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Why Do Companies Hire Interim Marketing Directors

Updated on January 8, 2014

Employing An Interim Marketing Director

Many companies today hire interim marketing directors to create a more effective marketing strategy. They have many uses, from providing a fresh perspective to cutting costs and offering a great deal of specialist expertise. Plus for the business the advantages are that you can bring in expertise as and when you need it.

Why Hire An Interim Marketing Director?

An interim marketing director is an independent marketing expert who can be drafted into a company for a short time to implement a strong and workable marketing strategy. Rather than build things up over time, they are there to hit the ground running and provide a boost to a company's sales - or set them on a different and more profitable path. Once they have performed their role, the day-to-day marketing of the company can once again be handed over to its full-time employees.

So the above covers what an interim director does, but why do so many companies want to hire them? First and foremost, what they bring is a fresh perspective, and this can be invaluable. It is very easy for a business to get stuck in a rut, and hard to get out of this once they are in it. Sometimes what is needed is a new pair of eyes to look at where they are going wrong with their marketing efforts, and where they could make improvements.

Secondly, they do of course bring a great deal of expertise when it comes to marketing strategies. The world of marketing, particularly online marketing, can be complex as there are so many different tools and techniques to use. If you or your employees are not particularly au fait with these then sometimes bringing somebody else in may be exactly what is needed.

It can also be more efficient to hire a temporary marketing director if money is tight. They can implement a marketing strategy and train your current staff up so that when they leave, your company can carry it on without the need to hire more full-time staff. Basically, if your current employees don't have the right level of expertise, an interim marketing director should be able to fill in these gaps.

An interim marketing director is also often brought in if a company has recently lost a full-time marketing director but doesn't want to rush into hiring somebody new. In this case, the temporary employee can keep things ticking over whilst the company has some breathing space to carry out its search. They can be suggesting new ideas and even looking through CVs to give you advice on which applicants would be suitable for a full-time role.

To go about hiring an interim director, it's a good idea to speak to a friend or business associate that has already used one. They will hopefully be able to give you a personal recommendation so you can be sure you are getting somebody who is reliable and offers good value for money. What you want is a person who is able to come in and work quickly to identify where you need to make changes in your marketing strategy - this is not, after all, a long-term appointment.

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