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15 Tracks That Will Make you Fight in any Social Gathering

Updated on April 24, 2016


Social gatherings are synonymous with entertainment, distraction, pleasant moments.However, there are times when they can get to touch topics that generate frictions and even big discussions involving ideological rivalry. Many of them should be avoided, others must know how to treat them with the seriousness they deserve, or with levity necessary not to get involved by others.Then, 15 subjects best to avoid or prepare to face a fight in full social gathering.


Perhaps the greatest achievement of modern man is to achieve lead a conversation about football and not end up in an argument. Although raised among loved ones, soccer moves uncontrollable passions that will defend tooth and nail to feel attacked in their sensitivity and need to go out and defend the colors of his beloved shirt.


This topic always makes you uncomfortable to more than one. The choice of the civil situation is always a topic of differences. Some favor marriage, others against. For many people, marriage is among his greatest achievements dreams or if they have already served, while for others marriage is a kind of cell that makes them feel prisoners and wish eternal bachelorhood or regret having married. It is an issue that not only generates discussions between people, but within couples and can expose personal issues that often the rest of the company does not have to listen.


The great debate of social gatherings. Proponents argue that social events nonsmokers have to endure some to have the defect. But the latter defend rightly stating damage to health, besides the obvious discomforts like smoke odor and discomfort, among others. Often this issue ends up being so central in the meetings divided into two camps friends, who end up being located in two different sectors, grouping smokers on one side and the other opponents.


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