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Auto Article Spinning & Generation Software - Why You Should Avoid Them

Updated on February 2, 2011

Why it is Too Good to be True?

One of the most tedious task in creating a niche website or in online article writing is the creation of unique article content.

People looking for an easy way out have hit upon using software algorithms to "respin" specifically to rewrite your original article into many versions with different words and sentence structures. The key premise is that Google will still classify each of the many auto generated articles as original content and will show its love by sending significant search traffic to them.

After doing some objective research on this with some hands on usage of some of the article software tools. I've come to a conclusion that is quite different from what some SEO experts and Internet Marketers claim.

My Opinion in a Nutshell:

"Auto Articles Spinning Might Work in the Short Term by saving you valuable time in article generation, and give you more traffic with Google sending search visitors to your articles and ranking your niche website higher because of the article backlinks ...

But ...

... in the Long Term (which is most important for a serious internet business owner), the consistent and faster  growth in visitor traffic and click through rates for an original content article will ensure a longer term passive income that will outperform the software article approach."  

"Real" Original Article Vs "Auto" Generated Article

Let's compare and contrast between the more organic write your own original content approach R and the more software driven auto generation approach S.

Let's lay all the assumptions on the table so to speak. The time taken to write a great 1,000 word article is say around 1 hour. The time taken to proof read and edit each auto generated 1,000 word article is say around 20 min. That's a time saving greater then 60% by doing approach S (software) compared to approach R (real).

Let's track over 1 month, 1 year then 10 years, the monetary and other returns for 1 day's work using the S & R approach respectively.

For one day's 9 to 5 work of 7 productive hours, the Real (R) approach produces 7 unique original & of course real articles, while the Software (S) approach produces 1 original and 18 software generated articles.

Assuming R articles will produce returns at double the rate of S articles, with revenue growth rate of 30% and 15% respectively.

After one month, the returns are $3.5 (from $0.5x7) for approach R and $5.0 (from $0.5x1 + 0.25x18), respectively.

After one year, the returns are $38.50 (from +10%/mth) for approach R and $9.00 (from +5%/mth), respectively.

After 3 years, the returns are $108 (from +10%/mth) for approach R and $29 (from +5%/mth). respectively.

The key takeaway from this what-if projection is that although the shortcut approach of Software generated articles gives more revenue in the short run. But the original real content approach will definitely outperform the perceived shortcut approach especially when considering it as a form of passive income.

The Many Benefits of Article Writing

Writing original articles is a great way to build up a pool of articles that can earn a growing stream of passive income that grows over time.

The thing is the more you write the better you will become at it and the more ideas you will have because the act of writing enables you to think through and explore different niche domains and see different perspectives on many different topics.

So what are you waiting for, flex your fingers and start your daily article writing right now. 


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