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What are Corporate Blogs?

Updated on June 22, 2012

A blog is an online platform for anyone to express their thoughts on any particular subject matter. The written material on the blog is called a “post”. Blogs can be readily linked to other websites and at the same time also contain information in form of pictures, audio and video. All these features allow the blog to be indexed in a better way and thus give it a better search engine ranking.

The world is changing and there is a whole lot more to blogging. For the past many years, there have been many companies that have tapped into this blogging market and are reaping the rewards for recognizing this trend and new approach to attracting new customers.

Almost every Corporation is either already blogging or looking into starting off one. One of the greatest advantages of using blogging is the personal relationship one can build with the customers. A blog not only offers an opportunity to share products or services with the customers, but also a unique opportunity to let them “be heard”, the customers. This kind of personal focus and service is highly appreciated by the masses. Unlike conventional marketing, blogging acts as a communication tool for an organisation to reach to the masses. It gives an organisation opportunity to find out the real target customers and simultaneously to gain deeper insight into the preferences.

One might be tempted to think otherwise as to how criticism or complaints through these blogs could help an organisation. Firstly, it acts as a place for customers to write their complaints in a location that the organisation controls - which many view as better than to allow them to post awful reviews all over the web. Secondly, if these complaints are public and are addressed in a positive and constructive manner, the organisation is sure to gain respect and popularity. Thirdly, a good blog can help the company establish an image of an industry expert. Continuously focusing on an industry might help the blog and the organisation being deemed as credible and an industry expert. This will obviously help in getting more repute to the company.

Lastly, blogs are keyword heavy and thus act as a great way to improve search engine ranking. A well written, useful post will attract users and thus be placed highly on search engines. In addition, regular posts also encourage better ranking. In essence, this helps cut the advertising budget simply because of the increased traffic to the blog and as it is all free, it is vital to the business.


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