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working at lowes

Updated on August 25, 2009

My Job at Lowes

I am a 19 year old male who has been working with Lowes for a little over 3 months. I work at store number 519 which is located in Longview Tx 75605 off of 4th street. I will go ahead and tell you that if you work at lowes then you had better be prepared to work with old people. And im talkin senior citizen old!!! I am one of the youngest employees at the store. When I first applied I was put in the outside lawn and garden center and I was forced to be hired under full time seasonal. This was not bad. I was guaranteed about 40 hours. As I worked outside lawn and garden at Lowes it was probably the beginning of April. My main job was to load multiple bags of mulch and many different types of soil! It was a hard and very HOTTT job. They started me out around 9 dollars an hour, so I wasn’t complaining too much! I was making more money than most all my friends.

After almost three months the outside lawn and garden center had lost its momentum and its sales had dropped. I was told this was very common. I was then moved to the building materials department (lumber) and that’s where I am till this day. I am enjoying my stay in the air conditioning down at the other end of the store in lumber.


Learn Learn Learn!!

One thing is for certain and it is that working with Lowes will help you learn more than you could ever imagine about home improvement. This will definitely help me in the future when it comes to a little side project to do at my house! helping costomers i will admit is quite interesting and you will learn something new everyday gurenteed! great way to learn and keep on learning. Switch departments as much as they will let you and you will know more about lowes than the actually managers!!!


At lowes we have 4 zone managers and they are very high up on the ranking scale. Yet I would say they almost do the leaste amount of work. Even though they are putting 50 to 60 hours in a week. But they are the bosses of different department and they keep everything moving along smoothly. But on top that we have the general manager and the manager below him. Also Lowes then has the lost prevention officer, who is a pain in the ass. Store 519 just recently hired a new LP manager and he is very strict and will follow every rule in the book. The managers and zone managers are not too uptight though. They just like to see their employees at work and not slacking too much . which is understandable.

Lowes Life

Almost every cashier at lowes is a female and every loader (lumber, commercial sales, front, and lawn and garden) is a male. And mainly all the people in lighting, millwork, plumbing, paint,…etc are older and higher in knowledge. if you are young and full of energy and like to have fun, then I do not recommend applying at lowes. You will be very disappointed and very unhappy. Lowes is very corporate, and in fact corporate makes our schedules and the actually store its self does not.

We get only 10 percent discount on merchandise at Lowes. This is not that big of a deal at all, in fact it’s not even all that great unless I were to make a huge purchase. Which I never will. We wear red vests and we can almost get away wearing whatever else we want to underneath the vest. But we are unable to take the Lowes vest home. You are provided with a locker in the employee break room. Lowes also does price matching and will beat the competitor by ten percent!! That not a bad deal. And very awesome. stocks, 401 k both great deals!


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    • profile image

      ehh 2 years ago

      Lowe's is ok, pay is decent compared to other places. I am making $9.80/hr unloading trucks. I love everyone at the store personally but work wise I see alot of people playing on cell phones and not working or they stand around and talk to other store associates or get in our way. Our receiving area is a mess and there is only 4 of us which we are expected to get trucks done (after the season ends) in 5 hours or under giving us only 25 hrs/week. Our trucks get packed like crap (150 lb boxes on top of a bunch of 10-25 lb boxes) and typically the system/loaders don't accurately count our truck sizes or do then fill them up more. We don't have to stock or do the mixed boxes though which is nice. Only other thing I can think of is lack of proper equipment (no electric pallet jacks to downstack pallets, apparently they got rid of them because they were abused). I was an unloader at Walmart as well and we did not have the room we needed there either so I'm used to it. Pay wasn't as good but we typically had 7 - 8 people/night and got trucks done pretty quickly (3-4 hours on 2100 piece trucks). I can offload about 200 pieces by myself in a hour, but the lack of space from appliances and racks we are constantly having to pull pallets to the departments which kills our time that and one of our guys isn't pulling his weight, he's just looking at hours and takes 10-15 minutes to pull pallets when it takes me 4-5 minutes to pull a pallet (depending on department). Don't expect to take breaks either, you can go to the bathroom or get a drink but as far as taking a 15 or 30 only times we got those were on 2 truck nights which we never see now.

    • profile image

      Johnb221 3 years ago

      Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really thank you! gdbkkdbccbeg

    • profile image

      lowesnewbie 3 years ago

      you guys are scaring me... just was offered a job - but was told not officially hired until my drug screening and background check come back. Hoping that is super quick. Really need a job and Im hoping working there will be a good experience since I will be spending most of my day there.

    • profile image

      sales specialist 4 years ago

      I have worked at Lowes full time for a year and a half. I am in my 40's and a single mom. I do have a master's degree and had moved to restart my life and this is what was available so I took it. The hours are long and not condusive for a single mom, the pay is ok as the benefits. I am a sensitive and caring person and that is a bad personality to have at Lowes. I feel that people want to throw you under the bus, talk behind your back and tell everyone if you make a mistake. Specialists are just thrown out to the wolves and customers can be horrible, one thing I will take away from working here is to have more compassion to people who work in retail. I filled out my availability sheet, that's a joke, I was told they would work with me but all I get is mids and closes, I have not had a day shift on a Saturday for 6 weeks. My kids are home alone a lot and it makes me feel bad. Training is minimal, I get so frustrated because I do not understand things because there is no training for it. I really do not like the customers that come in and lie, either to get something for nothing or twist things around to make me look bad. The people who who at the Lowes in my store seem to have low morale and take their misery out on their fellow employees. It is a miserable work envvironment and nothing like the professional work environment I came from. But like another poster said, I am not stupid, I am actively searching for another job and until I get hired somewhere else, I am stuck here. I refuse to quit to go on welfare or help as I was not brought up that way.

    • profile image

      Mike 4 years ago

      I don't have much to put in, I actually start tmrw. I have no retail experience what so ever which made me nervous for the interview for the questions. I'm 29 and a veteran, so they let me answer the questions from my military experience which I was glad.

      9 days after the interview I was called to see if I could come in the next day for a drug test (mouth swab) about 5 days after I got a call saying I was hired and if I was ok with just under 10/hr. So I go in tmrw for orientation.

      I wanted physical work, so they said I'll be loader. When I'm not loading stuff in vehicles they will have me do random things. Which I don't mind.

      Hope any of that info will be useful to someone.

    • profile image

      general grant 4 years ago

      Lowes is a joke hr sleeping in their office we videotaped him. New mgr. chased off or termed the previous asm's dumb move the replacements are aloof and moral has nose dived. Training is thru watching non informative cartoons ALWAYS way understaffed poorly ran company. Les was senile and new market director sean is clueless and never around.

    • profile image

      Paradise2798 4 years ago

      Hi I just started working for Lowes not to long ago and I am not sure if this job is the right fit for me........When I got hired I was promised 25 hours a week.....Well I seen that for 2 weeks and then they claimed they had to cut hours because sales were down but, at the same time they hired 4 new cashiers..........Ok maybe I am stupid but, if you have to cut peoples hours and claim its because sales are low then why hire more ??? I like the job but, SERIOUSLY how does anyone make it off 12 hours a week ??? The other thing is the people there are not to friendly !! To me it seems like they just sit back waiting for you to make a mistake so they can hurry up and fire you ..... ( just saying )

    • profile image

      shim X 4 years ago

      somebody please come and oranize store 1920 charlottee n.c. they are totally working the stocking crew to death only 3 people and by conserving hours they would unload 2 trucks in 1 day for example 1,400 pc truck came 11day only 2 or 3 people to unload it no way so product was left over the the receiving manager harrassing you hurry up product has to be put up he scare of his job so he tries to make his workers under him look bad eventhough he trying to transfer himself then he pages you on the phone saying can you work tommorrow then 15 minutes later he pages you again saying parttime only work 25 hours take 2 days off before i could work all week please help store 1920 albermarle rd charlotte

      n.c. org

    • profile image

      New In NC 4 years ago

      I was just hired in Lowe's as a part time cashier and I am waiting on my background check to come back and drug test ..........Do you guys know if you have to take a math test to work in Lowe's ???

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 4 years ago from Aurora

      That would be Sunday morning from 6am-8am, at least at my store. On Sunday, the hours are 8am-8pm, so after these hours is about the only time anyone has off!

    • profile image

      Curious in NJ 4 years ago

      Do they have company meetings at the stores on Sunday nights?

    • Laura in Denver profile image

      Laura Deibel 4 years ago from Aurora

      I work at Lowe's as a cashier. It is typically pretty busy. Each store does have their own culture and politics.

      My biggest problem is the constant standing which makes my legs feel wooden and sometimes causes shooting pains at hip and knee.

    • profile image

      Bill Kent 5 years ago

      Why do we have to work until 10pm? It was 9pm.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I have applied to Lowes for various positions in the past 6 months and keep getting rejected. I have 47 years of engineering/technical/production experience, have built three of my own homes with very little outside help, and am very experienced in many aspects of the job. I am only looking for part time work and it makes no difference to me how menial the work is. I know I can outwork most of the employees at the Avon, Indiana store as I have shopped there for over 20 years and notice many things. Am I to assume that my age is a detrimental factor for employment at LOWES? Just what does it take to get a job there????

    • profile image

      don't want say 5 years ago

      I worked at Lowes 275 Indianapolis In for 12 years and I walked out due to a manager that only had her position for a few months .she was a terrible mgr she did not know her job at all .The question is why does the store mgr pick someone like that is it just to have a extra mgr to cover closing since that's all she does .that store had a good team years ago now its who ever you are friends with to get a position..that's a shame this store has reached that level .I really l liked Lowes as a company to work for then this came about Lowes need to hire better MANAGER'S not a Want-A-Be

    • profile image

      David Saullo 5 years ago

      I am a 60 yr old, disabled man (can't walk or stand too long). After fighting boredom at home, I decided to get a job at Lowes. I have now worked as cashier for 3 months. Lowes management team is very considerate about my disability. They have provided me with everything I need, for my job to be comfortable and successful, including a workable schedule. I would highly recommend retired and or disabled persons to apply for a job at Lowes. p.s. the employee discount is great too!

    • profile image

      chris l 5 years ago

      if you come into lowes for that sales specialist postion i will r@pe you and ur family...hands down i wont even think about it and an old couple just passed me in the lowes work area as im writing this...i might go r@pe them in the parking lot after thay leave...

      come to lowes and i will r@pe you

    • profile image

      jp 5 years ago

      lowes blows

    • profile image

      Commercial Sales? 5 years ago

      I have an interview for a commercial sales specialist position with Lowes. What types of jobs can I expect?

    • profile image

      chris l 5 years ago

      yhea little boy you know this, u want me to $uck ur @ick??

      im the best in the buss.


      you tell anyone about this ill find u and ur family and...well i dont want to get into that right now just pay me the 20 dollars and everything will be good.

    • profile image

      reality4u 5 years ago

      I forgot. To Chris I - keep up the side job - you'll be a store manager one day.

    • profile image

      reality4u 5 years ago

      Wow! There are pros and cons, but the closest description I read was from "inmate". My store in So. Tx is the same way. The manager is in a world of his own and the ASM's are the laziest people on the payroll. I'm in my late 40's, have a business degree and was in Corp mgmt. for 20+ years. Think that matters? I thought I knew what I signed up for - lousy pay and crappy hrs. but this??? I have applied for 4 different positions over the last 9 months, and not ONE person in management has said a word to me. I log in to the portal 3-4 weeks later to see the infamous "no longer being considered". When was I ever? You may be saying this guy must be a rotten employee. I'm never late, never call in (I actually volunteer for extra shifts), I'm not a prick, and still believe in good customer service. This company - or this store mgr - maybe both, love yes people who take orders and don't ask questions. I always thought the key to success was to surround yourself with smart people. Not this management "team".

      P/S: I'm not stupid enough to leave before I have another job. :) Good Luck to the believers.

    • profile image

      chris l 6 years ago

      i can tell ur a little punk who thinks who he is i work for store 1583 in staten island,you aint nobody and never will be,come down my throat if you dare i started at lowes in the parking lot giving rimjobs for 5 bucks a pop bussiness was good but then the winter came along and i had to find a way to get costumers without freezing to death so i would wait in the exit area of the store and ask guys if thay would want to see stars or "you want ur @ick sucked",then the manager came up to me and asked if i wanted a job pushing carts i thought i was gonna get the cops called on me for @ucking fat @ick around there store but no, a couple of days later i was working for lowes puching carts and also $ucking @ick in the parking lot,which i am still doin today but i work for deliveries.

    • profile image

      Lumber 6 years ago

      I recently transferred from Lowes in Stow Ohio to the One in Green. What a mistake, this is the most mismanaged store, what a mess lumber is. The morale is very low even among the managers. Wish I could go back to Stow Store!

    • profile image

      inmate 6 years ago

      I have worked at Lowes for several years and I have watched it really change in the last year. The management staff are so scared of losing their jobs that they are impossible to communicate with. They just spew the company line of how come your not done your Irp's and take care of this and take care of that. All the time they know dam well that you can't get any of it done because we are so under staffed. The worst thing that happened was when they hired the "We People" In the beginning they were assigned to specific areas and helped out by working alongside they regular staff. Now after a year they are told that they are not to help staffers. Their job is to be there for the customers, to answer questions and be walking directories. This is insane and a complete waste of manpower at a time when the staff has been cut! Now regular part time staffers who were not hired to work EVERY Saturday and Sunday are expected to make up for the lost productivity of the We People who are wandering the store like lost puppies. Add that group to the totally unproductive ASMs and you have crowds of staffers who are meandering around while the other staffers are being crushed by the extra work load. Our Store Manager thinks that every part time staffer is a We Person and therefore has agreed to take a job where their only hope of getting a Saturday or Sunday off is to "put in for it" 30 days in advance. He even made the comment that the weekends belong to "us" meaning you can have no family life because your "part time job" all of sudden requires you to give up your weekends forever!!!! Ok I'll say it UNION UNION UNION say what you will about unions, I can tell you if there was a union none of this crap would be going on. Of course there is no hope of Lowes ever being unionized because Lowes pays off the AF of L so they won't attempt to organize Lowes. In the beginning Lowes was not too bad to work for but now, I wouldn't wish this misery on my worst enemy. Some who read this will say, "if you don't like your job,just quit" to them I say, it won't be long!!!!!!

    • profile image

      wirenut45 6 years ago

      I work at an East Texas Lowe's and I've been employed with them for over 7 yrs. Some of all the comments above ring true at our location. Overall it has gotten so much better since a new store manager was hired a year ago. Unlike the one before, this one is focused on fairness and bringing employees together as a real team. He's still in the process of weeding out those who want to ride the clock and leave their work for the next shift to handle, so we have hope of our store getting its act together and moving forward. The only problem I've had is with evaluations. I never get them. I've had one official Star Review in the 7 years I've been there. I started out making 8.60 an hour and now make 10.32. I work my butt off from the time I get on the clock, till I leave.. I don't take but one break, and I know the merchandise and where it's located all over the store, like the back of my hand. I sell projects, SOS, and sign people up for charge cards.. I don't even get a "how are you today, dumbass.." from management. Now, managers DO call me for customer resolution when customers are upset and need calming down after they've received poor service. The thing that keeps me at Lowe's is my customers. I've been blessed with great people coming through who really appreciate stellar customer service and they can't believe I manage to keep the fashion lighting and rough electrical dept.stocked, display lights working, merchandise faced and clean. My work ethic is probably my best asset and it hurts that others who started after me are making so much more than I am, but it does no good to say anything. Have I been a fool to think hard work, would move me forward on the pay scale?

    • profile image

      Anthony 6 years ago

      I have worked at lowes in the lighting/electrical i am the only one that works, the other guys are older and retired. They are good guys though. Management is zero to none, but if i am off for two days in a row when i go in nothing is done so i have to work my ass off to get my department in ok shape. I was also was hired part time but i work 39 hours a week.

    • profile image

      Briana 6 years ago

      Starting Off at Lowes How much does a Cashier make??

    • profile image

      ~ Melanie ~ 6 years ago

      I I I love you like a love song baby! I I I love u like a love song baby la la la LOL. Worked as a vendor for lowe's for 5 1/2 yrs! Working for lowe's is what you make it! Thanks, lowe's for all the gr8 wonderful experiences! Blessings!!!!

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      Im a CSA in flooring at Bardstown Ky. store 2530. Love my job, my co-workers and all my management. Easy going Job and good pay. Managers here do there part and the store runs very smooth from day to day. Its interesting learning new things everyday.

    • profile image

      Hihowareyoutoday?! 6 years ago

      I've been a cashier with Lowe's store 1617 in Waycross, Ga for about two months now. I was hired on as seasonal, but have been told I will have a permanent position with the company as soon as my 90 days are up. Honestly, I don't think I have ever had a better job. I bounce back and forth from Lumber, Front Line, Customer Service, Returns, and Outside L&G, so I get a little bit of everything and don't get too bored in one spot. Even though we have FSAs, the cashiers still clean the restrooms at night.. Believe me, customers appreciate clean restrooms and c'mon, it's not hard to replace the trash, disinfect the sinks, wipe the mirrors, and sweep and mop! Sometimes we even scrub toilets even when the FSAs are there. I do agree with some when I say that the politics in the store aren't the best. I was screwed over for a PT Head Cashier position that had already been promised to me, but as seasonal I'm getting more hours than I would as a PT associate, so I'm not too upset about it. All in all, I'm having a great time in the place and with the people I work with, and I hope to use my business management degree to move up within the company.

    • collegedad profile image

      collegedad 6 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      I have worked for Lowe's for the past two months. Though I enjoy the work, I don't enjoy the politics. I gave my notice two weeks ago, as we've decided to move. Immediately one of the managers started changing my schedule without notice. He's decided to push my buttons until I quite early. I get a kick out it.

      I won't work for Lowe's again, but I will look for other jobs in home improvement.

    • profile image

      Barry 6 years ago

      To: Blowes seriously. You probably couldn't make it at any place you worked at. I have been with Lowes for almost 4 years and while I don't agree with everything that happens, it's a great place to work overall. I agree with Clyde. You probably wouldn't be happy as a taster in a pie factory.

    • profile image

      Clyde 6 years ago

      All of you people complaining about Lowes are a bunch of panty waists who probably would not be happy as a taster in a pie factory.

    • profile image

      Blowes seriously 6 years ago

      Anyone who wastes their time working for a company like Lowes for a significant period of time will look back and feel like a loser for wasting their life at such a poorly run company. Every operation at the register is annoying from typing in sku numbers for nuts and bolts to asking every single person for their cell number or if they want a warranty while there's a long line of people waiting! Lowes is a joke and if your built for being a tool and having no spine or guts then Lowes is the place for you. I walked out my first day on the floor. Worst training and job I ever had next to red lobster or my paper route.

    • profile image

      Cali 6 years ago

      Wow in reading all the comments it sounds like some of these store's have issues that need to be addressed maybe replacing some of the upper management. I have been with Lowe's for 6yrs now I started as a cashier had have since experienced many positions installed sales coordinator, installed sales departmet manager, customer service manager and I am currently the Administrative Department Manager. I have always been fair and supportive to all the store employee's in fact I challege upper management on situations at times when I beleive a situation was handled incorrectly. Department Managers need to support their employee's and stand by their side. I speak with my AHR as well as my market manager to handle situations for employee's. The moral has dropped drastically in my store however, there are many verteran employee's who are trying very hard to support one another. As far as cleaning the restrooms YES my front line has been there where we were responsible for cleaning toilets and YES I cleaned the toilets and urinals our ASM's have done so as well we have FSA's they do not work 24/7 and we beleive in team work. My store does not beleive in the saying "It's not my job." I have perfored unloading, loading, pushing carts, cleaning spilled paint out of a jaguar, selling SOS I guess it all stems on the individual. I'm sorry you all have experienced negativity within your stores in mine I do not allow a customer to yell at an employee I will step in "It's my job!" I do not ask an employee to do something I would not do and YES I will send an employee home for refusing to do a task or stopping half way because their tierd. I do give options like hey would you like to take out the trash, push carts or mop whatever that person chooses they must complete if they need help I'll help you all just need to get a good management team my boss has been with lowe's for 15yrs. If you all have questions regarding job duties or policies try calling another store and asking questions.

    • profile image

      Building Materials 6 years ago

      I work as a Customer Service Associate in Lumber, lately I have found myself hating my job more than usual due to helpless customers and managers that expect too much. Pulling an order that's already been paid for, rolling a puck-up-later out, or gathering material for delivery to take the next morning is fine. But, so many customers these days would rather hand their shopping lists over to a sales associate and have us shop for them instead. Nine times out of ten, the list was written by the husband and he has sent his wife in to pick up the material (to which she has no clue what any of it is). This pisses me off because, I can't get work done now. I have to be her personal helper for the next 30 minutes, instead of doing the tasks my manager has asked me to do or tidy up my department (since we only have four to five people working in Lumber [3 at most in one day though]).. If I could write down everything that happens when it happens at work, there is so much that needs to be improved in our store. :(

    • profile image

      6 years ago


    • profile image

      Ashley 6 years ago

      I am a head cashier and I can tell you how frustrating it is to hear cashier whine about just about everything that is asked of them. I have been working for Lowes for 3 years next month and I have been a head cashier for the past year and a half, so I know both sides, but when something is asked of you, it's not because we want to pick on you! It's because that something needs to be done and we can't do everything ourselves! I don't know about your guys' stores, but at our store at least the head cashiers are more than willing to help out doing things like mopping, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms (this is rare since we have an FSA), and anything else that needs to be done. We are all tired at work, but just power through and be proud of a job well done!

    • profile image

      Sophia 6 years ago

      So I've been at Lowes for a month as a cashier, I was told to mop, and I did, half way done I tell my head cashier I was tired, after a few fighting words she takes the mop and tells me to go home, being the second one being sent home by this lady, does anyone know what may happen to me???

    • profile image

      janet 6 years ago

      i have work at lowes for ten years and lowes doesn't discriminate

    • profile image

      Jess 6 years ago

      I worked at store 2228 at Waynesboro, PA. I was doing my loading job on Friday 2/17/2012 and the person training me was supposed to train me this final day of the week so I could start to be on my own. He had to do register so I had to do some things on my own which was fine. Well it was around 7 at night and a lot of customers began to arrive. I helped a guy in Lumber with about 10 sheets of drywall and 2 x 4s for customers and I had to keep track of the carts too. I didn't have any one else helping me.

      My responsibilities are taking the trash, loading customers cars, stocking carts, stocking soda, cleaning restrooms, and a few other things. After a bit of time it began to be too much for me. I told my trainer that I don't think I can handle it and he told me to "Suck it up". So I did and after about 10 carts later, I stumbled in the entryway and fell on the concrete floor. I blacked out after that. The EMTs took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with a 101 temperature, dehydration, a muscle enzyme that can shut down kidneys, and a bruised rib. After I was released the next day I went back to talk to my HR Doug and he told me that I worked too hard and basically treated me like a liability. Like this was all my fault. When I asked what other position I could do, he said "We have cashier positions" and didn't offer anything else. He told me he wouldn't coach my trainer for what he said because he said nothing wrong. He also said that it's up to me to show if I can accomplish a cashier position and to take the weekend to think about it. I can look past some parts of this but I do not feel I was treated right and I feel that my HR handled this extremely wrong. I am not taking the cashier position. I did nothing wrong in this situation. It all was just too much for one person to handle. I drank plenty of water and ate normally that day. I do not take prescribed medication or do illegal drugs. I just quit my job at Lowe's today.

    • profile image

      greatnorth 6 years ago

      Does anyone work on the team who unloads the trucks and puts merchandise away? If so, what is that job like, what do you do, and what is that shift time? Do you like it?

    • profile image

      wendy 6 years ago

      I am being hired for a part time cashier position. what kind of shift hours does a cashier get?

    • profile image

      Joe lowes 6 years ago

      I have worked for Lowes for quite a few years thing are as bad for our corprate as I have ever see the people at the top are jumping ship and lowes is going down fast real fast like out of control downward spiral wile this retard niblock smiles and at the same time lays off no kidding thousands of people we are expected to close another 30 stores this year maybe more and I can't help but think this is how it started with others like builders square and circuit city anyone that thinks other wise is deluding them selves or does watch what's happening

    • profile image

      Reee 6 years ago

      You are full of crap. You didn't sue and you didn't win.

    • profile image

      reee 6 years ago

      I worked at the lowes warehouse in perris , ca and i sued them for discrimination and won

    • profile image

      Bryan 6 years ago

      I work at Lowe's 1787, which is located in a rural southern area....Vidalia, Georgia. Our store was built in 2004, but we keep in tip-top. I stared when I was 18 as a Lumber Cashier, about a month later I started in Lawn and Garden due to the busy season. After being outside for about 2 months, I transferred to the Return Desk, stayed there about 5 or 6 months, and just moved over to Customer Service. After being at Lowe's about a year, I made Head Cashier, keep in mind I'm only 20.

      Our manager was awarded Store Manager of the Year, and we received the title of "Store of the Year." We have an amazing team everyone from Store Manager to our Loaders. Everyone cares about everyone, but we know what is expected of us. At our store, we do most of the cleaning as cashiers....and yes we clean the bathrooms as well. It's not that bad really, we take pride in our store, and we've actually had compliments on how clean or restrooms are.

    • profile image

      Julie 7 years ago

      sab, I enjoyed reading what you wrote and found it encouraging. I hope you are still enjoying Lowes. I start Monday in the flooring dept.

    • profile image

      sab 7 years ago

      i work at lowes. my entire family has worked at lowes so i've known the ins and outs ever since i was very young. my eldest sister took me to work with her plenty of times in which i saw how things worked.

      i am not 19 years old and i've been working with lowes for about 5 months now. my store is only 2 years old and is located in a rural area here in Alachua, Florida. our stores busiest days are saturday in sunday. during the week we have little to almost no business. however, my lowes "team" (as in most of the management) has worked with my sister and have been with lowes for years. over all, we have a great team. i love the people i work with. i live 30 minutes away from my lowes, while living next to a lowes. i don't work at the one i live walking distance from because it is a very crappy lowes. from the building to the managers and employees. i rather drive the extra distance to be with greater people.

      i am a Cashier. i do not have to ASK to use the restroom, but it is respectful and polite to simply call the head cashier and let them know you are stepping away from the register for a moment. (this is so they know where you are, incase they may need you, or if there is a code 3 in which another register is open to assist the customers waiting in line) i do not call and say "can i go?" i say "hey, i'm going to the restroom really quick" they usually just tell me to turn off my light for a second.

      ALSO...our cashiers DO NOT clean toilets. that is ridiculous and you should complain about it. we have 2 associates who do that kind of work. (one is AM and one is PM)

      you are correct, there is no job description for that when applying to be a cashier, and if they need someone for that job, your HR manager should hire one.

      as a cashier, you sort of get talked down to by other associates, mainly the ones who work on the floor. they wish "they could stand around doing nothing" when really, we all wish that we could "move around and do something". the Registers have an invisible leash on us in which we can not be too far from them. it blows, i know.

      i love it in the Lumber section and am now a Comm. Sales cashier. (im in training to be a "comm sales associate/cashier" that way when no available sales associates are there, i have the knowledge to do an SOS or QSP if a customer needs a price or is ready to buy. i also help out my lumber boys when it comes to closing time, by flat stacking the wood and sweeping and mopping. i enjoy it because its nice to do something. i love to work, and i have to keep moving and doing something to keep me busy.

      i really wish we could do Training online AT HOME though. ): that really upsets me because i usually don't have time at work to go into the training room and take a few lessons. that is...if i let it take over my whole lunch. then i starve ;) haha. but seriously...when working with the right people an having good managers, lowes is a really great place to work. my sister has been there for 12 years now. she started when she was 18, like me. its a great experience.

    • profile image

      M. 7 years ago

      I to am a cashier at lowes and none of us have to clean the bathrooms. We have an associate for that kind of work.

    • profile image

      Lowes in general 7 years ago

      I am a cashier at Lowes somewhere in Texas. I am to young. It is in general a hard job and a pain in the ass. I get yelled at by my head cashier a lot because of what Im wearing. its either provocative or it is to "manly". AND we have to clean out damn toilets. now where in the description does it say "cashiers clean out toilets and do bathroom duties".

      Being a young parent and everything, Life is hard, lowes doesn't give you a rope to play with... its long enough that it can be tied around your smallest toe.

      Along with that you have to "call" to use the bathroom. No you just cant shut down your register to go use the bathroom you have to call your head cashier tell them what register you are at and say "i have to use the bathroom" along with the reply "okay i will send someone in 10-20 minutes to relieve you"....

      mhmm... Now i didn't get a job to be in kindergarten again.

    • profile image

      Commercial Sales Or Death. 7 years ago

      I am a Commercial sales specialist in a pretty nice souhtern california beach store. I love what I do but lately the job has become a nightmare. All I here is where are the sales, where are the QSP account entrys,Where are the new contractors accounts? Well my sales manager is slowly loosing his mind and taking us down with him. He constantly complains about district management coming down on him over sales, installs, and special orders. I do what I can to reach exspected quoatas, but times are hard and people are holding onto the money, and credit is the equivalent of the four letter word you can't use in public. Im tired of the beat down at all our specialist meetings, and maybe one of these days we might actually have a productive meeting where we can discuss alternatives to what we might be doing wrong. Maybe an alternative method we might not know of. I just wish we had a productive meeting where I would leave revived and ready to take on the world, instead of thinking about other emplyment oppurtunitys. After being called crap for so long by management you will believe it over time. Stop the BEAT DOWN

    • profile image

      disappointed 7 years ago

      i have worked for lowes for 7 1/2 years, starting as a cashier then moving to a specialist in lighting. I am level 1 certified in all depts and level 2 in some. I have never been written up for anything. I have great marks on all my evaluations. I moved from oregon to texas and took a few months off. I started back at lowes as a cashier again because that is what was available. There was a new store opening in my area and my current store manager recommend me for an RTM position. most of the management at the new store had never worked for lowes before or became management for the first time (zone or dept). Most were not familiar with lowes policy. our store struggled to get off the ground, some employees took advantage of this. Our leadership team all work on different pages. some tell you to do it this way while another will tell its wrong. There are few employees who work their butts off and get the job done, while others do as little as possible to earn the paycheck. The moral in this store is so low its very difficult to work in such a depressing and negitive enviroment. I had a total of 4hours training to learn a position that is crutial to retrieving money back for the store. I learned 90% of what was expected of me thru trial and error. more trial than error. a year and a half later i know this job forwards and backwards. There is no one else in the store who knows my job. I had requested for mgt to train someone to learn my job for when i go on vacation and such...this never happened. the receiving clerk helped as much as she could while doing her own job. my last evaluation marks were all "EXCEEDS STANDARDS" with one 'MEETS STANDARDS" and no low marks at all. Thru this year of learning, senior management has always questioned my ability to do my job because they could not answer questions by the auditors. If im not doing my job good enough...remove me...get someone else who can! senior mgt had a way to make you feel like you are worthless when they are pressured by district mgt. Very rarely did the mgt in this store praise you for a job well done. Only expressed how badly you failed, and how it effects the store and its $$$. I really go tired of seeing and hearing my co-workers stress out because of the way they are treated by mgt. Its wrong and i felt like i could be appreciated somewhere else. so i gave my two week notice after 7 1/2 years....Ya store manager has not said a single word to me since then, not one! He has asked other people in the store about me but wont come to me personally. Ya think he knows he should have handled the situation better?! it is my choice to quit...but i thought at least he would have said good luck, good bye or something....

    • profile image

      MA 8 years ago

      Proof read what you write and check your grammar!

    • profile image

      Scott 8 years ago

      Dude write more i wanna know more about what you do and how hard it is lol im applying for the same job in the morning xD how u started i mean


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