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Updated on January 27, 2013

Success is Passion Driven


Most have pondered the question, "What is the key to success?"Bookstore shelves across the country are lined with inspirational writings by various authors who gladly impart their wisdom, experience and suggestions to a willing, paying public.However, the availability of such information does not equate with applying said instruction.

Many “how to” guides imply that success and financial reward are synonymous.Although the word, success, is often used to describe a person’s monetary attainment; true success can best be defined as achievement or accomplishment.

Happiness and fulfillment are two key components that help identify and differentiate between the definitions.Monetary wealth can evoke the perception that financial gain is the true epitome of success.While this assessment is readily accepted by many, it is nothing more than an optical illusion masquerading as authenticity.

So again, the question emerges; what is the key to success?Success is passion driven; therefore, whatever your gift or talent may be, that becomes your passion.Passion is an intense inward devotion that drives one to pursue that which others may see as a glitch in common sense or logic.

So the question begs, does one throw reality to the wind and become a vagabond pursuing a dream?Obviously, the answer is a resounding NO!Not every passion involves becoming a singing icon, movie star, musician, or for that matter, President of the United States. Your passion may be the desire to assist others, teach children, climb a mountain or write a cookbook.The list is as complex as your own aspiration.Merging passion with career may not always be possible.However, this does not negate the importance of your passion pursuit and contribution that can only be fulfilled by you.

Gifts and talents are as unique as the individuals to which they are bestowed.The tragedy and disappointment lies when one fails to explore the potential of those abilities and allow them to foster the truest sense of success!


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