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Website Scams

Updated on July 7, 2014

Website Scams and Website Ripoffs

I get to meet so many people and I hear about all types of internet related scams and ripoffs. Just when I think I've heard every story in the world about how people get cheated out of their money I hear one more story more amazing than the last. This is a blog about how to avoid being cheated out of your hard earned money by learning about how other people lost their money.

All you want to do is to start a business and promote it on the internet so that you can make some money. It shouldn't be that hard to do you would think and every time you turn around someone is waiting to rip you off. If they don't intentionally want to rip you off; you may find that every website designer seems to be totally incompetent. How can this business attract so many losers?

Common Website Scams

Here is a listing of the ways people are seperated from their money by con artists

The main focus here is about how to avoid getting cheated by website designers. No discussion of how to avoid getting cheated would be complete without also including website businesses that people buy and websites that sell nothing but a way for you to lose your money.

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We will get to how to avoid incompetent website designers and website designers that intentionally rip people off in the next section. Above is a list of typical scams people fall for every day involving various get rich quick schemes. It is wise to remember the old saying that if it sounds too good to be true that is because it is! If someone tells you that for only $X amount you can buy a money making website you have to wonder why they don't just keep the website.

Sad Story Of Getting Ripped Off - Good Website Designers Are Hard To Find

Listen to this amazing story of how one woman spent a year and a half trying to find a good website designer. She lost money every time she hired someone new. The story has a happy ending about how she finally got a contract to work for the NFL Super Bowl 2010.

How Much Would You Pay For A Worthless Website? - If Nobody Can Find Your Website In A Search The Website Is Worthless!

Do you want a website just so you can say you have one? Do you want a website just because your competition has one? Most business owners want a website so that people will find them when they search for the products or services the business offers. If nobody can find you when they search for what your business does then your website is worthless. The dentist in this video paid someone to build a website for her and she couldn't find her website even when she searched by her name. Obviously nobody would ever be able to find her by searching for what she does.

For $10 you can get 250 cards and call yourself a website designer
For $10 you can get 250 cards and call yourself a website designer

Why Is It So Difficult To Find A Good Website Designer?

Is Website Design The Business Of Choice For Con Artists?

Not everyone who claims to be a website designer is totally incompetent or a thief. The problem is that with most businesses there will be a specific type of training required for a specific length of time followed by graduation from an accredited school or college and then licensing only after passing a state exam. As an example when you need to get your car repaired a mechanic will likely have begun training in high school at a vocational school. Additional training and certification after that will also be required. Lawyers go to college for 7-8 years and still have to be certified to practice law in every state. Real estate agents must take a course, pass an exam and then are regulated by the state.

Below you will see the complete list of requirements to become a website designer:

1. Print business cards with your name and title "Website Designer".

Website designers are not regulated by any government agency in any state at this time that I'm aware of. There is no training requirement at all to call yourself a website designer. Yes it is a fact that if you intentionally want to scam people out of their hard earned money, just print cards that say you are a website designer. Begin accepting deposits and don't do any work at all. The cost to hire an attorney to try to get your money back is going to be too high for anyone to sue you.

If you don't intentionally want to cheat people and you just aren't very good at website design there is absolutely nothing to stop you from claiming to be a website designer.

South Florida Website Designers

South Florida The Scam Capital Of The World

You might think that the only thing a South Florida website designer needs to do is to be just a tiny bit better than mediocre and they'd have it made. The problem of course is that in South Florida we are known for ripoffs. Think about the major financial scams you've heard about in recent years. We have Ponzi schemes happening all the time where people lose their life savings. We have identity theft, cars getting stolen and chopped up for parts that get on a boat and go to far away lands; think of a scam and it is likely to have started here. Nobody trusts us when they first walk into our office; we have to start from the beginning with each client to prove that we actually know what we are doing and that we won't take their money and run.

Protect yourself from getting ripped off! Here are some suggestions to help you find the best website designer to help you with your business.

If it seams like a fantastic deal and you have to act now before it is too late it is probably a scam. A reputable company won't give you an amazing deal today and refuse to give you that same deal tomorrow, next week or next month. If someone offers you a turnkey website where you just pay a fee and start making money - RUN! Seriously who would accept a fee to give you a website that is worth so much more? If the website really makes that much money then the owner of the website won't sell it to you. If you are hiring a website designer ask to see live examples of websites they made. Also check to see how their clients rank in search engines. If you are going to give someone a check as a deposit, first see how long they've been in business.

Free Website Design

Cheap Website Design

Originally I forgot to mention that one of the biggest Internet ripoffs in website design is having someone overseas or locally offer free or cheap website design templates. I edited this blog now to add this information because this is also something important to watch out for. Website designers will sometimes direct you to a website where you can buy a template for almost nothing and then the programmer simply adds your content. It sounds like a great way to save a lot of money on website design. It can cost you a fortune in litigation too! The scary part is that there is no way to know if you'll get sued or not when you buy some cheap website template. Read more about cheap website design and avoid this website scam.

Avoid Getting Ripped Off - Avoid Internet Scams

Tired of getting ripped off? These books offer great tips!

Post your comments here about how you got ripped off!

Website Scams - Did You Get Ripped Off?

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    • AdEx LM profile imageAUTHOR

      AdEx LM 

      6 years ago

      @indiawebsitedesigners: Here is another great way to get ripped off that I forgot to include here:

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You failed to mention all the people who wire money to someone in India who offers to make websites for $500.00. This is the best way to lose $500.00 in the Indian website scam business.


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