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How To Make Money from YouTube - YouTube Monetization

Updated on February 21, 2013

YouTube Monetization

Monetizing your YouTube videos to make money is where you allow YouTube to place ads at the beginning and/or during your videos, to be able to do this you must be the age of 18 or know someone who is willing to create a Google Ad sense account for your payments. Continue reading for the benefits and drawbacks of how to do this and also how to get your videos monetized. You will of course need a YouTube account and channel with videos to do this!

What is YouTube Monetization?

YouTube Monetization is where YouTube place ads at the beginning of your videos, giving them revenue and also sharing some with you. YouTube will keep about 68% of the money made from your videos but the money depends on how many views your video gets and what kind of ads are placed on them. Now Monetizing your videos isn't always a good thing..


List of Benefits for Monetizing your YouTube videos -

  • You can earn various amounts of money.
  • Your channel will appear to be more successful.
  • You will be closer to becoming a YouTube partner.


What's not so good about Monetizing your videos -

  • Ads can become annoying so you might lose subscribers.
  • They pay poorly if you are fairly new to YouTube.
  • You have to have at least $100 in your Ad sense account before you can get paid.
  • Alot of videos don't get accepted as you have to have high quality videos with NO copyright materials in them.

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