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I thought it was obvious how to sell!

Updated on July 21, 2013


So I thought it was obvious: Well I was wrong! Most people have no idea how to sell. I mean really! NO idea. It became painfully apparent today, so this HUB has become essential for me to write. It is part therapy for me, and part community service for the rest of the planet.

Listen to your customer and let them answer these questions;

  • · What do they think they want? ... actually need? ... not want?

o Do you offer any of these?

  • · What can they afford? How much did they pay last time?

o Are you willing to sell at that margin?

  • · What does their spouse think?

o If he’s there can you sway him if need be?

Look in your customer’s eyes and discover the answers to these questions;

  • · Are they ready to buy?

o Do you have time to invest in a future possible sale?

  • · Are they shopping for just the lowest price or do they want value and quality?

o Are you willing to drop your price and standards?

  • · Can they afford or need my product or service?

o Send them down market if they are better served!

How to sell yourself Effectively

Ok so at this point you have finished the hand shake and spoken for about one minute; time to decide if you want to close the deal with them, or send them packing. If you don’t have a good Idea where the deal is going after a minutes chat and a hand shake you’re in trouble. Find out fast, throw out some figures, dangle the closing and see if there are takers, if you don’t lead the dance someone is bound to step on your toes. You don’t want to waste your customers time or yours chatting about the features and benefits of your product and service just to keep each other company.

Be flexible when the customer is willing to be flexible, terms and conditions don’t affect your margin in most cases and can help close the deal.

Don’t ever sell a customer something they don’t need, can’t afford, don’t understand, or won’t last for at least as long as you promised it would last.

Treat each customer with respect, and also treat yourself with respect; Listen to your customer, Look in their eyes, and decide if it’s a match made! If not move on!


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