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Words to Wise Business Women...

Updated on December 17, 2016

The Lady is a Tramp...

Women in the Workplace

Many, many years ago, yet not so long ago that it shant be remembered, a woman's place was in the home. Her "employment" was the care and nurturing of family, and preparing a comfortable, loving home for the man of the house to return Home to. Workplaces were sharp and, through full and camaraderie and respect, there was no time nor open atmosphere for "the emotionalism of a woman."

Now, it is quite Natural for a woman to be emotional. Emotions, after all, are necessary for what is called Loving Care. For example, the Loving Care of a Baby, or a pre-teen and, yes, even those Crazy teenagers. Love and Understanding are critical to the continuance of life on Planet Earth - a woman's nature. And God did say, after all, "be Fruitful and multiply."

This is not to say that women were not intelligent, for the man did not want to come home to a "dumb blonde." He, Naturally, preferred a friend, and lover, and mother to his children. He wanted someone who understood him and the stresses he had to face day-to-day in order to bring home the bread and the bacon.

Then, more-or-less, came "women's lib." Liberation from what? A main priority of a good man was to keep his good woman safe, happy, healthy and "barefoot and pregnant." But the "movement" insisted this was not the life a woman was borne for. She was borne to compete with the men and prove she was better. Better than what?

Anyway, such is done and past in tense. I, myself, was a business woman - taught by the best and most respected minds in the businesses I grew curious about or fell fancy to. Mind you, though, they taught me well. You don't play games with the "big boys." You'll be slaughtered if you try. Learn the "Games Mother Never Taught You," but be thoughtful and conscientious...for a man often has not the time for thoughtful conscientiousness when he is at the top, and there just may come the time when that "situation critical" actually arrives and he will need to call upon his conscientious female employee.

Getting Ahead..."Be Prepared"

Be prepared. Be knowledgeable. "Know your stuff." When you hand him the answer, or the report, or remind him of something he knew but did not have the time to take time to remember, that is how you get ahead. Be smart, not challenging toward the boss, or a boss, for his position - he'll recommend you for a promotion. He'll "like" working with you. He'll respect your work. He'll respect you. And together the Company or Corporation will gain position in the marketplace. That's called WIN-WIN...not the boss nor the woman lose ground and all "Get Ahead."

Win-Win Situation


Words of a Wise and With Contention

When it comes to being a Man, a Man is capable of split second, critical decisions. A woman is capable of THINKING, but with THOUGHTFUL discernment, as so is a Man. But HIS time is better spent in situations critical, and he is typically BORED at the "paperwork" necessary to substantiate his, or HER THOUGHTFUL, thought.

Although HE WOULD DO the "paperwork" himself, if absolutely necessary - or WHEN SOME SITUATIONS are critical and secure. SHE is capable of UNEMOTIONAL CONTEMPLATIONS, yes, but HE is capable of playing the MASTER, MASTER MINDED games. There is typically NO TIME for "emotionalism" and the discernment must be PIN POINT. If a WOMAN KNEW the things and situations that COULD BE CRITICAL, in the overall economics of the world, she would OFTEN become PETRIFIED, and unable to think or MOVE at all, to say nothing of the deadly stresses caused upon her womb, a most delicate vehicle for the birthing of future livelihood.


"Think as they think, but do not even try to BE as they ARE."

Congratulations on Your Promotion!



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