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Ideas for Writing Online

Updated on May 4, 2013

Whether you're stumped for what to write, ideas or simply looking for inspiration, here I have 10 ideas that everyone can write about. They all involve sharing personal experiences or opinions and are truly topics that reflect you as a person; as such they don't require much further research. My advice is to write these without hesitating, just go with the flow and write whatever comes to mind without doing too much research on the side. The more honest and unstructured your hubs are with these topics, the better other people who read them will be able to relate to them, and that's really what writing is all about isn't it?

They may not be the most commercial topics but they are sure to garner an audience if done right. You've probably considered many of these topics before, but I've also described different ways you can write about each of the topics that you may not have thought of before. I'm still pretty new here so this is my first hub that's for actual tips on writing other hubs, hopefully it can help a few people out.

Things To Write About

1. Your Job - Write about your career and how you feel about it. Do you enjoy working where you do? Is it temporary? What advice would you give to people who are pursuing your career path? It doesn't even specifically have to be a job if you don't have one; write about your past job experiences or volunteering experiences. If you're a student, write about how student life is at your school and in your program. If you stay at home to look after the children or for whatever other reason, write about the challenges and rewards that come with that. There are many people out there who are like you or are going to be like you in the future who could find this kind of a hub helpful.

2. Education - What education have you had? What was your major and what were the classes like? What did you find hard or interesting about it, and what tips would you give to people pursuing the same education? If you haven't had post-graduate education, talk about how not going to college made things easier/harder for you. Talk about what you wanted to do out of high school or even when you were in high school, and how you changed after. There are thousands of prospective students out there seeking advice from people who have already gone through the education they hope to. Tell them what your school was like and if it effectively prepared you for your career. If you're still in school, discuss why you chose the program you did and what you hope to accomplish towards the end of your degree, and afterwards.

3. Media Opinion - Write about your favorite TV Show and why you like it, what sets it apart from all of the other TV shows out there? Are there similar TV shows you would recommend to people who may have the same taste as you? Are there certain characters that appeal to you? Certain plot-lines that you thought were well-done, cliche, didn't make sense or unnecessary? You can discuss all of these points for a movie or book as well, and you can be as specific or general as you want. If you know a lot about a certain book, you can make many hubs about different characters or sub-plots and discuss your opinions on those. If you don't have much to say about books or TV, talk about music. Who did you like as a child and how did that artist change? Who do you like right now and what do you like about them? Make a hub about your favorite celebrity even and why you look up to them, or your favorite author/director. Anything related to the media really, you can write why you don't like fox news or something about politics in general.

4. Illness or Medical Encounter - If there is an illness that you or a close one has experienced, share your story through a hub. Discuss the symptoms, the treatment, and the general hardships that came with it. If you don't know about any major illnesses that effect someone, talk about something that you learned about in school or saw on TV, or something that fascinates you. You can even broaden it out and talk about your experience with the common cold and what home remedies help you to deal with it. Discuss your vision problems and how young you were when you got glasses; are you considering laser eye surgery? Write about when you had chicken pox or when you fell off your bike and scraped your knee. Any sort of medically related thing that you've experienced, or that someone close to you has experienced, hub about it. People are always searching for home remedies or trying to self-diagnose based off of what others have been through.

5. Life Changing Experience - Write about something very significant that may have happened to you that completely changed your perspective on life! Did one of your friends have a baby, and now you hate them? Or perhaps now you like babies? Did you get into an accident or survive from the brink of death? Did skipping school one day lead you to a drug addiction? Maybe you happened to be at the right at the right time and learned something deep about yourself, or helped someone else have a life-changing experience. Basically, talk about something that touched you and made you who you are today, or how you may have influenced someone else.

6. Hobby/Activity - What's your most favorite thing to do in your spare time? When was the first time you did it and what would you recommend to people who want to pursue it? It could be a sport like swimming or even karate. It could be something related to art like painting, dancing, or singing. It could simply be reading for hours in the bath. Just something you like to do on your spare time besides work, and how it makes you feel. Do you wish you could have pursued your hobby full-time? If your hobby is something like painting, you can even make multiple hubs about techniques, or where to sell your paintings online, how to gain exposure as an artist, etc... You'd be surprised at how much you even know about your hobby and how much it can help other people.

7. Favorite Food/Recipe/Restaurant - Go over a tutorial on how to cook something you like, it could be a simple recipe passed down in your family or something you added your own touch to. Maybe it's a healthier alternative to an already available recipe. If not a recipe, you can talk about your favorite dish and where the best place to have it is. For example, there are so many Pizza joints across the country, why do you like one in particular. In fact, why do you dislike one in particular? Why do you dislike a certain food? A lot of people hesitate to write negative hubs because ads may not be relevant and such, but hey, at least you're getting views. At least you're sharing an honest opinion and connecting with someone who may feel the same view. You can even write a review on a new restaurant that opened in town or a restaurant you went to while on vacation in Europe.

8. Your typical weekend - Slightly similar to the hobbies/activities, but more geared towards how you wind down at the end of an exhausting week. What do you look forward to about Fridays? Do you have something you do every weekend? Do you like to go out and party, or do you like sitting in and enjoying a nice movie? Is there something you wish you could do on weekends? Are you still busy on weekends balancing family life or a second job (perhaps writing articles online?). How do you make sure your weekends are actually relaxing? Discuss what other people do on weekends that you wish you could do but simply don't have time for. In fact, talk about how you're a workaholic and dislike weekends; find them a waste of time.

9. How you accomplished something - Was there something you were afraid of that you aren't anymore? Something that you thought you could never do, like go bungee jumping or learn to salsa that you did? What's your biggest accomplishment? Write a hub about something that makes you proud of yourself, and how you managed to achieve so much success with whatever it is that you did. Maybe even write about something that you hope to accomplish in the future, or something that someone else has accomplished that you're proud of. A lot of people out there are fascinated in hearing your story, how you overcame your obstacles and how they can do the same.

10. Biggest regret - If only you could turn back time, would you have said you loved them? Would you have studied instead of playing video games all day? Would you have worn your seat belt? Man, that tattoo you got 5 years ago what were you thinking!? Anything you regret, whether big or small, talk about why you regret and how it changed your life. Was it a key event that made you who you are today? Even if you have no regrets (Yeah right) what would you have done slightly differently? What advice to you have for others who live in regret? Write about your friend who is still guilty about her abortion or your father who had one too many drinks. You can always talk about how someone you know regrets something they did. By writing these articles, you can help people overcome their own guilt and self-hate, and maybe finally find someone they relate to you. You can help someone some to terms with themselves.

Hopefully I've given you enough ideas to at least write one hub, or maybe see some things from a different perspective. Now go on, pour your heart out while you're still motivated!


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    • Matthew Ryczko profile image

      Matthew Ryczko 

      6 years ago from Ohio

      This is a great hub! I'll be looking back at this when I'm stumped or just want to change gears for a minute. Thanks!

    • profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      Wow! I wonder what may have caused you to think of this as a hub! Great job

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 

      7 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      Awesome hub! Voted up, useful and interesting!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 

      7 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      What an absolutely wonderful hub! I mean it! You gave probably hundreds of ideas! I know I'm going to bookmark this hub and refer back to it again and again as I need my next idea. This is great. It's stuff we can write about from our individual perspectives but will also be valuable to other people and is something a google search just might pick up. Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting. Thanks for writing this.

    • Esmeowl12 profile image

      Cindy A Johnson 

      7 years ago from Sevierville, TN

      Very interesting ideas for hubs. I will definitely keep these in mind for when I'm "stumped" for a hub idea. Thanks for sharing them. Voted up and useful.


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