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what is Google Ads or Google Adwords

Updated on March 13, 2020
Google Adwords

How do we make an online advertisement on google? What is Google Adwords (Ads), how does it work | In this special post today, we are going to know this?

Let me tell you in advance that Google Adwords (Ads) is a part of search engine marketing.

To create your own Google Ads Campaigns: Click on the official Google Ads

In today’s time, whether it is a small company or a very big company, everyone has to resort to online to promote their business and there are many important reasons for this which I will now tell you through a few points below.

Why online advertising is important?

  • When you promote your business in the traditional way, then you can only target users of a particular area if you put a banner of your product on a highway, now only those people will see that banner Will travel on the highway But in online marketing, you can promote your business in the whole world, without any limitation, where as far as internet facility is available, you can show your product ad to people through online, so basically, traditional marketing In comparison, the reach of marketing done online is very high or it can be said that it is unlimited.
  • When you do marketing in a traditional way, you incur a very high cost. First, make an ad from an ad company, then where you place an ad, give money to its owner for a particular time at any place, then it becomes very expensive. But in online marketing you can promote your business at a very low cost and in many places, you do not need to invest anything and people come to your website easily like through the organic traffic of SEO, social media People also attract towards you through
  • In traditional marketing, you cannot attract people much towards your product. But through digital marketing, you can reach targeted people. Just like people who are interested in your business, you can have more conversations by showing them your ad.

What is Google Adwords (ADs)

Google Adwords (ADs) is a platform created by Google itself through which you and we can advertise online.

Yes, on Google Adwords (ADs), you have to pay for running an ad campaign, it is a paid system, but you have to pay money only when the user clicks on your ad.

By changing the name of Google Adwords, Google has now placed google ads, but it is still known more than the name of Google AdWords.

Google Adwords (ads) can run Ad campaigns to promote your business in many ways. Just like you can run your ad with organic listings on Google’s search results page by targeting particular keywords, many companies are taking a lot of profit by running ads in this way.

What is a search engine?

Apart from this, you can also place your product on another website or mainly blog through ad banner and text of your product. Apart from this, you can run ad campaigns through Google AdWords on mobile and youtube as well.

So all this feature gives you google Adwords. With this, the most important thing about Google Adwords is that whenever you run an ad campaign, you will get its immediate result. Suppose you ran an ad campaign on Google’s search results page, then you will not have to wait that when my ad will be ranked on Google like you have to do for organic free traffic, as soon as you have created your campaign, immediately your ad Show on top of Google will start and you will start getting queries.

Apart from this, through Google AdWords, you can also decide on which location you want your ads to appear. Even if you want to show ad on any local address in Delhi, you can do it in it too. You can also select people with interest from your business through Google AdWords, that my ad can only be seen by these people. So that you get a genuine query.

One very important thing and let me tell you that Google makes its most raven through this Google Adwords.

Through Google Adwords, you can achieve the goal of 6 types by running an ad campaign for your product or service.

1- Sales

2- Leads

3- Website traffic

4- Product and Brand consideration

5- Brand Awareness & reach

6- App Promotion

Why Google AdWords or paid online advertising is important for us, I have told you in the earlier search engine marketing post, in that post I have also told you how many ways you can run ad campaigns in Google Adwords (ADs). explained in detail.

Important terms of Google Adwords (ADS)

You must have understood what Google Adwords is. There are many such terms in Google Adwords, which is very important to keep in mind when you create an AD campaign.

  • keyword: Whenever you are creating a search ad campaign on Google Adwords, then you have to take great care of the keywords. Because it is absolutely true that you have given money to Google to run that ad, but it is not necessary that you are the only marketer who has given money to Google to run the ad campaign and with this, you can do such a single product Or not even the service provider, who is selling something very different, you can give the same product and service to many more companies and products and services as well, so basically to beat the competition. You must use high volume keywords. But use the keyword as much as your ad campaign should not use the over-the-top keyword. That’s why keywords are very important in your Ad campaign, people are able to come to your website only because of keywords.
  • Landing page: If you want to make a lot of profit from your ad campaign, a lot of people come to your website and purchase the product or else inquire about your service, then you will have to make your landing page attractive and actionable. Basically, when the user sees your ad and clicks on the page we go to, it is called the landing page. Now if the user likes your landing page and you mean that it is actionable, you have given the option of signup form on our page, or you have given the option to buy the product directly, then the user will spend more time on your page and your product Chances of purchase increase that much
  • Location: When running an ad campaign through Google Ad, you have to take great care of the location, in which area do you want to show your ad to people? Do you think that people of which area can buy more of your product, can you make more profit by showing an ad in local locations or you can get more profit by showing your ad globally?
  • Budget: When you are running Ads on Google Adwords, then the most important thing you have to keep in mind is what is your budget. You have to do proper research about it. Also, the first ad you run is an experiment, but after this, you can analyze what budget you have to keep on the ad campaign.
  • Ads design: Whenever you create an ad on Google AdWords, whether you are creating a search ad or display ad, you want to pay a lot of attention to its design. Your ad must be relevant in it, it is very important to be actionable as well as to have attractive descriptions and titles.
How Google Adwords (ADs) Works

There are basically five types of ad campaigns in Google Adwords, out of which we select and run one of the ad campaigns according to the marketing strategy of our business.

What is search engine marketing and how does it work.

Types of Google Ads

1- Search Ad Campaign

2-display Ad Campaign

3- shopping Ad campaign

4- video ad campaign

5- App Ad Campaign

So now I am going to tell you about all those ad campaigns –

1- Search Ads campaign: Search Ads campaign is a way of online advertising in which we show ads on Google’s search engine results page. In the search Ads campaign, we target keywords. Whenever a user searches the keywords related to our ad in Google’s search, they will see our ad and they will click on it and come to our website.

for example- You must have seen in the image above that I searched the digital marketing course on Google, then the first 3 results I saw are all examples of search ads because you will see that there is a box-type next to their URL. And it has AD written in it. So basically you must have understood that search ad is created by targeting keywords.

2- Display Ads campaign: Display Ads campaign, online paid to advertise is the way in which a company places its ad on a third-party website and promotes its product. Display Ads campaign is basically marketed through a banner ad, animation ad, and text ad.

For example – As you may be able to see in the image above, the right sidebar of my blog has a banner ad of Alibaba in it, so this is an example of a display ad campaign. This means that Alibaba has created a campaign through display ads through Google Adwords and Google has shown it on different blogs and whenever a visitor comes to my blog and clicks on Alibaba’s banner ad, then Google will get Alibaba Will to take the specified money from the account.

The biggest advantage of a display ad is that you can also remarket in it. If a user is accessing your website by clicking on ADs but is not buying anything or taking any action, then you can show that user’s ad repeatedly to that user even if that user is someone Also use the platform even if he runs Facebook, then there will be ad shows off your company.

3 – Shopping Ads campaign: Shopping ad is a way of paid advertising online, in which you can show the complete details of the product on the search results page of Google itself, such as the image and price of the product Shopping ads campaign is best for e-commerce companies.

For example – As I searched on google online puma t-shirt India, you will be able to see in the image above that I can see the product image of some online e-commerce sites and their niche price are all examples of shopping ads.

4- Video Ads campaign: Video Ads campaign is a method of online paid advertising in which you create video ads related to your product and show the user on youtube.

5- Mobile App Ads Campaign: Mobile App Ads You make your ads show to the user through the mobile app. Basically you must have seen that many ADs run while using many apps of music, games, and news. They are all Mobile App Ads.

Advantages of Google Adwords

In today’s time, millions of companies are marketing their business through Google Adwords and are taking a profit. What are the benefits of marketing a business through Google Adwords? I am going to tell you through a few points below.

  • AdWords works faster than SEO: The biggest advantage of marketing through Google Edward is that you get queries faster than SEO, but this does not mean that you do not have to SEO your website. SEO is very important for the long-term success of your website. But if you want intermediate results, then AdWords is a good platform.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: Through Google AdWords, you can tell people about your website traffic, conversions as well as your brand. Google Adwords is an effective way to promote any brand.
  • Reconnect with your visitor: A very good benefit of Google Adwords is that if a visitor visits your website through ads campaign but does not take any action and comes back, then you can display your ads to that user on any different platform through display remarketing. But you can get the show done. By which that visitor will be able to see your product and he will also purchase it later, its chances also increase.
  • Measure your performance: By running the ads campaign, how many visitors came to your website, how many people purchased your product. You can easily do all this measurement with the help of Google AdWords through which platform the visitor came through.

What is the difference between Google Adwords and Google Adsense

Through Google AdWords, you market your business, for which you have to pay money to Google. Whereas in Google Adsense you earn money by placing AD on your blog. In this, when Google approves your Adsense request, it places a different ad on your blog and if some of the visitors who visit your blog click on those ads then you get their money.

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