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Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Updated on March 24, 2014

Yes, it is possible!

Welcome to the Work From Home Mom Idea Page!

For years I tried to find a legitimate work-at-home opportunity that worked for me. It was a lot of research, trial & error, and luck. Even though it takes time, it IS possible. Will you get rich? No. Not likely. I'll share some ideas and tips with you so that maybe you'll find your own work-at-home opportunity. Once you find what works for you, you'll have to work hard to continue it's success. Pick something you absolutely love because you'll be spending a lot of time doing it.

Please check with your city government on all laws, limits, and any other requirements, like zoning, you may be required to comply with to own your home business. This page is set up merely as a suggestion and stepping stone in finding your work from home business. I recommend researching more before you make any decisions. Look into local business classes at adult education schools or community schools to learn more about marketing, bookkeeping and other issues that can help your business succeed. The library is a great resource. Notice I've listed additional books to further your research under each business suggestion. The more you know, the more likely you'll be to successful.

Click This Image to Set up a Premier or Business Account for FREE
Click This Image to Set up a Premier or Business Account for FREE

First Step: Make A Paypal Acoount

Click the Logo to set up a FREE Premier or Business Account

PayPal is the most universal way to bank online. If you're serious about setting up shop, PayPal is a must. They have three types of accounts. I recommend that you set either a Premier or Business account so you can have access to no fees and other perks.

Personal: Recommended for individuals who shop and pay online, or wish to send or receive personal payments for shared expenses such as splitting of dinner bills or rental charges.

Premier: Recommended for casual sellers or non-businesses who wish to get paid online, and who also make online purchases.

Business: Recommended for merchants who operate under a company/group name. It offers additional features such as allowing up to 200 employees limited access to your account and customer service email alias for customer issues to be routed for faster follow-ups.

PayPal offers a debit card that you can use anywhere, withdraw money from atm's and pay at cash registers. If you use the credit card feature to purchase merchandise or services, PayPal gives you 3% cash back at the end of the month for each credit transaction. Furthermore, you can transfer money directly from PayPal to your local banking institution without a fee. I highly recommend PayPal for it's convenience and quality service.

You're so Crafty!

Use your skills to bring in an income from home.

Whether you paint, sew, knit, crochet, make pottery, or practically anything, you can make a store on The great part is, you don't even have to make one thing. If you're like me, you love to make a bit of everything. You can also sell vintage clothing and merchandise if you're more the bargain shopper type.

To sell, you must meet the following guidelines:

1. Handmade items must be created by the seller (or a member of the collective) operating the Etsy shop.

2. The Vintage Category is for items that are at least 20 years old. Items in this category are not required to be handmade.

3. The Supplies Category is for both handmade and non-handmade ("commercial") crafting supplies. A crafting supply is an item that is primarily used to make handmade items you might find for sale on Etsy.

Now you have a place to list all those fabulous quilts you've made and stored all these years. How do you set up a store?

A. Register as a seller on the website (Click the Etsy picture above for a direct link).

B. Follow their step-by-step instructions with pictures (Copy and paste this link into your browser

The most important things to remember are having quality pictures and detailed descriptions. Without these, you're products will likely get passed over.

Click to go to Cafe Press
Click to go to Cafe Press

Designer for Cafe Press

Start business with your art or photography skills

Your an artist! A Photographer! You know people would love to wear your designs, they'd be perfect on clothing, cups, mousepads and tons of other merchandise. If you set up a shop at Cafe Press, you only have to worry about the art. Cafe Press takes care of putting the merchandise on the products AND shipping them to the customers. All of that stress is off of you. You simply get to enjoy designing, uploading, and setting your prices.

Creating the products is free. Once you design your products, you can buy them at cost for yourself, for friends, for family and anyone else. Shirts, bags, mugs, and other products with your design on them will be made and shipped to you at the base price of each item. You set the minimum amount you earn before the payment is sent to you. Minimum is $25, $50, $100, and $250. Once that amount is earned, they can either send the payment to your PayPal account or mail out a check.

If you take portraits for people, this is a great way to offer their picture on merchandise as well! Expand your photography business with Cafe Press. Create invitations and Photo Christmas Cards with ease!

A Must For Any Work-at-Home Venture - Click the banner below to set up your Premier or Business Account

Click to Set up Your Account on Paypal.
Click to Set up Your Account on Paypal.

You Love Animals

Start a pet based business from home

Pets are part of our families, friends, and best friends to many people. It takes a special type of person to care for them. A pet business is also a great family business, getting the kids involved while teaching responsibility. So what could you do from home?

Pet Service:

More and more people need pet services. Gone are the days we ask our neighbors to stop by and care for our pets, and no one wants to stick their beloved pet in a cold, isolated, lonely kennel. When I was in college, I ran my own pet sitting / walking / poop scoop business. I didn't have my own home, so I offered to go to people's homes to care for the pets, walk them, and clean up the yard for a reasonable fee. I also had two children aged 12 and 5 years old who liked to help me. It was very rewarding. I also liked how I could work as my schedule allowed. I know that most people passed on my services because I couldn't board the pets at my home, so if you can, that's definitely a better choice.

Services you can offer:

Pet Boarding

Pet Day Care

Dog Walking

Yard Clean-up / Poop Scooping

Mobile Washing / Grooming Service

First, decide what pets you want to include in your business. Do you have experience working with only cats? Have you owned reptiles, bunnies, or Rodents? (yes, I have been asked to pet sit a rabbit. Since I had owned one in the past, I felt comfortable agreeing to that job.) Learn all that you can about the type of pets you plan on offering services for. What do they need, food, shelter, temperaments? Consider taking a training class if you're going to be working with dogs. The more familiar and educated you are with these animals, the better.

If you're doing this from your home, you'll need a lot of space for dogs to run. If you're going to be watching more than one families animals, you will need a way to keep animals separate. Not all animals get along, especially if a cat is not used to dogs.


What will you need to get started? A pet first-aid kit; spare collars and leashes; muzzles; litter, pans & poop bags; food & water dishes; crates of different sizes & carriers; blankets & towels; treats; toys; lots of cleaning supplies; business cards; brochures; and contracts. For pet washers/groomers - Make sure you have education in grooming and pet friendly supplies.

If you have children, I would recommend that you wait till they are old enough to understand how to handle pets. Younger children risk getting bitten or scratched because they don't understand how to handle animals properly.

When you're all set up, be sure to get your name on the list of National Pet Sitters at so people can find you in their area. There is also Pet Sitting Insurance that you should consider which you can find at

Click to Find a Community College Near You
Click to Find a Community College Near You

Gain a Skill at Community College

A certificate can open many doors.

There are several opportunities to work from home with a certificate degree. Check with your local community college for the programs they offer. Furthermore, you can take many classes online. Most classes are about 3 units and you can get a certificate in an average of 30 units. Also, many of these classes are evening courses to accommodate working adults.

You may need or want to work in the field for a short period before being able to work at home.

Some certificates the college offers near me that could become a home based business or job opportunity are:


Account Clerk


Insurance Specialist


Database Specialist

Home-Based Computer Processor

Microcomputers Applications

Microsoft Office Master

Microsoft Office Specialist

Web Developer

Web Programmer


Nail Technician


Drafting Technology


Computer Investigations

Computer Information Security

Electronic Security and Surveillance Technician

Home Technology Integrator


General Office Assistant

Legal Office Assistant

Medical Office Assistant

Find a community college near you by going to

Contact your Financial Aid Office for help applying for grants and fee waivers.

Click to go to The National Association of Professional Organizers Site
Click to go to The National Association of Professional Organizers Site

Home Organizer Business

Use your creative organization skills

There's a lot of people who just don't know where to start when it comes to getting their homes organized. If you're good with people and problem solving space issues, you may want to utilize your skills to become a Professional Organizer.

To start, take before and after photographs for a portfolio to show potential clients. The quality of your images are very important. If you're potential clients don't see the beauty of your work through your photographs, they will not want to invest in your services. Start by taking before and after pictures of your home projects as well as ones you have done for your family and friends. You may need to do a few free jobs to get a nice portfolio started.

After a projects is complete, ask for written references. It's nice to show potential clients images of your work AND past clients perceptions about the finished project(s). When you're leaving the project, let the client know how much you enjoyed working with them and hand them a receipt with a pre-paid (or pre-stamped), pre-addressed envelope. You can also include an email address for those who are comfortable with email contact. Let them know that you would love to hear how much they're enjoying the results. This takes much of the work out of their hands. They simply need to write or type up the letter and mail or email it directly to you, increasing your chances of getting feedback you can share with future clients.

What type of organizer are you going to be? Home? Business? Gardens? Garages? Decide what you will do and what you won't. What other skill sets can you offer? Can you sew? Build? Do you have access to professionals you can hire to assist you?

Skills you need:

Patience, a passion for organizing, selling skills, problem solving skills, creativity to make or use products to organize, teaching/communication skills to show clients how to stay organized, time management skills...

You may also consider becoming a member of the The National Association of Professional Organizers at their members receive "...access to educational and networking opportunities, product discounts from NAPO Associate Members, and discounted access to business essentials such as liability insurance... credit-card processing services" and more. You'll also be listed in a database of Professional Organizers that clients can search for in their area.

Private Tutor

If you have a love for teaching

There are many options when it comes to tutoring from home. Do you want to work face-to-face with students in your home? What ages do you prefer to work with? Will you pick up or drop off students? Will you go to their home or have them come to yours? Will you work one-on-one or with a small group? Would you rather be an online tutor, helping children on a broader scale with less personal contact?

Anyone working with children must have a background check. There is a small fee to have yours done. usually around $25, depending on the state and area you're in.

If you want to work out of your home, check with your city on the process and laws regarding this type of business and all requirements. There aren't any requirements to become a private tutor. You do want to have a high school degree at the least and knowledge of the subject you're interested in tutoring. General Tutoring will require basic knowledge in many subjects. Of course, the more education you have, the more impressed parents will be in your skills. If you lack the skills, they may opt not to hire you.

You might also consider working with the local schools, volunteering with teachers in the classroom, and helping in after school tutoring programs. These aren't just great things you can add to your resume, they'll give you more experience and allow teachers to get to know you personally. If there's a student in their class that is having difficulty, they might be willing to recommend your tutoring services to the parents. Leave a few business cards and/or flyers with the office staff as well. Word of mouth is the best resource for work at home parents.

For online tutoring, there are some sites that hire people to work with children of all ages throughout the country. One of these sites, at, You work part time and set your own hours. It's free to apply; however, you do have to take a written exam to qualify and pass a background check.

Do not fall for online scams! You DO NOT need to pay to become a tutor online, give anyone money for information, or buy start-up kits. If you want to read more about this career and it's possibilities, go to the library or purchase books on the subject (listed below).

Garage Sale Organizer

The ultimate weekend business

If you love garage or yard sales, help others set them up. Many people mean to have a sale but never get around to it. It can be overwhelming to people who aren't as familiar with how to price items or deal with customers. Your skills can help clients have successful, enjoyable garage sales.

A Garage Sale Organizer helps with advertising through local websites, flyers, posters, and classified ads. They help with pricing working closely with the owner. They also help with sales and do the haggling with customers.

On a larger scale, you could be a block sale organizer. Getting the entire neighborhood involved in the sale takes a lot of time, patience, and organization skills.

You'll need to know the ins and outs in your area. What do things usually sell for? What time to start and close? What days do people usually have garage sales in your area?

If you enjoy what you're doing, you'll enjoy working hard to promote your business; and maybe find a few bargains for yourself along the way.

A Gardening / Landscaping Business

Earn a living with your green thumb

You have such a knack with plants and love the outdoors. Your garden is the envy of all your neighbors. Gardening and plants are your passion. Make a business by using your skills to spread beauty throughout your community. Check with your city's laws on zoning, what's allowed and not allowed in your neighborhood.

Services you could offer:

Landscape Design

Landscape Projects

Long Term Maintenance

Backyard Nursery

Utilize your knowledge of native plants, soil, and drainage to create a detailed design plan for a homeowner's garden. In landscape design you may not want to do the planting but just get paid to help the client decide what plants would grow best where. Contractors may legally need to be hired to do larger jobs such as building patios, laying cement, or brickwork.

To help your potential client see what you can do, consider purchasing software that allows you to add plants to photographs you can upload of their home. One such program is called Showoff which you can purchase at

Caring for a customer's garden is very important after a design. Landscape Maintenance includes, cutting lawns, trimming bushes, and trees, including the removal of clippings. If business is slow or in the beginning of building your business, you may want to consider going door-to-door offering your yard maintenance skills. It's a great way to meet potential clients face-to-face.

Another possibility is to grow plants to sell in your own backyard. Plants grown from seeds would be ready for sale 6 to 8 weeks after they've germinated. Propagate Cuttings to make new plants and divide perennials to sell is also a great way to start your nursery.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very well put together. It really helps when time is a factor. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise.


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