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What are Link Baiting Services?

Updated on December 3, 2015

Link baiting services are being offered by many companies that are selling traffic links to website and blog owners. What are link baiting services?

Link baiting services are creating a brand new, unique, one of a kind content or idea and have it circulated in highly trafficked marketing areas. If the content is truly unique and one of a kind, you will receive many visitors and they will drive websites to place your link into their content on their websites or blogs.

The purpose is building valuable one way links to your content on the websites that have requested your content. Many companies will assure you they will continue to put your information in highly trafficked areas to continue that one way link building service.

The purpose of course of the links is to have Google and other search engines to place your article in a higher, if not the highest, search return results. Increasing one way links draws the attention of spiders and this will increase traffic to your site also.

Therefore, companies that are offering you link baiting services are promising you that they can perform these services by getting your content out on the web and hoping someone recognizes how unique it is.

· Websites will request your content

· Google will increase your ranking

· Spiders will crawl your site or blog to increase you in search return results

· Numerous one way links will be built.

Of course, all of this is performed for a fee. However, these are all services you can do for yourself free of charge through hub pages. Should you pay a company to do this for you? I don’t believe so.

Save your money and invest it in your blog or website design. This is money better spent that you can genuinely see a difference for.

find out what link baiting is and why you may be better off without it.
find out what link baiting is and why you may be better off without it.


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      imran100 5 years ago

      Thanks a lot for your post. It shares share lot of information about link baiting service. Link baiting service promotes effective content that is being placed on a webpage. Content could be an article, image, blog, press release, directory posting. Link Baiting is a new modern way of SEO that is defined as viral link building or viral marketing.

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