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10 Popular Hubs on Traffic, Making Money, Writing Hubs (Part 1)

Updated on May 25, 2011

I have read many hubs from great hubbers on hub promotion, making money with your hub, affiliate marketing, and increasing the amount of traffic to your hubs. There are a lot of hubs out there on all these topics and sifting through all of them to find the good ones is tough.

I decided to write a hub on the best hubs that I have found and want to pass these onto you for your benefit. These hubs were written by great people who know their stuff and who are making money with hub pages. They are all inspirational. For those of us struggling on Hubpages, you can find great solutions from the hubs below.

I have also categorized these hubs for you with the following categories and I will be writing additional hubs on the most popular ones as I read them:


1. Making Money With Your Hubs
2. Strategies on Writing Hubs and Selecting Topics
3. Getting Traffic To Your Hub

Making Money With Your Hubs

How I tripled my earnings on Hubpages in 2010
Hubber: barryrutherford
This popular hub explains how to structure your hubs, hub promotion, hubpages competitions, ahd performing keyword searches BEFORE you write your hubs.

10 Hubpages Money Making Tips
Hubber: jimmythejock
jimmythejock talks about blogging, succeeding on the hubpages forums, experimenting, and other money making tips.

Banned from Google AdSense - Common Mistakes
Hubber: shibashake
A lot of people are making money on Google Adsense, but unfortunately a lot of people are getting kicked off for things like clicking on your own ads, a BiG Google Adsense no-no. Check out this hub and learn to prevent yourself from getting banned.

How Did I Make Money Writing On HubPages? The First $100
Hubber: dweirdo
dweirdo shows us graphical data to support his claim of his first $100 as well as how we acquired traffic to build his income. He also talks promtion, the strength in the numbers and more.

Strategies on Writing Hubs and Selecting Topics

How To Get Ideas To Write Great Hubs
Hubber: lesterd2009
lesterd2009 writes about the sources you can use right now to find ideas to write an award winning hub.

How To Choose A Hub Topic
Hubber: Maddie Ruud
The whole point of this hub to give advice on writing hubs that interest you and topics that you will continue to find interesting. Read this hub to learn how to evaluate your ideas. Thanks to Maddie Ruud for writing this hub.

Getting Traffic To Your Hub

Hubpage Success - Lessons from Our Top 5 Hubs
Hubber: 2patricias
This excellent hub from 2patricias talks strictly about success and other hubs that lessons can be taken from for Hubpages success as well as obtaining great hubscores.

Places to Get Ideas for High Traffic Topics and Websites
Hubber: Paul Edmondson
Paul Edmondson not only writes about traffic, but also on making money and selecting topics that make people visit your hub. In this hub, he talks about search engines, hub promotion, and wording your hubs that get people to click your title link.

Web traffic - Hub Pages traffic equals red triangles
Hubber: Dobson
Did you ever need more clarification on what those red and blue triangles mean on your account for each hub and how the red "up" triangle really means more traffic to your hub or does it mean just one new visitor? Read this hub from Dobson and learn about the red triangles.

Hubpages How To Create Anchor Text Html Backlink In Article Marketing
Hubber: Alison Graham
Alison Graham talks about increasing your traffic through backlinking strategies and article marketing. Afterall,
all hubs are articles. Read Alison's "Recipe For An Anchor Text HTML Backlink".

If YOU have written a great hub that you believe is of great value to the Hubpages community and would like me to consider adding it to part 2, please drop me some fan mail and let me know where your hub is so I can read it.

Looking forward to your comments on these hubs. Let me know if you have read any of the above.


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      Bruce Chamoff 6 years ago from New York


    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      These are very helpful resources. Thank you.


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