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Yellow Pages Advertising

Updated on January 16, 2015

Effective Yellow Pages Advertising

If you're looking for techniques to explode the response of your Yellow Pages ad, you've come to the right place. It's time to stop following your competition, and create a Yellow Pages ad that grabs attention, engages your prospect, and converts a flood of new customers to your business... like clockwork.

Yellow Pages Ad Design?

Looking for an expert to design your Yellow Pages ad for you? Alan Saltz, renowned author of "Legal Theft 2.1: How to Use Yellow Pages Advertising to Ethically 'Steal' Business from the Competition" - also designs hard-hitting, attention-grabbing, and trust-building Yellow Page ads for his clients with some outstanding results. Visit for details and contact information.

The Secret to a Better Yellow Pages Ad

STOP doing what the competition is doing!


When it comes to Yellow Pages Advertising, your prospects are going to turn to your category to decide between you... and EVERYBODY else.

That means you can't possibly succeed by doing what everyone else is doing!

It's not enough to list your company name and logo with a list of services you offer. And it's not enough to say the same slogany things (we're prompt, we're the experts) as your competition either. Do that and your ad will end up looking like a glorified business card that only proves that you're in the right category... not that you're the best option!

A great yellow pages ad stands out. It grabs the attention of your prospects and makes them care what you have to say. It features a big bold headline that practically forces them to pay attention. And it includes compelling ad content that differentiates you from the competition.

3 KEY Elements in a Yellow Pages Ad

1. Headline

A BIG, bold powerful headline is vital to success in the Yellow Pages. Noting grabs attention and pulls a prospect into the ad like a compelling headline. Unfortunately so many ads are without them. Yes, a great graphic can grab attention too, but unlike a headline, there's no message that actually engages your prospect and encourages them to spend some time looking at your ad.

2. Benefits

Most ads do exactly what all of the other ads in a given category do. They rattle off a list of products or services they offer - even though their competitors offer pretty much the same thing. The reason someone calls one company over another is trust, or the perception of a great experience. Awards, risk-removing policies, customer testimonials, guarantees... these are the sort of details that engender trust and create a preference in the mind of the buyer. So don't just focus on the services you offer. Give people compelling benefits, or reasons to choose you over your competition.

3. Call to action

Yes... tell your prospects to call you. And tell them what they "get" when they do. Whether it's a special offer like a free service call or discount, a consultation, free report or expert advice, or anything else with high perceived value, a call to action gets more people to pick up the phone and call you. More importantly, seeing the words "Call now for" or "Call now to" or "Call now and ask about" subliminally pushes your customer to take the action you want them to take. It gives them a reason to call you and something specific to ask about when they do. The more valuable or compelling your call to action, the more likely a customer is to pick up the phone and call you. Especially, if you've grabbed their attention with a winning headline and provided them with benefit-laden content that establishes you as a great option.

yellow pages advertising statistics
yellow pages advertising statistics

Yellow Pages Advertising Statistics

Interesting Stats on Yellow Pages Advertising Usage

- According to USA Today, 33% of people say there is no substitute for using the phone book.

- 81% of Yellow Pages users say they start at the beginning of a heading when they don't have a company in mind.

- The average Yellow Pages user looks at 5.2 ads when they reference the Yellow Pages.

- 66% of consumers believe that businesses with larger ads have a more established reputation.

- 42% will contact two or more advertisers.

- 63% of references in the Yellow Pages are within the display ads (as opposed to the listings)

- There are over 4200 active headings in the Yellow Pages.

- According to Statistical Research Inc. 79% of people want more information in Yellow Page ads.

- Business use accounts for 21% of Yellow Pages Advertising references. Personal use accounts for 79%.

- 81% of people who use the Yellow Pages will make contact with an advertiser.

- 76% of people agree that Yellow Pages Advertising encouraged them to contact a business they had not previously considered.

- Over 95% of homes in the United States have a Yellow Pages directory.

- 77% of adults say they reference the Yellow Pages monthly.

- 58% say they reference it at least once per week.

- In a study conducted by Wharton Professor Gerald Lohse, the following information was discovered:

* Consumers spent 54% more time viewing ads of companies that they ended up contacting.

* Ad size had the largest impact on viewing time.

* People spent 21% more time viewing color ads, than the equivalent non-color ads.

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      anonymous 10 years ago

      Great information. Would like to read information regarding usage of a phonebook with color versus a non-color phonebook.

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      edsmarketing 10 years ago

      This add make advertising look very easy,but i'am very interrested in that yellow page advertising.