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15 Months in the Hub: Over 1700% Increase in Earnings

Updated on June 19, 2012

I've been contributing to HubPages for over 15 months. My original intent for joining was to publicize my blog and hopefully increase traffic there. But then I learned about google adsense and the HubPages ads earnings program. So I signed up. Why not earn a little while I promote my blog? I want to share with you how I increased my earnings from $.20 per month to over $3.00 per month. This is a 1700% increase over 15 months. Even though it's not a lot of money, the percentage rate increase is encouraging and I want to share with you how I did it.

I've read many articles about how various hubbers have dramatically increased their earnings on HubPages. Based on the reading that I did, it seemed to me that earning a decent amount of income every month was impossible. Especially since most of my articles deal with my area of expertise which is music education, jazz, and music theory. These topics don't seem to get the kind of traffic that would warrant high ads earnings. So I kind of let go of the idea of making money on HP.

I continued to write for about five months until I was burned out. It usually takes me about a week to write a hub because I do a lot of research to make sure the quality of the content is high. I personally don't like the idea of pumping out 5 crappy hubs per day. It's bad for HP and it's bad for one's own reputation. Obviously a talented writer can produce 5 high quality hubs but they are few and far in between.

During my first 6 months I produced about 15 hubs. The traffic was averaging about 10 per day and actually fell to less than 10. I was averaging about $0.20 a month in ads income. I was discouraged and burned out from all the work I had produced so I took a 4 month break. I didn't feel like writing until the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs. I decided to write a hub about him because music had greatly influenced his way of thinking and he is the kind of example that I use to inspire my philolosphy on music education in my blog called The Musiconomy. After the Steve Jobs hub, I would not write another hub for over 6 months. That was October 2011.

During that period after the Steve Jobs hub, my earnings and traffic started to increase. I don't believe the increase was caused by the Jobs hub because it's not my most popular hub. I hadn't done anything during those 6 months. I didn't read any hubs or contribute with comments on other people's hubs or in the forums. But surprisingly, my overall traffic started to increase.

When I viewed my stats, I saw that during those 6 months, my hub views went from 1 per day to 12 without me doing a single thing. I even noticed an increase in earnings. In March of 2012 I made over $1 in ads earnings for the first time. I know it's not a lot or even a reason to get excited. But I went from $.20 to $1 in 6 months. I hadn't contributed to HP during that period. My earnings went up over 500%! The money is small but if you look at it from a percentage basis, it's quite an accomplishment. Especially for a hubber who writes about a very niche topic.

So increasing my earning by 500% was very motivating and I began writing more hubs. I've written about 4 since the Jobs one. I even decided to branch out slightly in terms of the topics that I normally write about. Well, in May 2012 I earned $3.46. So in 15 total months on HP, my earnings went from $.20 to $3.46. This is a 1700% increase! And currently, my traffic is between 20 and 40 views per day.

My hope is that my earnings will increase over time at this same rate. I will continue to write more hubs about music as well as my other interests, but I will also write more hubs on my earnings progress to share with you all. I'd like to discuss more with all of you on this topic, so please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below. Cheers!

"15 Months in the Hub: Over 1700% Increase in Earnings" Comments

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    • TheMusiconomy profile image

      TheMusiconomy 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Kelly. There are definitely moments where your earnings will stagnate. Mine sure have. But then they might take off again on their own without you doing much.

    • kellyteam profile image

      Willette 5 years ago from Michigan

      Encouraging hub. I just made $.02 with just 2 hubs and very few views. I actually was excited to see anything so it does encourage you to write more. I just completed my third hub. Thanks for the hub.

    • TheMusiconomy profile image

      TheMusiconomy 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks k2jade31!

      @Crazzykylex That would make a really great hub. I will put it on my list of hubs that I want to write. At the end of the day, it's the high quality content that will produce earnings.

    • k2jade31 profile image

      Kimberly Shelden 5 years ago from Idaho

      This was an interesting Hub, I enjoyed your enthusiasm.

    • Crazzykylex profile image

      Crazzykylex 5 years ago from Incredible India!

      Can you do a hub on "How to write Original but High Quality Content?"

    • TheMusiconomy profile image

      TheMusiconomy 5 years ago from New York City

      I'm not sure how much time I spend on HP daily. I read a few hubs each day for pleasure. And I only write a hub once every 2 weeks. Sometimes even less frequently. The amount you spend on HP is probably correlated to increased earnings as long as you are producing original high quality content.

    • Crazzykylex profile image

      Crazzykylex 5 years ago from Incredible India!

      1700% increase??? It's the first time I'm seeing such a figure with a %

      Just one question: How much time do you spend on HP (daily)?

    • beaddve1800 profile image

      beaddve1800 5 years ago from Toronto

      hubpages has good audience and traffic as well. I do not want to sign up the Adsense or eBay or amazon yet because my profile is not enough articles. I will work on it.

    • TheMusiconomy profile image

      TheMusiconomy 5 years ago from New York City

      @medcaribbeanskul Thank you! Yes, go return to your musical background. One of my professors once told me at the conservatory that "you can always go back to music." I took it that sometimes life takes you to other places far away from music, but that it is always there if you desire it.

      @cprice75 Yes I was thinking the same that if I just keep increasing my earning by 1700% every 15 months, I'll be doing quite nicely. The more you write, the more traffic you get, just like you said. But remember that high quality content wins the traffic in the long run.

      @tobusiness Thanks! I've read other hubbers' hubs about increasing earnings but I never found a story quite like mine. Remember, I took a long break from writing and my earnings still increased!

      @CriticalMessage Absolutely! I'm never going to write quickly just to publish a ton of hubs. I'm going to continue what I've been doing which is to take my time, do my research, do spellcheck, and publish high quality content. Reign on!

    • CriticalMessage profile image

      Murphy 5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      Yes indeed!, a great insight on the evolution of earnings here... Yet?, I believe it is like anything in life... You get what you put into it... That truly reigns here... Thanks for sharing this !

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      This is a very encouraging hub, I must admit there were times when I thought I'd never make money on HP, And would have loved to read a hub like this. It is true, the more you write the more you make. A good useful hub. Voting up.

    • cprice75 profile image

      cprice75 5 years ago from USA

      If you can just go up 1700% in the next 18 months and again in the next 18 months, you'd almost be able to quit your day job. I like the snowball effect of the earnings here. The more you write, the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get, the more money you tend to make. Good luck in the future.