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where to sell online

Updated on January 19, 2014

Budget buys on Bonanza


Selling on ebay and others

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Selling on bonanza

Where to sell my products

Are you someone looking to start your own business? Do you make your own products? Are you looking to make some extra one the side? Then you will want to try some of these great online sites. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages over the other, but the results can help you build you own online empire. When choosing between each of these sites you will need to figure out which options work best for you. Ask yourself: Are you willing to pay any monthly fees? How many products are you looking to list? What type of products are you selling, and are you making them, drop shipping, or purchasing them wholesale? Identify which type of payments you will accept, and which payment gateway will be you provider? And last, which company will you use for shipping?

Amazon and Ebay

When looking to start many choose to start their own web site, and hope for the best. While starting your own site, with shopping cart integration is great, the problem with this method are the cost verses profit at the start of your operation. First you need a web site that accepts shopping cart integration, web site hosting, payment gateways, and in some cases a programmer to bring it all together. The best strategy is to start by building on one or more hosted sites in the beginning. The first couple are Amazon and Ebay. Each are already hosted, and you will join others selling on the site. The great part of each one is the fact that your products are in the mix with many other products, but you also gain much needed traffic to attract numerous buyers. The one set back to Amazon and Ebay are the amount of fees in which you will pay once you products sell. These fees are hurt in the long run considering the fact that the payment gateway you choose will charge a fee for processing the order, which means you will be paying two fees for each order. Ebay will also hold your funds for the product you sell until three days after the products reaches the buyer. Although this is to protect the buyer, for the seller this can prove to be a hassle.


Ecrater is a great alternative to Ebay, but also presents a number of draw backs as well. The great thing about Ecrater for sellers is the fact that it is a 100% fee free site. This means that the only fees you will be charged are the fees charged by pay pal or goggle checkout. You can also accept checks, cash, or money orders as payment although it is not recommended. Sellers are able to list as many products as you wish, amongst as many categories as you like. Their shipping calculations are very easy to use, and are fairly accurate to use. The great part of Ecrater are the great number of views your products get on the site which in turn puts you in great spots when it comes to google rankings. As with anything to do on the Internet, ranking is very important, and even more when it comes to an online store. One of the best features are the ability to reach out international for event more sales.

As with anything there are some draw backs when using Ecrater. The first problem I came across is identifying real orders from fake ones. While all orders are sent to the email of your choosing, the only way to be for sure if the order is real is to check your pay pal account. While the site is easy to use the templates that are used are pretty basic and don’t look as professional as could be, but to be free it works just fine. You have to be very careful with your listing being sure to input the correct values for your items or you could be in for some problems. One of the most important being weight if you are using weight based or even calculated shipping. If your weight is off by a little bit then you could be paying more than projected for the shipping cost of said product. There are no click down buttons for size and color. This proves to be a problem when you sale clothes or shoes or any other product the comes in different sizes or colors. Another factor when using this site are the fact that you can not set up discounts or promos which help to drive more sales for those buyers who are on the fence when it comes to buying from your store.


Bonanza is a site that has been around for a while, that some have never heard of. Bonanza is a pretty cool site with many great features to help sellers reach a big audience and increase sales. The sites has a couple of different plans choose from depending on how committed you are to selling. You can set up a free membership, all the way up to a gold membership for around $99 a month for the serious seller. Also you can set up if you want advertising fees, which are used to drive sales. On of the greatest parts of the site is the fact that you can sell on bonanza, Ebay, craigslist, and Google all from your account. This is the biggest feature that lured me into the site and one of the reason why I stay. With a gold membership of just $10 a month you can use many of the stats for your store to see what products customers are looking at the most, where they go from your store, and where your traffic is coming from. Items can be listed on the site quickly and easily.

One draw back of the site is getting your account set up to start selling. If you do not have a track record of selling online on your own or on Ebay, it may take some time to get your store set up. My account took about a week of sending information back and forth before the store could be set up. Although it seems like a hassle as a seller it is to protect buyers from those looking to scam the system. Until you gain a positive track record the site will not allow you to sell electronics because of the high risk of selling these products. Starting your store with all of the features that are involved can seem a bit overwhelming at first but after you get use to it all it becomes so easy to navigate across the site.

Atomic Mall

Atomic Mall is a nice place to start your selling experience from as it is quick and easy to get started. The first thing you will have to do is pay the $10 start up fee to get started. You can then use that $10 toward advertising, banners, or just cool looks for your listing. You can list up to 2000 products with the lowest package which is more than enough for most sellers. Your store can list whatever products you wish and set up pay pal, amazon, or google checkout as payment gateways. Listing is quick and easy and you can also set up duplicate listings fast and easy.

Some draw backs to Atomic Mall are that the sites looks a little low budget compared to other sites. There are only about 100,000 users which makes it tough to get allot of views or sales on this site. Setting up shipping is rather difficult as there is no shipping matrix to choose from so you have to guess what to choose as a shipping price.

Which payment gateway should I choose?

The two most popular payment gateways out right now are pay pal and Google checkout. Pay pal is a very popular choice considering you can accept credit cards as well as checks, you can pay for and print shipping labels with your account, and issue refunds if needed quickly and easily if needed. You can print invoices and packing slips for each order, as well as get emails once each order is processed. Google checkout is also a great gate way to use, if you are a patient person. Google does a great job of protecting it’s buyers as well as it’s sellers. A new seller must start in a probationary status which means after an order is processed, the seller must wait 10 days after the sell to get the money for the sell. Each sale goes through a waiting process before the order is completely processed so that sellers are not hit with charge backs. Overall they are both good choices depending on you status.

What shipper should I use?

With me because the post office is right down the street I mostly use USPS for my shipping needs. They have the best rates and are pretty quick as well. If you are shipping international you may want to consider UPS or FEDEX as the are quick, and are very easy to track.

What products should I sale?

Because people search the Internet everyday looking for many different products to buy. No matter what you are looking to sale there are people looking to buy. Just get the word out there and watch the sales fly in.

In all I hope that this information was helpful and I hope readers are impacted from reading this.


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