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what job sectors to choose from for chemical engineering jobs in Chennai as a fresher

Updated on December 29, 2014

Job scope

As a chemical engineer you can look for entry level positions in design & construction, paper manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, industrial chemicals, environmental health & safety industries, petrochemicals, polymers and biotechnology. In these job sectors, the skills and knowledge of chemical engineering is highly critical as it is directly associated with the growth and revenue of the companies from these job domains.

Job Role

Chemical engineers use principles of chemistry, primarily, to solve problems pertaining to production, application or manufacture of chemicals and other products. They are involved in designing and maintaining, equipment and processes for production of chemicals and other products which are obtained by combining chemicals. Planning and testing of equipment and the by products, is also supervised by them.


Manufacturing sector is highly dependent upon the skills of a chemical engineers and they play a vital role in job sectors or industries, such as; electronic goods manufacturing, food processing, clothing, textile, paper and energy generation.

As a chemical engineering fresher you can also earn a specialization in any of the sub-domains of chemical engineering, such as; oxidation, polymerization or semiconductors. These specializations will exponentially increase your job prospects, across various industries and job domains. Nanomaterials, is one of the upcoming sub-domains of chemical engineering, where you can wet your feet as a fresher.


Skill set

There are certain skills that employers demand from chemical engineering freshers, along with expert level of skills in chemical engineering. These skills help them meet any challenges that they might face, and with the possession of these skills, which include; strong communication skills, problem solving ability, and the ability to think on their toes, helps them over come the challenges, if faced. Also some knowledge of industry, trends and business practices shall strengthen your candidature when applying for chemical engineering jobs for freshers in Chennai.

Your scope as a chemical engineering fresher in Chennai

Chennai serves as a thriving job destination for engineers from all domains. Automobile manufacturing and pharma manufacturing are the most prosperous job sectors here, and offer opportunities that are present in a learning environment which are further bifurcated into a growth oriented career path. The strong base of automobile manufacturers, makes it possible for chemical engineers to find jobs in this job sector, as the skills and knowledge of a chemical engineer is highly applicable in this job domain. Pharma being chemical centric, chemical engineering roles keep coming up, allowing seasoned professionals to earn a level up in their profile, making way for freshers to take up entry level roles.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing as a job domain, is a promising job domain as the prospects for growth in this job domain are towering. With the launch of Make in India campaign, wherein, pharma as a manufacturing sector have attracted investments from various developed nations and pharma players from all over the globe are all set to set operations here. Once, they have established their manufacturing facilities in Chennai, chemical engineering jobs for freshers in Chennai will witness an upward trend, and seasoned professionals shall undergo career progression.


What are employers looking for in Pharma jobs for chemical engineers

Employers in the pharma domain are seeking, chemical engineers that can take up entry level roles in production, qualilty assurance, quality analyst, pharma research, product development, project management, and chemical analysis. These profiles, are a sure shot means to earn a specialization in any of the sub-domains of pharma manufacturing, which are directly associated with chemical engineering.

Most job openings are looking for candidates that have skills in; quantitive & qualitative analysis of chemicals, materials and food. Chemical modelling, transport modelling, and knowledge of advance development of chemicals and pharma products are some of the high paying skills associated with chemical engineering jobs for freshers in Chennai.


Oil and Gas

Chennai also has a set of oil and gas companies where you can look for chemical engineering jobs for freshers. However, employers from this domain will only favour you if you posses the right skills and are flexible as well as highly skilled at mathematics, scientific and technological skills. These are the attributes that will make your candidature stronger, if you are looking for jobs in this domain.

Considering, the job prospects which are spread globally, once you have gained experience in this industry, doors to global job openings will open up. Oil & gas as a job domain, is highly lucrative, as it offers salaries and benefits that are unmatchable with any other job domains all across the world.

Starting your career from this job domain as a chemical engineering fresher is advisable, the career progression, compensation and learnings from this job domain cannot be found in any other job domain. Oil & gas plays an important role in the economy, and the benefits are also passed on to the professionals working in this sector.

Salaries and compensation

Chennai enjoys the status of a tier 1 city, that means your earning potential will be higher than any other job destination in India. As a fresh entry in chemical engineering jobs, your earning potential shall remain anywhere around INR 20,000 to 25,000. Once you acquire around one year of experience, your earning potential shall rise, and over a period of time your earning potential shall increase exponentially.

Depending upon the job domain that you are employed with, your compensation and benefits will vary. If you are in oil and gas sector, which serves with a higher earning potential and other non-monetray benefits, such as paid travel, loyalty bonus and performance based incentives. In this job domain, entry level chemical engineers are offered packages starting from INR 5 to 7 Lakhs annually. Your compensation is highly dependent upon; institution last attended, any prior work experience, grades and overall academic track record.

Research opportunities

Earlier, chemical engineering jobs were confined to petroleum industry, however, with changing times the scope of employment increased and now you as a chemical engineer is highly sought after in various industries, mainly from the manufacturing sector. Nowadays, chemical engineers can take up research based roles in any of the sub-domain of chemical engineering such as; electronics, medical, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Chemical engineering jobs for freshers are available in roles involving research in polymer processing, bio-medical engineering and hazardous waste disposal. Pharmaceutical manufacturing also has research based opportunities which deep seat your career in this industry and allow you to emerge as a domain expert.

If you wish to pursue a career in research then the upcoming domains are; chemical manufacturing, where new techniques and methods of separation are being studied which are further employed in chemical, food, pharmaceuticals and environmental industries.

Other research areas include; molecular and nano scale engineering, protein separation processes, super critical, fluid extraction, fluid particle systems, catalysis, reaction engineering, biomedical engineering, molecular simulation, and surface modification.

Some job domains with stronger growth prospects in the coming future

These are the upcoming sub-domains of chemical engineering with greater scope, in terms of growth and learning opportunities.

• Chemical process modeling

• Chemical technology

• Biotechnology

• Heat and mass transfer

• Nanotechnology

• Biochemical engineering

• Fluid dynamics

• Distillation design

• Environmental engineering

• Materials science

• Thermodynamics


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