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website testing for internationals

Updated on July 29, 2016

making money online by testing websites

A lot of people want to make money online without leaving the comforts of their home and while sitting behind their computer. In this article I will explain the concept of website testing. To start with, what is website testing? Website testing is when you testing is excatly what the name says, you as a person have to test a certain website for all kinds of reasons. There are different kinds of website testing, usability testing or user experience, functional/exploratory testing or bug testing.

User experience tests are the easiest, the only thing you have to do is follow some simple tasks that are set by the websites owners, for example search for some information on the website. While you are doing that your screen will be recorded (on some websites also your webcam) and your voice aswell. So, when going through the website to complete the task, you have to think out loud so that the website owners can listen to your recording and see what you have done. This will help the website to be improved because some seemingly easy task might give a lot of problems for people and by having the website usability tested by us, the people, the website can be improved. In almost all cases your screen and voice will be recorded and sometimes a webcam is also needed.

On the other hand you have functional testing, mostly together with bug testing. This is something different than usability testing. With usability testing, it was just doing some easy tasks and being recorded but real bug testing is much more advanced. A company will ask you to test a certain app or website. Most of the time some tasks have to be done just like with usability testing, but your screen will not be recorded and you will have to write a report and add screenshots. Then comes the harder part, bug testing, on the given website or app you will have to click, type, do whatever you can to check if there are any bugs to be found and when those bugs occur. Again, a report containing screenshots will be asked by most companies in order to improve the website (screen recordings are optional here).

As might be guessed, the user experience testing is not that hard and doesnt cost much time, mostly 10-30 minutes. It therefore doesn't pay a lot of money 10 dollars give or take, which is a good bit for the time spent. Real bug testing or functional testing on the other hand can accumulate into a much bigger payday, depending on the time spent and testing done.

How to start testing as an international

For US citizens it is easy to register for website testing, most projects and tests are US based. Some websites don't even take other countries. But if you are from a different country than the US it is still possible to do website testing. To start with, usability or user experience testing would be the best, this to learn the ropes and get a feeling how to test websites. For international people the best way to be sure to get some tests is to register with as many websites as possible. Most websites offer a few tests a month to internationals, which could be 1 a week when you are on different websites and a bit lucky.

If you want to do bug testing or functional testing, this is much harder and some understanding about how websites work would come in handy. When you are a bit familiar with the setting of website testing, going into functional testing is a good idea because eventhough there are not many tests, the tests that are there can earn you much more money. If you put in the time and effort needed to complete these tests.

So, the main advice at this point is to start usability or user testing, sign up with as many websites that offer this service and go into functional testing later on aswell. The main tip is to deliver good work, good work will get you more work and more work means more money.


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