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why I choose type at home as a second career

Updated on March 15, 2016

Jobs security is hard now days. What can you do than?

When life throws you lemonds, make lemonade.

I was working for a company for almost 18 years, I was getting 30 to 36 hours. I thought I was security and had permanent position. But on August 14 2013, I severely broke my arm and my security job change. It took 8 months to heal and 8 months physo. But that is not the worse. When i was finally able to go back towork, my boss refused to give my hours back. Drop dramatically to 24 hours with no increase of hours. While ones who start after me, get consistently 40 hours. I did not know what to do, I need a second job but one that will bend to my schedule now. What did I find? It is work at home job where you can do it on own time. You can do full time, part time, or your own business. My goal is to get to own business. You do need to pay a fee to registrated, but it is not expensive. Like any job, you need be dedicated, and will to learn from your mistakes. So when life throws, do not suck it, but make lemonade.That is what I doing with I know, you may feel like me, you do not know anything about computes, but do not worry or let that stope you, training section is easy and clear how to do it. So if you need an extra income, look into this company. You will make the right choice.


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