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What Makes Leader's Different From Rest & How To Acquire Leadership Skills

Updated on September 15, 2018

What is a Leader And Leadership?

A leader is a person who leads or commands a group or an organization and leadership is the quality of a leader by which he is able to influence other’s behavior and unite them for the achievement of a shared purpose. The basic task of a leader is to coordinate the activities of the individuals under him and direct them to attain excellence in any field.

Leadership takes place at the different level of the hierarchical structure of any organization. A leader can be from a simple manager to a CEO of any company.

The very essence of leadership is the followers who obey the directives of the leader. Without followers, a leader has no existence.

What Makes Him So Special

Some people's say that leaders are born and not made. I beg to differ; Leadership qualities can be acquired as well. The essential qualities of a leader can be acquired through education, learning, and experience. Leaders are those who stand up on the front lines, initiates and show everyone how to accomplish the tasks by bearing all the risks. Leaders are those who induce their subordinates and juniors to work with confidence and zeal. Effective leaders are able to alone pull out the organization from the depth of darkness into the light and also move it forward upon the path towards greatness by handling all the situations coming in the way.

Some qualities of a leader include:

1. A leader creates a positive working environment around by a sense of belonging and engaging the group to work efficiently

2. A leader believes in Team Spirit and ensures the cooperation among his teammates.

3. A leader acts as a healthy linkage between all the aides, including top to the bottom position holders of the company.

4. A leader is also a counselor to his colleagues. He encourages all of them from time to time or whenever he needs to do so.

5. A leader is one who has the power to motivate the entire staff for working efficiently towards their shared goals.

Physical Characteristics of A Leader

The physical characteristics of a leader include:

  1. A good body language to engage in quality talks with the aides and the superiors.
  2. Sound health for working efficiently.
  3. Enough amount of endurance so that he may perform his duties effectively.

Psychological Characteristics of A Leader

Some of the psychological traits of a leader are:

  1. A leader is enthusiastic towards his work.
  2. He is of a co-operative nature.
  3. He has the tactfulness to ensure that he could handle difficult situations.
  4. He has the Ability to inspire others.
  5. He ensures the performance of the workers by regular motivation.
  6. He has a great emotional resilience so, that he may cope up with any emotional changes going in his life.


Intellectual Characteristics Of A Leader

The intellectual traits are the most important factor that determines a good leader. These include:

1. The Leaders are highly creative than the rest of the people.

2. The intelligence level of most leaders is higher than all the others.

3. A leader has the best communication skills within the group.

4. A leader's ability to solve problems and make decisions is very good.

5. A leader has good self awareness about himself and adapts to necessary changes required by a person.

The Character of A Leader

A strong character of a leader sets an example for the followers and subordinates. The important aspects of the character of a leader include:

  1. A leader always maintains his integrity. If his integrity becomes doubtful, he cannot succeed in bringing others to what to do and what must be done.
  2. A leader is self-disciplined. Discipline is the key to effectiveness in every work.
  3. A leader has physical and moral courage to face the toughest decisions possible and act in the best possible way without any fear.
  4. A leader ensures humanism in himself so that he can create confidence and fearfulness in workers.

How Do People Acquire The Skills To Be A Leader

Leadership is a process of purposeful behavior. It is an important instrument in management as well. The success of any institute whether a country or a company is highly dependent on the leadership. Leadership may be inherited or earned but the success of any company is determined by the skills of management under that leadership. So how does one acquire leadership skills?

Ways to acquire Leadership skills include:

  1. To acquire leadership skills, one first needs to understand the concept of managerial skills. Managerial skills ensure that a person can manage all the materials in the workshop, to the people working for the company. These can be learned from the experience, and the time one has spent working in that very field.
  2. Second is the importance of human relations. A leader must understand how human relations matter in managing an organization. These ensure that a company provides good services to the consumers.
  3. The third is that a person who has to develop leadership traits understands the importance of communication and mediation skills. Good communication and mediation skills ensure consumer satisfaction and developing friendly relations with the customers.
  4. Fourth is the need to understand the concept of human psychology. This means one must first develop a basic knowledge of group behavior. This is learned by experience and understanding people's minds. To ensure these skills are encrypted into your mind learn about people’s patterns of living, and analyze, how you can advantage from their actions.
  5. Motivation plays a very important role in becoming a leader. Motivation may be internal or external. Motivation ensures one is focussed towards his goals and keeps on working hard.
  6. The last one is training and applying all the above skills in the field.

No one fulfills all qualities all the time, yet we can reasonably expect leaders to fulfill many of these characteristics.

© 2018 Abheek Jamwal


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    • Abheek Jamwal profile imageAUTHOR

      Abheek Jamwal 

      7 months ago

      Thank you for your lovely words dear.

    • profile image

      Mrigum Vaid 

      7 months ago

      Nice way to describe a leader as well as leadership.Love your posts, expecting more interesting of them in future.


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