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7 ways to make your start-up blog stand at a distinction

Updated on May 31, 2014

We all know that it is not easy to initiate any business from scratch, and neither is impressing people to your blog which is meant to promote your start-up. Here in this article we will learn about a couple of steps on how to create a blog that not only attracts your target audience, but makes them run and tell their friends about your business.

If you are not sure What is Blog ? Check this


Does your audience know your product?

It is not an easy task to market your product and make people aware about it overnight. For making people know about your product, it is important to create some brand awareness and remember this isn't a cakewalk because gone are the days when traditional methods of adwords, billboards, television advertisements were popular; they are just out of reach now.

Does anyone know how much money did Microsoft spent on marketing in the year 2013? The figure is huge, round about $2.5 Billion.

The latest trend of creating brand awareness is by blogging. Blogging enables you to impress large section of audience. In addition, if people read any article or blog and find it inspiring and attractive they will obviously share it on social media websites and by this way your brand will get noticed along with your start-up, isn't that cool?




Create Informative & Amazing Content

If your blog has informative and amazing content, it's awesome and you will attract more and more people coming back and reading it. Your content should comprise of proper information, solving issues, answering queries etc. Moreover, this means that you need to provide people with fresh perspective and come out with original ideas.

Creativity and originality are two key things for getting more visibility, more reach and more social share or in one word we can call it more business.

Stay Connected

Remember, nobody will turn back and even visit your blog if they are unaware about your company. Therefore, as a start-up, it is necessary to create and maintain as much information about your company as possible, for this, getting connected with social media websites is one of the best ways to promote your blog and create buzz on Social Media. You can get connected with plenty of social media websites and form a relationship via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. These social media websites will share your content more and get in more people to visit your blog.

To make your blog stand out at a distinction, it is essential to create relationships with important companies and impress audiences. Apart from Social Media you should also focus on basic SEO activities, try to avoid common SEO Mistakes. Best SEO practice will also help you to stay connected with the world.


Get your blog designed by experts

Nowadays, businesses are being recognized by people via their website, therefore, it is necessary to build an amazing and informative website in order to attract more people and give them a long-lasting impression of your business. At the same time, create professional blog design that shows data in an easy-to-read format.

You also can have WordPress Community website and develop community around your Startup objective which will help you to gain more interactions with like minded people.

Do Guest Blog

Guest blogging is one such great and confidential weapon on other publications. Moreover, guest blogging also helps in creating awareness about your own start-up. The best way to do guest blogging is to build relationships and cultivating them.

Guest blogging gives you an advantage to get your content published and earn fame in front of big and new audience. Initially, it is good to start sharing your story ideas to smaller blogs and get speed. While doing guest blogging, it is mandatory to apprehend which section of the audience will read it and how will your content benefit that audience. The best way to start building a strong and healthy relationship with high profile bloggers is to share thoughtful comments on their blogs, as well as keep searching like minded people over Social Media.

Always remember, creating a blog that will attract more and more people to it will take lots of time and thorough dedication, so don't worry if your blog fails to become a success overnight, just move on and write amazing content and it will definitely pay off in many ways which will be out of your imagination.

Share your Voice

If Picture says 1000 words, How many words we should dedicated for Video?

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Get Visual

People are inclined towards images before they actually get down to read words. So promote your blog posts by adding images and videos.

if your blog has a catchy headline with great image, I am sure people won't resist to click more on your blog and read more. In case, you have no good photo or hunting for one then you can check out the plug-in PhotoDropper and you get millions of photos to select from for your blog.

If your start-up is going good, share the success story...

The most exclusive way to show people how your start-up is progressing is by blogging. It is a good idea to maintain a copy on your company homepage as enacted as possible. Whenever you have audience to come and visit it, you can use it as a master card. Just explain what your start-up does to progress more and more. Keep it short, sweet and concise.

But at the same time, you get plenty of freedom to share each and every detail about the kind of work you are doing. You can narrate long stories or even paint a picture about the evolution of your start-up.

You also can send stories about your start up to various sites which are covering stories about your company (Start up). There are various sites are available for that, some of recommendation are TechCrunch, Mashable, YourStory, etc.

About Author

Jaydip is Digital Marketer and helping people for Online branding. He works with Indian eCommerce company, Infibeam, as Digital Evangelist. He is known Speaker, Digital Marketer, Trainer from India. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn.

© 2014 Jaydip Parikh


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