Keywords that you select have to be well searched on google and other engines. The more searches the better. If you intend to earn by placing google ads on your site you should also look at keyword price. If it is a well sought word and costs a lot you have good chances to make a living (if you site gets to the first page of google and other search engines). Be sure to check it very carefully both the number of exact searches and the price for those keywords. I and a few friends of mine have created a site that is oriented on computer diagnostics. According to our calculations we had to make a fortune if the site appeared on the first page of google. It is now on the second, but later our calculations appeared to be false. The keyword is not so well searched as we imagined (we have started another site recently). So, be sure to check it very carefully and do not base all of your work on one keyword.

c. Start building your site. Try to make as many pages as possible and optimize them for specific keywords that you have selected. I recommend picking 200 or more keywords from the niche that are most searched and have the biggest value. If you have enough time I would encourage you writing a post on your site every day. Search engines like fresh content. It is part of their algorithm in deciding which page goes first, second and etc.

d. Start building relevant and quality backlinks to your website. I recommend writing articles from article directories with the highest page ranks and also guest posting on blogs that belong to the same niche as yours or mega blogs and websites that accept guest posts on all possible categories. Depending on article directory or a blog you are going to post, articles should be 300-700 words in length. Some blogs have very high requirements. You have to decide how many articles you can write per month. Some people try to push the idea that the more backlinks you have the better. Yes and no. Search engines fight with spamming and other black hat seo practices. Some time ago it was possible to push an article for a very competitive keyword on the first pages of search engines in a month. It looks like engines changed something in their algorithm and now; you will probably not cross yahoo and msn 10 page boarders earlier than in 4 months. Google is working on the same thing. So, you should concentrate on rich qualitative content and relevant backlinks. Do not try to spam sites and forums through comments. You might get into trouble.

How to make money online possibility 2: trade stocks, currencies and commodities to make money online

Trading securities is a very attractive activity that you might consider in your attempt to make money online. However, it cannot guarantee you passive income and is very risky. The statistics is very simple – most traders lose money trading. However, those that take time to study financial markets, technical and fundamental analysis after a few years break even and in 3-5 years time start making profit. Those that make the activity as their life time job can make millions in the long run. It took me more than three years to break even in trading forex. Then, I started making small profit bit by bit, which was mostly made during periods of time when currency pairs were in a trend. I started day trading profitably only a year ago (I have been a forex trader for six years). Against all the odds, trading still remains a field of vast opportunities, because trillions of dollars change hands in financial markets nowadays and you can trade any of them online, whether you are an investor or just a speculator.

Advantages of making money online by trading

  1. You can trade multiple securities from the same online platform.
  2. You can control your own portfolio (much better than it is done by investment or pension funds).
  3. Trades are executed very fast (it can be done within one second)
  4. Leverage enables you to operate much bigger amounts of money than you have in your deposit.
  5. Your initial investment can be very low
  6. Streaming financial news updated every minute (provided your broker offers you the feature)
  7. No limits in terms of your living place (you can trade from the States or from Siberia)
  8. Possibility to use various type of orders: limit buy, limit sell, buy stop, sell stop, take profit, stop loss, trailing stop and a few more.
  9. Ability to monitor performance of your securities every second.

Disadvantages of making money online by trading

  1. Requirements for minimum deposits
  2. Charges for execution of orders
  3. Occasional platform failures, especially during times when macroeconomic news is released (it happened to me once while trading NFP)
  4. Leverage also creates risks not only opportunities.
  5. Some trading platforms are really complicated and this could lead to severe losses.

3. How to make money online possibility 3: make money by writing for hubpages, squidoo, infobarrel and other sites sharing adsense revenues

An alternative way for you to make money online via your own website or a blog can be writing hubs, lenses and articles on many social networking sites and receiving adsense revenues that the sites share. All of the sites have very many similarities and I do not want to discuss those in detail. I just want to talk about the ways you can make money online through the sites. What are those ways?

  1. These sites enable you to write on topics that interest you. There are some exceptions, but generally speaking you can write on zillion of topics. People read those articles and when they click on google or kontera ads you get a share of the click value (just do not click on your own ads).
  2. You can put various widgets like amazon or ebay and if people buy products that are displayed on your ads; you get a share of the profits that is made through the sales. The more you sell the bigger percentage you get.
  3. You can place a link to your website that directs to some affiliate (no direct links to affiliates are allowed) and if people buy products that you are affiliated with, you get your share.

In order to increase traffic and the revenues you should concentrate on the quality of the content. You also have to follow the rules that would increase the traffic that I mentioned talking about making money through your website. I prefer hubpages to squidoo or infobarrel to say nothing of other similar social networking sites. Why?

  1. It gives you the biggest freedom in terms of topics of your articles. Squidoo does not allow writing on some topics like forex trading that I discussed as part of making money online activities.
  2. Hubpages has the biggest traffic of all the sites that share adsense revenue. This increases your chances of making more money by writing on hubpages than writing on other similar sites.
  3. You do not have to wait for any content reviews before publishing your articles (this should not give you courage for writing on taboo topics). For some sites you might have to wait a few days before your content is approved. Occasionally, it can also be rejected for various reasons. I remember writing an article for PR5 directory and after a review it was rejected. I placed it in the other directory with PR6 and it was accepted. So, it is good when the control is not so strict and you can write and update your articles whenever you want.

4. How to make money online possibility 4: make money online by selling your ebooks

If you wrote a lot of articles on a particular topic you might consider collecting those articles, adapting them and making an ebook from them. Then you can sell it through your website, article directories, social networking and bookmarking sites and other online sources. This kind of making money online method has some very good possibilities:

  1. You can write about anything you like. It is your ebook. If it is one of taboo topics you might not be able to advertise well on all the mentioned online sources, but as there are zillion of topics for you to write you can easily find one for your ebook.
  2. All the money that you make is yours, since you are the author, unless you give other sites to sell the ebook for you. Then you will have to share your profits, depending on your negotiating tactics it would vary from 5 to 30 percent per sale.
  3. This could bring you passive income (most online money chasers are dreaming of). If the book is actual and well written it can be sold for many years into the future.

5. How to make money online possibility 5: make money online with your YouTube videos

YouTube, which is owned by google now shares its’ ads revenues with their partners. If you want to become YouTube partner you need to open a free YouTube account, start making interesting videos and then apply to become a partner. If you are approved, you become a partner and videos that you have uploaded on your channel and YouTube website start displaying ads. If people watching push on the ads you receive fifty percent of the revenues that YouTube makes on the ads. The more videos you make the better chances you have to attract more visitors. Although I do not participate in the partnership program yet, I do have my channel on YouTube with about 120 videos that I have made. Some of the videos with some pretty expensive keywords are on the first pages of YouTube (not google yet) and get a lot of traffic. I mostly make videos on forex trading. How do you make videos and place them on YouTube?

  1. You need software to record your videos. There are a lot of programs that you can find on internet and try for free, so choose whichever you like most and then purchase it. I use Camtasia as it is most comfortable for me to use.
  2. You need to decide what niche you are going to make your videos on. It can be fun, making money, trading, and anything that you like with some minor exceptions like all social networking sites have. Be sure not to make videos on those topics as your account will be banned very fast. So, choose a niche.
  3. Start making videos. I recommend making from 1 to 3 minute length videos. It looks that videos of that length do best on YouTube. Choose a title for a video (it should include the keyword you are aiming at). Write a description of your video (a keyword that you are aiming at should be used in the description. It’s enough to mention the keyword once). Choose your tags. They should be centered on the keyword you are using in your title and description. Upload your video. Then send it to your friends and ask them to ‘like’ your video. Promote your video on social bookmarking and networking sites. I recommend writing a few articles with a link to your video url.  
  4. Watch as your videos start climbing bit by bit on the first page of YouTube and maybe one day on the first page of google. A few of my videos fluctuate between the 4th and the 7th pages of google. It takes time to get to the top! Some of the top YouTube faces are making around 100 thousand bucks a year. Worthwhile trying? Most probably!

6. How to make money online possibility 6: teach people online

Making money online by working from your home as a teacher or an online tutor can offer you great freedom in terms of time management as well as income. You can apply for an online tutor position at very many sites. However, most of them would require some experience in the field you are applying for. If you are more of an educator than a sales person online teaching position is for you. You can actually start the job without quitting your present job. This is very cost effective as you will only have to pay to your internet provider for internet connection and you will save a lot of money on travelling to your students. You will not need to travel anywhere. No distances online! And you do not necessarily have to apply for some position at the companies who offer online assistant positions. You can be an independent online teacher teaching on skype or using other software program. So, you can offer your coaching services according in the field of your expertise. I would not recommend taking big fees on that. Try to build trust first, so that your students would start recommending your lessons to other people. Then, it will be natural to raise the fees.

Conclusion: start making money online now

So, I have pointed out some of the most popular ways of ‘how to make money online’. There are hundreds of them. I will be updating the hub from time to time to tell you about other ways and possibilities to make money online. You should sit down and think which way is the best for you. Then start moving towards your target. It will take time, energy, and all your creative powers till you reach your goal. Do not get disappointed if you do not see results immediately. Like any other job, this one will not bring you a lot of money over a night. However, I think it is worthwhile trying, because by making money online you will also reach financial independence. I hope my hub was useful in teaching you how to make money on internet. Now, go and do it! Good luck!


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    • Tomygun profile image

      Tomygun 6 years ago from Vilnius

      Very good information. I did not know much about the You tube thing, I might enter that field some day.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Yes, there was an article on business insider one day about top money makers on YouTube. Some of the guys make around 100 thousand bucks. Incredible! Of course, they work a lot too. Thanks for your comment Tomygun.

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Wow... Wow.. I don't have any words to say. You have done a great job with this hub. You have do great researches about all the source where all the money come by online. Personally, writing on HubPages is a great job. I find my traffic always climb and it gave me nice income too. I have prove this. Just patience and always up date. Thanks for writing this. Working with YouTube is another good option for us. I'll learn much about this.

      My friend, I thought you are great trader. I have t learn from you. Vote up. Cheers...

      Blessing and hugs,

    • gajanis786 profile image

      gajanis786 6 years ago

      very good.....I like the most about you tube which incidentally I have not used yet ....and with these information I am tempted to adventure into it also.Thanks.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Yes gajanis786. Just go ahead and try it. It will not cost you anything. Just time to make videos.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

      When you say "Trading securities" - do you mean both stocks AND mutual funds? Excellent Hub, rated USEFUL.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 5 years ago

      I mean all possible securities. Thanks for commenting on the hub MarloByDesign.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

      Got it. Thanks.

    • bigzorro profile image

      bigzorro 5 years ago from Germany

      I like the YouTube thing. It's clearly explained by you and I will try it the next days. I can see it has great income potential.

    • AnnaCia profile image

      AnnaCia 5 years ago

      Thanks for the information. This article has given me tips I did not think about before. Voted up

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