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Websites You Need to Know When Starting a Business

Updated on December 17, 2013

Websites to Use When Creating a New Business

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to start a new business. The business should have an easy-to-understand, clear and friendly name. You should be able to explain the business idea in 60-90 seconds (elevator pitch) and you should be in sync about the future of your business with potential co-founders and investors.

The business should have some kind of written-down business plan or strategy . However, I don't recommend a traditional 60+ pages business plan. I rather suggest a well-presented and thoughtful 5-page document explaining the key points of the business. You can read more about how useless traditional business plans are in Jason Fried's book REWORK. The link is in the "Recommended Readings" section of this page.

Save Time When Starting Your New Business

Read Entrepreneurial Business Books

Have a look at the "Recommended Readings" list of this page as it highlights some of the best business books. They cover everything from business strategy to marketing to motivation. The books are written in clear and easy-to-understand words and shouldn't take too long to read.

Websites Which Will Save You Tons of Money

Check out the extensive "Recommended Websites" link list on this page. I recommend the major websites which any new budding entrepreneur should know. You don't have to use all of them but you should at least have a look at them. Then you still can decide whether or not you want to use them or recommend another website in the comments section.

Making Money

I differentiate between two kinds of websites in the "Recommended Websites" link list:

(1) Websites which will help you to market your product or service and

(2) websites which will help you to create your product or service.

Websites Which Will Help You to Market Your Products

These websites will help you when it comes to social media marketing, search engine (paid) marketing as well as search engine optimization. They will also help you to create unique content, funny graphics and videos.

Depending on your technical skills these websites can also help you to create or improve your own website.

Recommended Websites: Market Your Products

These websites will help you to market your product.

Website Which Will Help You to Create Your Products

These websites, on the other hand, will help you to create your product or service. They will help you to find companies an freelancers to outsource some of your work to. You might want to outsource the creation of an online tool, design process of a new product or the proof-reading of a book you want to publish and sell.

Recommended Websites: Create Your Products

These websites will help you to create your products.

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