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7 Easy Ways to Make Money Online by HubPages

Updated on September 4, 2010

Hello, do you like to earn money through HubPages then this page is for yours. I started earning money through HubPages when I came to know that HubPages offers the hubbers to write and publish hubs and the publishers can earn through Google AdSense, Amazon, eBay and Kontera. Like me you can also earn money online through HubPages. Make money online by HubPages is quite simple and easy. Here, you will find 7 easy ways to make money online by HubPages. All the methods are really effective to earn money easily.

7 Easy Ways to Make Money Online by HubPages:

Way 1: Asking Donation to Earn Money

Most of the hubbers have at least one blog which he/she personally maintain. So, you can place a Donation Button of Paypal anywhere in your HubPages profile page and can give the link of the blog or even more on the hubs you can create a simple link for that. But remember that just make sure your visitors can see it and it will not hurt your pride of your blog or hubs. Actually, you are not begging here except displaying the Paypal Donation button is just your way of telling your generous visitors that you are spending some money in maintaining your blog and that if they want, they can help you by just sending you one or some dollars.

Way 2: Earning through pay per click ads

Besides publishing hubs, activate the account of Google AdSense and Kontera. Both Google AdSense and Kontera display relevant ads which are best matched to your contents. When the visitors are click on the ads, you will be paid via Google AdSense and Kontera. So, use them to earn through the visitors pay per click ads revenue. This is much easy and fast to earn money online by HubPages.

Way 3: Write Sponsored Review to Earn

Besides publishing good hubs, write some sponsored reviews of other site or forum and then put your hubs link which are really relevant to your hubs. Thus you are doing back-linking for your hubs and you are bringing lots of visitors to your hubs and thus the possibility of earning money is increased.

Way 4: Earn Commission through Amazon products

HubPages offer you to write any review of Amazon's products. And when the product is sold by your link, Amazon offers you a commission for selling that product. The commission is really profitable and you can easily earn much by simply referring some Amazon products to others to buy and earn revenue.

Way 5: Earn by Selling Your Own e-Books

You have much knowledge to write eBooks and promote those to your hubs and finally sell those to earn money. For example, you are expert of solving PC troubleshooting and you may easily publish an ebook based on several problem solving techniques. Then promote those books to your hubs and finally sell those to earn much money. This is really very easy to earn much.

Way 6: Sell the Services of Other Companies to Earn Money

You may also earn money by offering other companies products. You may earn easily by joining the affiliate programs of others. You may affiliate like BlueHost, HostGator or other hosting provider like companies and easily promote their products. When someone buy through your like then you can easily earn commission. All these can be do easily by simply creating simple review of those affiliate products.

Way 7: Sell Your Hubs to Earn Money

This is another way to earn some money. If you create quality good contents, you can easily publish other spaces to advertise your hubs and finally offer the sell of your hubs. Many people are much interested to purchase your hubs. You can easily sell your HubPages account and the other buyer can easily buy them by money. After buying the hubs, the merchant can change the Google AdSense account ID and Kontera ID or Amazon ID and can easily earn money through them.

Throughout this page, I only want to figure some of the great seven steps to earn money easily. All the ways which are mentioned here, are really effective for making money online by HubPages. The ways may be seem crazy but really effective to earn money online by your hubs. Already many hubbers of HubPages are earning by following all or some of the ways which I mentioned here. Thus earning money online by HubPages is really simple and easy. Hope, you also earn or make money online by HubPages.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      i really enjoyed this hub and all of the detail outlined with ways to earn here at the hub. great hub and thank you for sharing. voted up

    • Raghavzx profile image

      Raghavzx 7 years ago

      Great and really informational and anspirational

    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 7 years ago

      SEO Expert Kerala, you can sell the hubs i.e. the contents of you hubs or your HubPages account with all of your hubs. I sold two of hubs to one website and I delete the contents after selling of those two hubs. I earned some money selling those.

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 7 years ago from KERALA

      Great Ideas !!!

      Can I Sell my hubapge hubs ? , Please give details of the same .