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HubPages Tips Every Hubber Should Try

Updated on July 6, 2017
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Zett is a high school student who loves reading light novels, web novels, and manga. He also loves watching various movies and series.

HubPages is an amazing platform for writers and the like. Whether you're a complete amateur or a professional, writing on HubPages could fairly be easy. Regardless, writing a good quality article has never been easy. Much more, a good quality article does not even guarantee a great amount of audience, less a stable high traffic. However, there are countless of ways every Hubber could at least try to improve his or her own Hub. Likewise, here are some tips on the ways you could enhance your Hub.

Use smart titles.

Smart titles are those that are simple and catchy, search friendly, and can directly give the readers an overview on what your article is about. For instance, “Famous Places in Europe” is a good title as it could immediately give the readers on the content of your article. However, the title is just dull and does not even attract any attention. Changing it to “20 Famous Places in Europe Everyone is Dying to Go” would actually better.

To give you an idea what smart titles are, here are a few examples:

  • Most Common Mistakes People Make When They're Sleeping
  • 20 Weird Sea Creatures You'll Find Lurking at Home
  • How to Make a Cake Without Using an Oven
  • 5 Terrifying Consequences in Using Illegal Drugs
  • Axolotl and 101 Other Dying Creatures of 2017

In addition, Hubbers usually tend to use phrases (commonly in 4-10 words) as titles rather than a single word. Using title phrases does offer a primary advantage: they can be easily indexed in search engines and found in search results. Using the words “How To” (e.g. How To Fix Your Keyboard) and “Top” (e.g. Top 10 Worst Nuclear Meltdown in History) in title phrases, too, are proven to increase the number of readers you have and build traffic.

Remember that ‘text comes first before the image’.

Using a photo capsule before a text capsule is probably one of the most common mistakes made by beginner-writers in HubPages. This mistake usually results to a low quality Hub, typically at a Hub Score lower than 70. Therefore, it is recommended to begin your composition with a short description or introduction as it is typical among articles and other literary pieces. Also, remember to keep your introduction short (at 3-8 sentences) and use catchy and engaging words (e.g. ‘tremendous’ and ‘you’) to establish a sense of connection with the readers.

Utilize Public Domain Images.

Public Domain Image From Unsplash (Photo Credited To: Natalya Letunova)
Public Domain Image From Unsplash (Photo Credited To: Natalya Letunova)

There had been several cases, not just in HubPages, that writers were brought to court due to unauthorized use of photos (regardless of whether the photo was cited with a source or not). As a result, they were, unfortunately, asked to pay fines, which is totally costly if you add other fees such as employing a lawyer.

Thus, make sure to use Public Domain Images to avoid unwanted trouble. Public Domain Images, or some call these as ‘do-what-you-want photos’, are photos that are available for commercial use. These images are commonly found in these following sites:

  • Unspash
  • Pixabay
  • Wikimedia Commons
  • Flickr Commons
  • Public Domain Pictures
  • Magdeleine

Though the images can be commercially used, never forget to cite the source of the photo as a sign of gratitude and respect to the original owner.

Use reliable links.

HubPages are strict with regards to using links. Using unreliable links, often in Blogger URLs, often lowers the quality of you Hub and using too many links likewise means you need to continuously watch your Hub if any of the links becomes broken. So make sure to use only a good number of reliable links.

Cite sources.

To avoid any copyright issues, make sure to properly cite the sources you’ve used. Aside from the photos you’ve utilized, it is also important to cite the sites, documents, and other related files you’ve used (which clearly are not yours) in creating your article, through simply by using a text capsule at the end of your article.

Edit continuously.

One of the most effective ways to raise the quality of your Hub is to continuously edit it. You may set your own schedule on what dates your articles must be edit. Most of the Hubbers often edit their hubs on monthly intervals, typically at 3-6 months. These revisions mainly involve the update of information, revision in the grammar and spelling errors, and fixing of broken links.

Keep in mind: ‘quality over quantity’.

It is a sad truth in HubPages that creative works such as poems and stories rarely gets a large number of readers and a good amount of traffic. No matter how many poems you’ll probably write, you would expected several days after that readers don’t have or have only a little interest on this stuff.

Quality, at this point, means the content that everyone is looking for. It may be quite technical and scientific, or simply a guide to everyday things. For instance, ‘habitable exo-planets’ and ‘ways to cure acne’ are a few things that many people would have a high interest about. Certainly, writing an article regarding topics like this would surely earn you a higher amount of audience compared to writing creatively.

In addition, a lot of experienced Hubbers would likely advised us to write about a single topic that most interest. It is a good advice actually. However, you its more advisable to write on more than one topic as some topics usually would fall in interest at some time. For example, the only topic you’ve been focusing and writing in HubPages is ice-skating. You would sure expect to get more reader in winter and likewise less in summer. Thus, it is recommended to write on two or more different topics.

Don't think you'll earn fast.

Zoomed Paper Money  (Photo Credited To: Didier Weemaels)
Zoomed Paper Money (Photo Credited To: Didier Weemaels)

Let’s get straight to the point. If you’re thinking of earning money really fast, then HubPages is NOT the right place.

It may be a fact that you can earn money in HubPages through their Ad Programs, however this usually takes at least months or years. Not to mention, the amount you’ll receive will probably be minuscule, just enough to buy you a couple of things. But if you’re really that motivated to earn money and similarly patient enough to wait, there are several advices you could follow to earn a considerable amount:

  • Make evergreen hubs.
  • Move your hubs to appropriate niche sites.
  • Refer other writers.
  • Advertise your hub.
  • Write more quality hubs.

Observe trends and optimize.

Google Trends
Google Trends

If you want to increase your traffic of readers, then try to watch the trends. You can easily do this by visiting Google Trends. Google Trends would provide you the corresponding trend of a particular search term over a period of time and the number of articles available at that certain period. Trends likewise are rank daily. So if you want to gain readers, then writing about one of the popular trends would be a good start.

Read different articles.

Reading is the easiest way to improve your Hubs. As you read different articles online, you gain wide varieties of information that you could write about as a topic or similarly incorporate the article’s effective design on the Hub. Much more, reading have also been proven to improve your vocabulary and lessen your grammar and spelling mistakes.

And as extra, try to share your concerns in the community or in the forum. I’m sure many Hubbers similarly could have the same concern and likewise could help you. Just make sure to follow the rules and be polite and respectful towards the others.


Now that you’ve viewed several tips in writing a good quality Hub, it is time for you to implement it. It might be very tedious and time-consuming but if you’re really enjoying it, surely the stress and the pain would lessen. And if you’ve ever doubt and question your article, just remember that this article itself is a product of time, determination, and effort.

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