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Websites Like Pinterest

Updated on January 28, 2013

What is Pinterest?

If you know your way around the internet, chances are you have stumbled upon or even joined Pinterest. For those of you who haven't or are still curious about this mystical website everyone is talking about, Pinterest is essentially a virtual pinboard. Many people use Pinterest to create boards which keep up with fashion trends, compile delicious recipes, and even plan weddings.

Pinterest allows you to look at other people's interests or "pins". These pins can be anything from wedding dresses to food to cute geeky figurines. Anything goes on this website! You can even upload your own pins of stuff you find or create. You can also "like" or "repin" anything pinned by others into your own customizable categories, also known as "boards". See where this is going? You "pin" things to "boards". Pinboard!

Pinterest is not the only website of its kind. It may be one of the most popular but is it is definitely not alone. To follow are some of Pinterest's competition.


LookSoup is similar in style and appearance to Pinterest but has a greater focus on fashion pieces and trends. Instead of "pinning" you "collect" products and styles. You can collect clothing, makeup, jewelry, and anything else related to style and fashion.

LookSoup also has something called a "LookSoup Score" which can be found on your profile page. You receive one point, or heart, every time someone likes something you uploaded, collects something you uploaded, or if someone starts following your profile. This score helps indicate your "fashion influence".


Wanelo is based on the phrase “Want, Need, Love”. This website focuses on purchasable products of any kind and aims to create a connected market for the world.

On Wanelo, you “save” products to “collections”. You can view all of the products that a store is showcasing. Everything from small businesses to international brands share on this website and you can follow specific stores that you enjoy to keep up with the new products they offer.


Wish is a bit different from Pinterest and other websites because it offers exclusive rewards to their users. As a viewer, you can unlock rewards by suggesting products to friends, when you and tons of other people "wish" on the same product, or when you wish on many products. As an uploader, or vendor, you earn rewards when your uploaded products become popular among the community or when you upload a lot of products.

Another Wish specific feature is that you can only wish on a certain number of products. You receive a base amount of wishes when you join and are topped off to 20 wishes every day. You can earn more wishes by inviting your Facebook friends, when your friends wish on the same products as you, when you upload a new product, and when a product you upload becomes popular.



Like a sir!

For the gentlemen out there, here is Gentlemint. Gentlemint is essentially the Pinterest just for men. On the front page it showcases manly things. Bachelor pads, military photos, sports memorabilia, hardcore workouts, video games, cars, guns. If it's manly, it's there. "Likes" are the same but they appear to be in the shape of a mustache. "Pins" are in the form of "Save this tack" which you put into your briefcase. You save each tack into a collection of your creation.

Gentlemint is currently in beta testing so to join you must supply your email and wait for your beta invite.

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Social Networking

Many of these websites allow you to sign in with your existing Facebook or Twitter account. This makes it easier for you to invite and share with your friends. You can also create an account without being a member or connecting to either of these social networking websites.

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      Great Lens.. I must admit I have become a PIN-A-HOLIC ! I love Pinterest!

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      I seriously didn't know of these Pinterest-like websites! Amazing! The image platform must be taking off due to its appeal. Thanks for the heads-up! Nice lens

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      Thomo85 5 years ago

      just joined pinterest

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      Beverly Lemley 5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Very interesting at this type of internet networking! I am not familiar with any of them except Pinterest, and that is limited at this point, as well. Thanks for the info! B : )