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Xchange Pays: Xchange your dead leads for a lifetime of Revenue

Updated on September 29, 2012

Is your Lead generation method beneficial? Are you satisfied with your leads to sales ratio? What is XChangePays?

XChangePays is a lead sharing service. Primarily, it works with the financial services industry, though there are plans to expand the service to other industries as well. It allows companies to increase their leads to sales ratio even if a lead doesn't qualify for the products and services that a they offer.

Customers who come to your mortgage or lending company often need help right now-even if they've had problems in the past. In fact, the poor economy has ensured that qualified customers are even harder to find than they used to be. XChange Pays helps you get paid by matching these customers to people who can help them. It doesn't take any of your valuable time since the system is 100% automated, but you make money off of the leads you paid overhead to generate. That allows you to increase your bottom line dramatically, not just by recouping your losses but by actively profiting as well. In turn, you will receive the leads that you are more qualified to help so that you can increase your profits by increasing your active sales, too. It is the ultimate win-win leads marketplace.

XChange Pays also offers a method for converting those leads directly in the future because it maintains your connection to the lead and lets you know when the lead is actually qualified to work with you. That means you're not just receiving a referral fee. You're actively increasing your leads to sales ratio in a positive, proactive way.

XChange Pays effectively increases your leads to sales ratio.

XChange Pays addresses a common problem: businesses pay a lot of money for leads, but they can't always convert them. Some of the leads are people who just aren't qualified for that business' services. For example, a business might only be able to close a lead if that person has a credit score of 650 or above, or a low debt-to-income ratio. If the customer doesn't qualify for the service the lead is generally considered "dead." The money the business spent in acquiring the lead is usually lost.

XChange Pays acts as an alternative to qualifying sales leads and simply throwing them away when they won't work for your business. Instead, leads are sent to other providers who can help them: providers who might write a loan or a credit score of 600, for example. The original provider-the person who got the lead in the first place-is then paid a commission on the sale. All of this is automated through XChange Pays sales lead management system so you don't have to ever chase down your referral fees.

Typically, financial services providers who work with XChange Pays make an average of $16,000 annually on leads they didn't even close.

Tell me about your lead generation troubles!

What percentage of your leads winds up dead?

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You can stop trying to sell dead sales leads!

Don't resort to buying leads to energize your leads marketing, either.

There are many companies who try to recoup money on dead leads by offering lead generation sales to other companies. This strategy might work for lead generation companies, but it typically leads to a very low return on investment for your company since your job is generating loans and mortgages, not selling leads.

Typically, selling leads costs you a whole lot of time without offering you much return on the investment: the people you'd typically sell the leads to know that they are low value since you couldn't help them. Typically mortgage companies sell to insurance agencies, real estate agencies, and contractors, but customers don't actually need these services until they can get the loan they came for. The old way of doing things was to leave the customer to keep hunting for a provider who would help them and hope that the lead would actually serve the person you sold it to by virtue of luck or timing.

In addition, buying sales leads is generally a very weak way to handle the lead generation process, since the leads are generally expensive. They also aren't pre-qualified either, which means a portion of your lead list will still consist of costly "dead leads."

Lead generation software isn't a real solution to this problem either. Again, it helps you generate a list of unqualified sales leads without helping you close the bad leads that you're already getting. You already know how to generate sales leads: that's not your problem. The problem is getting a decent ROI on the leads you're already paying to receive.

Compare the lead sharing strategy to a service like Leads Clearance, which just dumps old leads in your lap that someone else couldn't close. Again, that doesn't target the problem since the issue isn't closing good leads so much as maximizing the return on the bad leads.

XChange Pays just lets you turn leads into sales by finding someone who can make the sale, even when you can't. Then, XChange Pays pays you for the results. And, since XChange Pays offers a variety of different services that these customers might need, you get a chance to get paid again and again. Your never lose your lead, no matter what happens.


XChange Pays doesn't replace all of your existing lead generation methods. It just makes them more effective by using more of the leads you're bringing in. In fact, you'll be making more money than ever so you may even be able to double your marketing methods and your sales force!

Lead sharing vs. lead sales

This is like getting free sales leads!

XChange Pays actually doesn't require you to come up with any new lead generation ideas. In fact, you'll get more pre-qualified leads than any online lead generation service, sales lead software, or even free sales leads software can give you. That's because even as you're passing on leads you can't work with the other members of the group are passing on leads that they can't work with. You get those leads when they match your company's unique qualification criteria. That means you not only get more leads than ever before, but you close more leads too.

The magic is in XChange Pays sales lead qualification criteria. The system records who handles which types of accounts so that no members get a lead they can't close. If a company doesn't close an XChange Pays lead it's a sales problem, not a qualification problem. Moreover, the best closers get the leads first. If the company who gets the lead first can't close it, then the lead moves on to another company with the same criteria.

Get more out of each sales lead.

The XChange Pays sales lead tracking system lets you get multiple payouts from each lead.

All of this makes your customers happy too. They need help, and they typically need help right now. Instead of giving them the runaround or saying "no" you can get them into the hands of someone who is going to do a good job of serving their needs. This allows you to form a lifelong relationship with each person who enters your office, a relationship which proves valuable again and again as people's situations change.

People go through debt counseling, pay off old debt to lower their debt to income ratio, make more income or raise their credit scores directly. Several of the services already associated with XChange Pays helps customers do this (see below). Customers pay for the credit help they receive, which generates another commission for you. You're positioned as the person who helped them succeed, and you are first in line to help them when they're ready for the kinds of help that you provide. Because you were the person who got them the help they needed the customer is more likely to work with you each and every time, because you've become a resource to them: someone who they know, like, and trust. That gets you out of the "sales" relationship and makes you a valued advisor instead.

What if the customer's Debt To Income ratio is too poor to work with anyone on the XChange Pays network? XChange Pays handles that too simply by working with an industry leading debt settlement company that has won a gold star award from the Better Business Bureau. That means your customers can work with a trustworthy company to clean up their debt in a very short period of time. You still make a commission on the debt settlement company's services, and you can still snap up the customer when their credit profile reaches acceptable limits.

This matters, because an XChange Pays lead is your lead for life. You get paid each and every time a customer uses any of the services associated with XChange Pays. The system will actively track changes in your customer's circumstances. For example, someday the customer's credit score may improve. When it does, your company gets an e-mail alert to let you know that the customer is finally ready to take out a loan or to refinance their high interest rate subprime loan that they received from another Xchange Pays provider. That gives you the opportunity to call and earn their business directly, which means you get a commission and a sale, not just a commission, not just a sale, not just a little pocket change for selling bogus lead generation, meaning you can all but triple your bottom line by working with the service.

XChange Pays helps you spend less on lead generation.

Simply put, this is better leads marketing at work.

This is a better way to handle sales leads: definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again. You already know you might close 2 leads out of every 100 you pay for simply because so many people won't qualify for the financial products that you offer. Instead you could be putting money in your own pocket for the other 98 leads while receiving even more leads who do meet your qualifications.

XChange Pays does a lot to make this service safe, secure, and effective for you, as well. For example, the service doesn't work with just anyone. It looks for companies with clean records and good reputations for customer satisfaction. XChange Pays also makes deals with each company to make sure that the company is willing to offer competitive commissions to the owner of a lead. Members can track the status of their lead at any time, and each member gets an e-mail about when something about a lead changes. Companies who work with XChange Pays always know how much they've earned, and how much they can expect to get paid.

It's a truly elegant solution to a very common problem.

Of course, you could always build referral networks manually. But then you'd have to devote time and manpower to building the network. And you'd have to track down your payments. And you could lose control over your leads. Why would you want to do that?

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    • Xchangepays profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @Gypzeerose: Thanks a lot Bloomingrose. New here, tried a lot but could not find the above mentioned board. :D

    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 

      6 years ago

      Nice lens, pinned to my "cool ways to make money" board.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Sounds interesting!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      thanks for the information on how Xchange Pays

    • Xchangepays profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @SandyDell: Thanks for the Comment Sandy, your lens and mine are 2 solutions to the biggest problems of any Business owner of a marketing company. So both the lenses had to be connected. :)

    • SandyDell profile image

      Sandy Dell 

      6 years ago from Lenore, Idaho

      Thanks for adding my lens to yours!!

    • Xchangepays profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @itravel2004 lm: Thanks a lot for the comment my friend, off course these are great sources to generate leads. May I ask you what type of leads do you require? As in from which specific Industry, what are you trying to sell? If doable, we can add your vertical to our services.

    • itravel2004 lm profile image

      itravel2004 lm 

      6 years ago

      I use article & video marketing and forum comment to generate my lead


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