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FREE Download TubeBlasterPro : Best YouTube Software

Updated on October 23, 2012

Automatically add "YouTube Friends With Benefits" with TubeBlasterPro v2.0.6 (DOWNLOAD THE FREE TRIAL of Latest Version here) the No.1 YouTube friend adder software.

TubeBlaster Pro is a great social networking tool plus a huge time saver.

If you wish to promote your videos, blog, hobby, business, products or services ... this software is essential.

Achieving even a fraction of the productivity would be impossible with the "manual use" of YouTube (or you would have absolutely no life).

In this tutorial you will find many one of a kind TubeBlasterPro screen shots with my detailed explanations.

Some of the features of TubeBlasterPro v2.0.6:

- Gather YouTube friend ID's from Channels, Video Pages, friend lists, groups, other areas

- Auto Messenger sends out messages to all your YouTube friends/non-friends

- Auto Commenter: send out customized comments for both Videos and Channels.

- Channel Subscriptions feature: send out Subscriptions to all your friends/non-friends

- Give your networking a personal touch: send messages with Friend Requests

- Increase the effectiveness of your networking: chain multiple accounts together!

- Use the Time-delay feature which is a very effective way to appear not as a software but as a human user (prevent being locked out by YouTube by setting optimal time intervals)

- TubeBlasterPro offers free support and technical assistance

- Get Free TubeBlasterPro updates for life (whenever YouTube implements changes Tube Blaster Pro will promptly make adjustments and issue a software update)

Note: check out the bottom of this page for the complete changelog of all the regular updates and improvements since October, 31 2008!!! If you look at the frequency of the updates Tube Blaster Pro issues you can see this company is truly on the top of any change YouTube implements!

TubeBlasterPro Main Workarea - Intuitive Program Controls With Full Screen Web Browser

TubeBlasterPro has a really simple interface with practically no learning curve.

The left hand side panel contains all the program controls while on the right hand side you can find a fully functional web browser which you can use to surf the internet not just YouTube.

The left hand side panel can be collapsed by clicking on the blue left arrow so the browser window becomes full screen.

Automatically Gather YouTube Friend Or Video ID's - Collect, Manage, Organize, Backup, Share Text Files Of YouTube ID's

The Gather ID's tab of TubeBlasterPro is the menu which you will probably use first when starting your YouTube networking campaign.

You have some very useful options when gathering YouTube user or video ID's:

- check Remove From List After Sent if you do not want to for example send the same friend request, message or comment

- Save On Exit should be checked so the list of ID's remain when restarting the program

- you can gather ID's from current page, all following pages or clicked profiles

- the drop down menu allows you to select weather you wish to gather the ID of the videos or YouTube users

The ID's gathered can be saved as simple text files and managed:

- you can clear or randomize the list

- you can remove your own friends (saves times when sending out friend requests and makes sense if you are sending out introductory messages)

- you can blacklist YouTube users and manage groups

Automatic Sending Of YouTube Friend Invitations - TubeBlasterPro Friend Requester With Or Without Auto Messanger Attachment

With TubeBlasterPro you can set the maximum messages you wish to send per day. The maximum number recommended is 500 but a number around 350 invitations is optimal so your account does not get flagged.

It is also a good practice to set your Time Delay for all tasks, for Friend Requester it should be minimum of 1 min 5 seconds and a max of 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Experiment with different numbers, you can even open a test/dummy account if you wish to play it extra safe.

You have another great option here: you can send an accompanying message with your friend request to make a good first impression. (You can set up your auto messenger under the next tab.)

Tube Blaster Pro Auto Messenger - Flexible And Customizable - Automatically Send Out Messages WIth Optional Video Attachment

With the Auto Messenger of TubeBlasterPro you can design different email campaigns for different purposes for different recipients i.e. for introduction, for keeping in touch, etc.

Auto Messenger Options:

- type in your subject and message and send (easiest option)

- create and save multiple messages (in simple text files), send them in order or randomized

- you can skip YouTube members you have messaged before so you don't look spammy or get people pissed off (great feature)

- attach a video to your message!!!

- set a limit to the amount of messages (especially important of you are using

TubeBlasterPro unattended so you stay within YouTube guidelines) daily recommended limit is around 350 messages

- use &NAME& wildcard to insert recipients name

- send a message with every YouTube friend invitation (see previous article on setup)

Recommended Time Delay When Sending Messages: about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to 2 minutes and 45 seconds

Auto Commenter Menu Of TubeBlaster Pro - Send Out Both Channel And Video Comments Using Customized Lists

With the Auto Commenter of TubeBlasterPro you can customize different ways of commenting for different purposes for different recipients i.e. for introduction, for keeping in touch, etc.

Auto Commenter Options:

- send out both channel or video comments

- type in your comment and send (easiest option)

- create and save multiple comments (in simple text files), send them in order or randomized

- you can skip YouTube members you have commented before so you don't look spammy or get people pissed off

- set the amount of comments (especially important of you are using TubeBlaster Pro unattended), the daily recommended limit is around 350 comments (experiment with numbers)

- use &NAME& wildcard to insert recipients name

Recommended Time Delay When Sending Comments: minimum of 3 minutes and 45 seconds and to 4 minutes and 10 seconds

Being more cautious and less greedy is always a good way to go about setting time limits. To try out higher maximum numbers per day or shorter time limits open a test YouTube account where you can experiment more.

Smart Automated Bulletin Posting With Tubeblasterpro - Appear Like A Human YouTube User With Flexible Time Delay Feature

With the automated bulletin posting feature you can post one or several bulletins which are saved in a simple text file.

Tubeblasterpro allows you to appear as a human YouTube user when using this software because of the flexible time delay feature.

You ca set the time interval and total number of bulletin posts so the program can handle this task like all other tasks while unattended. You also have an option to attach a a video to your bulletin.

Download YouTube Videos With TubeBlasterPro - TubeBlasterPro Will Save Your Video In .flv Flash Format

With TubeBlasterPro you can download the video on the current page in .flv format!

Sending Out Channel Subscriptions With TubeBlasterPro - Manage Your Channel Subscription Requests Using YouTube ID Lists Gathered by TubeBlasterPro

Using any of your lists which contain YouTube ID's you can send out channel subscriptions and set the max number per day.

Time Delay recommendation for subscribing to channels: minimum of 1 minute and 25 seconds and a max of 1 minute and 50 seconds

Accept YouTube Friend Invites - Great YouTube Networking Tool: Incorporate Reply Messages Or Comments When Accepting Friends

Automatically attaching a reply message or a reply comment when accepting friends is a great networking gesture (see previous sections on setup of Auto Messenger and Commenter).

Recommendation: less is more, be conservative with reply messages and comments.

Since you only have to write your message/comment once and you can save it, you actually have time to make nice long elaborate messages with perfect formatting, punctuation and capitalization.WRONG IDEA!!

That is not how people comment. Not saying you should misspell words on purpose but keep your messages and comments short and casual as opposed to extremely well constructed. They will look more spontaneous and less spammy.

TubeBlasterPro Options Overview

Under the Options menu of TubeBlasterPro you can:

- switch user accounts you are logged in under

- chain: friend requests, messages, video comments, channel comments and channel subscriptions (chaining means: execute the same task through multiple YouTube accounts)

- set global settings, statistics, auto start, time delay (essential tool)

- import or export YouTube ID's

TubeBlasterPro Help Menu

Menu Items under help:

- check for updates (not really necessary as TubeBlasterPro will send a visual blinking notice)

- visit homepage or purchase

- stretch left panel to fit window

- tutorial pop ups (mouse over balloon tips)

- save screenshot and page source

- enable logging for support

- go to TBP data folder

(windows: C drive: users\YOURWINDOWSUSERNAME\AppData\Local\TubeBlasterPro)

How Many YouTube Messages, Friend Requests, Comments, Subscriptions Can I Send A Day? - YouTube Limits Information So Your Account is Not Flagged Or Deleted

The Time Delay feature of TubeBlasterPro is your insurance policy, it is extremely useful, using it wisely can prevent you from looking like you are operating an automated software and get flagged or deleted.

BUT even "manual users" of YouTube can exceed the YouTube limits on certain tasks so with TubeBlasterPro you are ahead of the game on many fronts: speed and security!

The following numbers behind how many friend requests and messages can be sent a day are just guidelines as YouTube may change their policy anytime.

Some of these numbers may sound excessive and seemingly will slow down your networking but in fact they will ensure your good standing with YouTube.

The good news is that TubeBlasterPro works in the background or while you sleep, at work or running errands so these time delays are not really a factor if you don't even have to be physically at the computer.

- Friend requests per day: no more than 500 (the optimal or safe number of friend request should be in the 300-350 range

- Sending messages per day: around 350 messages, you can experiment with other numbers but playing safe is always better than getting greedy

Time Delay Limits on YouTube Messages, Friend Request, Comments, Subscriptions:

- Friend Requests: minimum of 1 min 5 seconds and a max of 1 minute and 45 seconds

- Sending Messages: about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to 2 minutes and 45 seconds

- Subscribing to Channels: minimum of 1 minute and 25 seconds and a max of 1 minute and 50 seconds

- Sharing Videos: 2 minute and 45 seconds and 3 minutes and 15 seconds

- Posting Comments on channels: minimum of 3 minutes and 45 seconds and to 4 minutes and 10 seconds

TubeBlasterPro FAQ

Useful information about Troubleshooting, Technical Support And More

Q: What is TubeBlasterPro and how do I use it?

A: TubeBlasterPro is software which can be used to automate the process of adding friends on YouTube. The software has a built-in browser which is used to navigate the YouTube website. When you get to a list of members on YouTube that you would like to add, you click the "Gather Friends" button.

The program automatically goes page by page gathering all friends in the list. At this point, you can then begin sending friend requests. Click the 'Send Friend Requests' button and the software will automatically go down the list of the friend(s) id's one by one sending requests. Then sit back and wait for your friend list to grow!

Q: I already got ripped off once trying to buy a "YouTube Blaster". Are you legitimate?

A: YES, we are legitimate and here to help. We originally built a similar program for MySpace called FriendBlasterPro. This software was originally developed for our own marketing purposes but we decided to make it available to the MySpace community.

We are also one of the original MySpace bot companies and have been providing service to thousands of satisfied MySpace users since April, 2006! We have now built TubeBlasterPro for YouTube users. We had been getting a lot of request for it for a long time now.

Q: Can I change my registered YouTube account(s) to a "new" one?

A: YES! We can change any account that you currently have registered with us to a "new" one. We will need to know two things in order to do this. First, we need to know the registered YouTube login name(s) that you want us to change.

Second, we need to know the full billing name you used to purchase our software with (this is to prevent people from trying to change accounts that are NOT theirs and to protect you). Once you send us those two things, please allow up to 2 business days before we can change them. We will send you an e-mail once we have!

Q: Does the software send friend requests to the same person twice?

A: No. Once a Friend request has been sent to a member, they will be ignored by TubeBlasterPro when gathering names. As a backup, YouTube itself does not allow you to send a Friend Request to a member twice.

Q: How do I find my "Registration Key"? (Unlimited Version only)

A: You can find your Registration Key by clicking on the "Click Here" button located at the bottom of the login screen.

Q: Why is the TubeBlasterPro running slow?

A: Most likely, it's not our software - it's YouTube. With more than 1 billion page views per day (and growing), their site can get bogged down and become slow or even unresponsive. Your best bet is to use TubeBlasterPro at non-peak times ( i.e. early morning, during the middle of the day).

Q: I'm getting an error message. What can I do?

A: If the error message appears within the browser window, then it is a YouTube error and there is nothing we can do about it. If the error pops up in a message box, then please forward your error log to us so we can see what caused this error.

Q: I get an error message when I try to install a newer version. What can I do?

A: First, uninstall the old version and then shutdown your computer. Restart it and then install the new one. The new install should work fine after that.

Q: I just registered but it still says 'Unregistered Version'. What can I do now?

A: First, try restarting the program and log in again. If you still see "Unregistered Version" in the top of the function screen, then contact us. Most likely there was a typo when filling out the registration screen and we can fix it.

Q: I am being told to "Check My Internet Connection". What can I do?

A: If your internet connection is fine and you are still being told to "Check Your Internet Connection", this means:

A) You are using an older version of Internet Explorer.

Make sure you have "Internet Explorer 8" installed with ALL of the latest updates. TubeBlasterPro requires Internet Explorer 8 in order to function correctly.

B) You are using an older version of Flash.

Make sure you are using "Flash Player 10" from this URL:

C) Your FireWall is blocking the program from accessing the Internet.

This can also happen after updating to a newer version because your FireWall software will give the old version access, but the new version has to be given permission still! Here is how you fix this: Open up your FireWall software and make sure TubeBlasterPro is listed there.

If it already is, then you "must" delete the current listing and re-add the updated version for TubeBlasterPro! Once you have done this, you should have no problems connecting TubeBlasterPro to the Internet.

Q: I keep getting a "Just-In-Time Debugger" message. What can I do?

A: Open up Internet Explorer and click on "Tools". Select "Internet Options". Click on "Advanced" and make sure you select "Disable Script Debugging"

Q: Does your program contain SpyWare?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We hate spyware just as much as you do and would never allow any such to infect our program.

Q: Will TubeBlasterPro work on Macintosh Computers?

A: No. It will not currently work natively on Macintosh computers, but it will work through Virtual PC for Mac. We are looking into the possibility of releasing a Macintosh version later on.

Q: Do you take suggestions for future enhancements?

A: YES! Please help us make TubeBlasterPro better. Use our contact page to give us your ideas. Thanks!

TubeBlasterPro Software Changelog v1.4.8 - v2.0.6

Free Lifetime Bug Fixes, Tweaks, Improvements, Feature Updates

(3-19-11) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.6

1) Works around YouTube removing the friend request button from channel pages.

(1-27-11) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.5

1) Works around YouTube removing the friend request button from channel pages.

(1-7-11) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.4

1) Fixed some login issues.

2) Better performance when managing large lists of comments/bulletins/messages.

3) Can now import accounts via options -> import accounts.

4) Fixed sending messages not working due to YouTube glitch.

(12-17-10) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.3

1) Fixed messaging getting stuck on certain messages.

2) Fixed subscriptions not sending due to YouTube changes.

(11-25-10) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.2

1) Fixed gathering from search results.

2) Fixed rare error when using the 'remove from list after sent' setting.

3) Fixed some login issues.

4) Fixed hanging when sending messages and reaching youtube error page.

(10-12-10) TubeBlasterPro v2.0.0

1) Fixes some minor messaging problems.

2) Fixes rare problem with chaining with large amount of ID's.

3) Fixes error message when finished gathering ID's.

(9-10-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.5.3

1) Fixes some login issues.

2) Fixes per-account settings not always loading properly when chaining accounts.

3) Skips some new YouTube maintenance pages.

(8-9-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.5.2

1) Fixed the program crashing for some users on startup.

(8-4-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.5.1

1) Fixed some issues when installing on multiple user accounts in Windows.

2) Fixed some visual glitches.

3) After adding or editing an account it is now selected by default.

4) New feature, can now first send a bulletin when flagged and then proceed with the time delay.

(6-25-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.5.0

Added a right-click menu for the gathered usernames list.

Fixed a glitch that caused blank usernames to be gathered to the list.

Improved speed when sending friend requests.

Improved speed when sending subscriptions.

Improved speed when using filters.

Added option to disable browser click-noises.

Fixed the entire browser not fitting onto the main window for some users.

TBP now warns users when sending video comments but gathered usernames by accident.

(5-22-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.9

Fixed sending channel subscriptions.

(5-13-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.8

Automatically closes YouTube error popups when sending friend requests.

Fixed glitch that sometimes caused TBP to keep sending friend requests after pressing the stop button.

Fixed gathering from video comments (YouTube changes).

Fixed sending video comments (YouTube changes).

Fixed the 'total today' counter for video comments.

TubeBlasterPro Automated Software Bot Version Update History v1.0.0 - v1.4.7

Changelog: Bug Fixes, Tweaks, Improvements, Feature Updates

(5-11-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.7

1) Fixed gathering from video comments.

2) Fixed posting video comments.

(4-30-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.6

1) Fixed the Auto Messenger to work with recent YouTube changes.

2) Fixed some settings not displaying correctly on smaller resolution monitors.

(4-26-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.5

1) Fixed crash some people are getting on startup.

(4-21-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.4

1) Fixed the downloader to work with YouTube changes.

2) Fixed the bulletin poster to work with YouTube changes.

3) Fixed error occurring when gathering from certain channel pages.

4) Fixed error occurring when subscribing to certain channels.

5) Easier layout to utilize the 'send from list' feature.

6) Fixed hanging when accidentally sending video comments to usernames and not video ID's.

(4-13-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.3

1) TBP now works with the new channel comment layout.

2) Can now clear the logs via the options menu.

3) Fixed error that occurs when sending a friend request with a message, but the message fails.

4) Added bulletins feature.

5) Can now gather from the inbox.

6) Usernames in the blacklist arent case-sensitive anymore.

(2-20-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.2

1) Fixed bug with gathering from a channel search.

2) Gathering from channel comments now stops correctly when it reaches the last page.

3) Tube Blaster Pro now lets you know when gathering stops early because of problems on YouTube's end.

(2-15-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.1

1) Added Bookmarks feature.

2) Fixed the 'Edit List' button on the messenger tab.

(2-12-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.4.0

1) Added an optional info-bar above the browser.

2) When using the 'send from list' feature you can now attach a separate video to each message.

3) When adding a new message or comment to the list, it's selected by default.

4) The previously saved 'Send from list' setting gets loaded properly on startup.

5) Fixed some login issues.

6) Fixed error that occurs when adding a group with special characters in the name.

(1-14-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.9

1) The 'flagged' timedelay now kicks in properly when not chaining.

2) When auto-subscribing Tube Blaster Pro now skips channels you're already subscribed to.

3) Added the 'flagged' timedelay to auto-subscribing.

(1-10-10) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.8

1) Tube Blaster Pro now checks for invalid characters in the 'send amount' fields.

2) Fixed error that occurs when chaining friend requests with a message.

3) Fixed error that occurs when downloading very large videos.

4) Can now filter channels by last login, channel views, subscribers and friends when sending.

5) Fixed gathering from the the channel and video 'browse' pages.

6) Can now gather from the Shows and Films browse pages.

(12-23-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.7

1) Fixed some registration-related issues.

2) A few small bug fixes.

(12-9-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.6

1) Fixed bug that caused some channel comments not to be sent.

2) Fixed error that occurs when setting an invalid auto-start time.

3) Can now choose to skip to the next chaining account when flagged by YouTube.

4) TubeBlasterPro now skips some more YouTube maintenance pages.

5) Fixed bug that caused daily counters not to be reset for all accounts when chaining.

6) Fixed downloader to work with YouTube changes.

7) Can now select quality of video when using the downloader feature.

8) Fixed glitch when clicking the 'check for update' button on an error window.

(10-28-09) Tube Blaster Pro v1.3.5

1) When finished chaining TubeBlasterPro indicates how many were skipped.

2) Fixed bug that caused some channels to be skipped when sending friend requests.

3) When loading a managed group's ID's to the main list, all duplicates are now removed.

4) Invalid usernames aren't being gathered anymore.

(10-13-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.4

1) Fixed occasional error when sending friend requests.

2) Can now choose to remove friends and/or subscribers from the gathered ID's list.

3) Fixed TubeBlasterPro getting stuck on certain channels when sending friend requests.

4) Own username was still being gathered sometimes, this is now fixed.

5) Fixed some login issues when chaining.

6) Fixed gathering from video comments.

(9-18-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.2

1) TubeBlasterPro doesn't hang anymore when page takes too long to load when sending friend requests.

2) Statistics window now updates correctly when selecing accounts from the list.

3) Last few pages weren't being gathered for search results..

4) settings and gathered ID's list now save if TubeBlasterPro crashes.

5) Fixed some login issues when switching accounts.

6) Fixed messaging issues due to sending speed.

7 ) Added stop buttons

(8-26-09) Tube Blaster Pro v1.3.1

1) TubeBlasterPro now stops again when YouTube flags you for sending too many friend requests in a short time.

2) Fixed sending friend requests on the new channel layout design.

3) Fixed gathering from channel comments.

(7-10-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.3.0

1) Now displays number of Id's skipped when finished.

2) Fixed 'Remove my friends' feature which sometimes got stuck.

3) Works with the new YouTube 'Beta' channel layout.

4) Fixed some login issues.

(6-05-09) TubeBlaster Pro v1.2.9

1) Fixed some login issues when switching accounts.

2) When chaining multiple accounts you can now loop until all ID's are finished.

3) Fixed invalid ID's being gathered.

(5-27-09) TubeBlaster Pro v1.2.8

1) New Feature: Accept friend invites.

2) New Feature: &NAME& in messages or comments gets replaced with the target username.

(4-30-09) TubeBlaster Pro v1.2.7

1) Fixed gathering from 'My Subscribers' pages.

2) Fixed gathering from video comments - sometimes stopped after a few pages.

(4-20-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.2.6

1) TubeBlasterPro now stops gathering when it can't get to the next page due to YouTube errors.

2) Fixed some more login issues.

(3-31-09) Tube Blaster Pro v1.2.5

1) Fixed some more login issues.

(3-24-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.2.4

3) Fixed error that occurs when subscribing to certain channels.

2) Fixed login problems caused due to YouTube changes.

3) Fixed bug with comments list.

(3-12-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.2.3

1) TubeBlasterPro now skips videos that are no longer available due to copyright infringements.

(3-2-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.2.2

1) Fixed gathering from search results.

(2-18-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.2.1

1) Added a Downloader tab so you can now download the video on the current page.

2) Fixed a couple of bugs that caused incorrect daily counters.

3) Fixed gathering from video comments.

4) Fixed 'global blacklist settings' bug.

(1-27-09) TubeBlaster Pro v1.2.0

1) Fixed hanging when sending comments to videos that are not available in your country, been removed by the user or set to private.

(1-21-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.1.9

1) TubeBlasterPro doesn't hang on videos that have been removed by YouTube anymore.

2) some minor fixes with sending comments from a list.

(1-15-09) TubeBlasterPro v1.1.8

1) Fixed bug that caused certain settings not to be saved when switching accounts.

2) Fixed sending messages from a list when combined with friend requests.

3) Auto-resume feature when TubeBlasterPro gets stuck while sending comments.

4) Fixed the login!

(1-5-09) TubeBlaster Pro v1.1.6

1) Fixes bug that under certain circumstances causes messages to not be entered properly.

2) Fixes error that occurred when clearing the ID's from a gathered group in the 'Manage Group' window.

3) Auto-resume feature when TubeBlasterPro gets stuck while sending messages.

(12-30-08) TubeBlaster Pro v1.1.5

1) Now skips accounts that have been closed.

(12-12-08) Tube Blaster Pro v1.1.4

1) Fixed a few problems occurring when sending channel comments.

(12-11-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.1.3

1) Fixed login issue occurring for some accounts.

(12-4-08) Tube Blaster Pro v1.1.2

1) Fixed gathering issues caused by another YouTube change.

(12-3-08) Tube Blaster Pro v1.1.1

1) Fixed messaging problem certain accounts are experiencing.

(12-2-08) Tube Blaster Pro v1.1.0

1) Fixed a few glitches when adding an account.

2) TubeBlasterPro now caters for users who have to log in via their Google Account.

3) Fixed the "Go To" buttons on the Gather ID's tab.

4) Fixed gathering all across the board.

(11-20-08) Tube Blaster Pro v1.0.9

1) No longer freezes occasionally when sending messages.

2) TubeBlasterPro now skips channels that don't have comments enabled.

3) Doesn't hang up on profiles that require comments to be approved.

4) Fixed bug that caused the program to stop when sending comments to certain profiles.

5) You can now press enter when submitting a comment captcha.

(11-19-08) TubeBlaster Pro v1.0.8

1) Fixed a few login issues.

(11-12-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.0.7

1) Some more minor GUI improvements, security checks, and registration issues fixed.

(11-12-08) TubeBlaster Pro v1.0.6

1) Added Channel Comments to statistics window.

2) Check for invalid id's when sending channel comments.

3) Fixed error that would occur if saving a message/comment with quotes.

4) Various UI fixes.

(11-11-08) TubeBlaster Pro v1.0.5

1) Fixed bug that caused program to stop responding after being flagged.

2) Some minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.

(11-7-08) TubeBlaster Pro v1.0.4

1) Fixes bug that caused some people not to be picked up as registered.

2) Added CHANNEL commenting!

(11-5-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.0.3

1) Fixes error that occurred when trying to gather from a video page that doesn't have any id's.

2) Added auto-wait feature to time delay that kicks in when YouTube flags you for sending too much.

(11-2-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.0.2

1) Fixed gathering from video comments pages.

2) Fixed bug when trying to add a comment or message to the list.

3) Fixed error that occurred under certain circumstances when doing any sending.

(11-1-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.0.1

1) Fixed all buttons under "Clear List"..

(10-31-08) TubeBlasterPro v1.0.0


TubeBlasterPro Customer Fedback - Current User Or Interested? Share Your TubeBlasterPro Software Questions And Experiences

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