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Why You Need A Keyword Competition Tool

Updated on March 12, 2013

No matter what business model you may be using to earn income from your online efforts, you need to have a good tool available to determine what people are searching for on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Having these keyword tools are critical to finding the maximum traffic you would like to see on your blog or your websites.

There are numerous keyword competition tools being used everyday by those in the know. They are created to allow you to find the phrases which bring traffic directly from the search engines without spending wads of money.

What A Keyword Research Tool Can Do For You

Good keyword competition tools will give you an added advantage over your competitors In today's competitive internet marketing world. Search engines have tweeked their search methodologies in every complex ways in order to present more meaningful searches for their audience.

If you really want to succeed in pushing your website rankings higher, then you need to learn the importance of the potential found in using keyword competition tools. If you wish to place your website high in the search engine listings then you need to keep one in your arsenal of weapons and strategies

One of the most accurate predictors of your online success, may well be found in your use of any keyword research program. Many newbies, just starting out, have little understanding of how important this information can be.

Because you are reading this lens, you are about to find out!

There are others, who are no using any of the the keyword tools because they have a "know it all" mindset and have convinced themselves that they are the "all knowing oracle" of what the public is searching for. These folks are convinced that will know exactly what will work in every market.

This flying by the seat of your pants mentality is fool-hearty at best and self-destructive at its worse. Performing a keyword selection is a very important step to achieve measurable success in the online marketing world. Finding the "right" keywords is an important part of a online enterprise. Locating a good tool for research is just to simple a task to be ignored.

If you build it they will not necessarily come.. Having a destination you hope to reach, where the elements that define success for you already exist, is important.

Learning how a good keyword competition tool will effect give you a head start, will let you multiply your web traffic to your site and significantly increase your profits. Now that is a "nice place".

What will it take to get to your "nice place"? Well your website will just need high keyword rankings for the search terms people are actually looking for. If a significant number of your potential customers cannot find you. Your hope for success will plummet..

Have You Used A Keyword Competition Tool?

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An Antidote For Traffic Anemia

Webmasters whose websites suffer from too few visitors, may find that the most easily identifiable reason is that they have never implemented an effective keyword selection strategy. Some of the keyword tools are specifically designed for webmasters to increase their organic search traffic via SEO methods.

Many of these very tools can help determine how many searches have historically occurred for the keywords they identify as profitable. They can also tell you how many competing websites are optimized for the most searched for keywords in your business area.

While some are targeted towards affiliates and business owners that tend to invest in the online advertisement model, others are designed to be quick and easy for amateurs and bloggers to be able to use easily. The type keyword tool you would select will totally depend on your strategy or the time you wish to devote.

Low searches and high competition will cause as much destruction for your business as gasoline and a match. Avoid these contra-indicators by using the keyword competition tools that work best for you . This will let you easily increase the amount of traffic you bring to your site.

Don't let anyone tell you differently, the traffic you bring in will determine the money you will earn online. It all boils down to keywords you select using good keyword analysis.

How To Monetize Once You Find A Keyword

Step 1: Create a Squidoo Lens Website

Using squidoo lets you test fly your keywords to see if they will be profitable BEFORE you spend much money.

Step 2: Drive some traffic to your squidoo lens to improve your visibility to the search engines

I usually will use something like pinggoat to ping my new lens and alert the search engines that it is active.

I may also go to fiverr and spend $5 for some backlinks to the lens

After a week or so, If you don't see traffic coming to your squidoo lens move to the next keyword.

If you start to see traffic and you see that your lens has moved to page one of Google, go to step 3

Step 3: Buy the domain (use the exact same wording as your selected keyword phrase)

This is pretty basic, I just click the buy domain button within Jaaxy and see what .com domains are available.

Be sure to set your nameservers during your domain name purchase as this tends help your domains get ranked faster (I really don't know why but it does)

Step 4: Add The Domain to Your Hosting Account

Do this quick, fast, and in a hurry! Depending on who you do your hosting with moving quickly on this will help you be up and running faster since you will have to wait 24 - 72 hours for the domain to be live.

How To Monetize Once You Find A Keyword - How To Setup Wordpress - SEO Best Practices


Step 5: Create a WordPress Website

There are some hosting companies that have simple wordpress installations where it only takes a few clicks to get the site rolling and this is how I do it. Once wordpress is installed, I will then tweak the settings in the following way:

Settings > General

Check Site Title and change Tagline

Change Time zone to my city

Settings > Writing

Enable XML-RPC for remote publishing (for ipad)

Add more ping services to Update Services

Settings > Discussion

Remove ability to comment - ( I manually set this for each post )

Settings > Privacy

Ensure it is set to allow Search Engines to index

Settings > Permalinks

Custom Structure: /%postname%

How To Monetize Once You Find A Keyword

Add Good Content For Success From Your Keyword Competition Tool

Step 6: Add Content

This is where I will start to implement my keyword on the website home page. Here are the details of the set-up and site site layout.

Change category from 'Uncategorized' to the keyword

Add new pages:

My Main Keyword page


Privacy Policy



Change 'Settings > Reading' to:

Front Page: My Main Keyword page

Post Page: Blog

From here, I would continue to add valuable content on the site and off the site on a high quality article directory such as StreetArticles as they tend to rank very fast in the search engines.

My Conclusion

Jaaxy | The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool
Jaaxy | The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Here are 4 facts you should consider

1. Keyword tools can help you in determining several low competitive keywords and also those keywords that belong within your niche. Many individuals that have started their online marketing career do not understand the importance of niche keywords and keywords that are have low competition in the online market. These tools will be beneficial for all those who do not wish to devote time in searching the relevant keywords.

2. These keyword tools also feed you with the synonyms of the keywords. You can then use these synonyms in your websites or blog posts. These synonyms will sync with the keywords the internet user's type in their searches to make a purchase.

3. Keyword tools also give us a data as how many times a single keyword has been utilized in the searches. This data is presented after the research and analysis done by the tool. They also enable users to study a comparative analysis as which websites are using the best keywords and in what amount.

4. Some of the keyword tools are specifically designed for webmasters to increase their organic search traffic via SEO methods. While some are targeted towards affiliates and business owners that tend to invest in the online advertisement model. The type keyword tool you would select will totally depend on your strategy or the time you wish to devote.

I believe that using a good keyword competition tool is a fundamental asset, as you reach for success with your website online. Just because you build it is NO GUARANTEE that they will come.

Be sure to get ahead right now and start finding the profitable keywords in your niche.

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