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Handwriting Analysis

Updated on April 27, 2012

Why Handwriting is Considered as Brain writing

Scientific basis of handwriting analysis
Scientific basis of handwriting analysis | Source

What your handwriting says about you

Some people like football, some like chess. Some people like classical music, others prefer rock and roll. If someone said to you, "My friend Sue likes baseball and rock, but my friend Jim likes chess and classical music," you would get very different pictures of Jim and Sue in your mind.

The things Sue and Jim like, the things they like to look at and have around them, affect the kind of people they are. And, knowing these likes and dislikes can help you know them.

In the same way, handwriting can tell you things about the personality of the person doing the writing. Some people like their letters to look one way, and some another. Some folks favor sweeping giant-sized letters and others write in tight, precise bunches.

The types of letters people like and the different kinds of loops, lines, and flourishes they use when they write provide glimpses of their personalities.

--> For generations, experts have studied handwriting and gathered information about which personality traits are reflected in which letters and writing patterns.

Their studies have uncovered strong ties between the way people put words on paper and the way they be­have. This work by experts led to the creation of the science of handwriting analysis, called graphology.

Graphology involves revealing facts about people, but it is much different from such magical practices as predicting by numbers (numerology), by the stars (as­trology), by cards (Tarot), by sticks (I-Ching), and hun­dreds of other means.

These magical, or occult, sciences work with mystical forces, spirits, and other strange phenomena. But graphology deals with real objects. The writer's pen is real, so is the paper. The letters on the page are real and the movements used to make them were real, as well.

So, the findings of graphology aren't really predic­tions at all. They are conclusions drawn from the facts the writer has hidden in the way he forms his handwriting.

What Handwriting Analysis Reveals

Handwriting doesn't predict, it reveals. A grapholo­gist can't actually see the future in someone's handwrit­ing. It merely reflects personality traits. But these traits may influence how a person lives his life and how he reacts to situations in the future.

  • Is the writer mean?
  • Is he scared?
  • Is he determined, lazy, smug, content, or criminally insane?

Handwriting analysis can tell you these things. But graphology won't say that someone will meet a tall, dark stranger or marry a prince.

An Example:

Let's say that Joe's writing reveals that he is deter­mined, talented, self-confident, and intelligent. His handwriting doesn't predict the future, but it does show a person who is likely to be successful in the future.

On the other hand, if Joe's handwriting shows a weak character, laziness, stubborness, and a tendency toward depression, we can fairly conclude that he will have a hard life and often be unhappy.

You have probably heard someone say, "I'm no artist. I could never paint a picture of myself." But, when it comes to handwriting, everyone is an artist. In the strokes and curves, the thin lines and thick swirls of handwriting, everyone is painting his own lifelong self-portrait.

We are all artists every time we sit down with a pen and paper. And to those who know the principles of graphology, the whole world is the ultimate art gallery, full of fascinating portraits of everyone in it.

Do you think your handwriting changes from time to time ?

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