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1943 Henning Nickel-obverse only

Updated on May 8, 2015


The story of Francis Leroy Henning, an American engineer who "made" his own Jefferson Nickels and took them to the bank to cash them in. Ultimately the FBI and/or the Secret Service, (SS formed on the day Abe Lincoln was killed), got onto his operation and shut him down by putting him in jail for 3 years and fining him $5000.00. He forgot to put the "P" mintmark on his "Monel Metal" coins which where rough and porous and discovered by a bright eyed bank employee. Prior to his arrest, he dumped his coins "up the creek" so named Copper Creek, NJ, U.S.A. Some 14, 000 coins where recovered by the FBI and melted for content of the useful metals for mint coins. There were some 200,000 other coins thought to be dumped in another river and are subject to those wonderful guys who are sure they will find the mother load. I hope they do because I so admire these "hunter gatherers" of novel coins. A fly on the tree by the river which received Leroy's considerable work, probably would have considered the scene as just another day in the life of a fly. I would dearly loved to have been there just to see Mr. Henning's face and dump of all coins or spread all the way down the river???...because I am not a fly just yet!

Leroy was considered a clever man because his complex counterfeit operation made about 50 cents on the dollar for his non-mint coins....or he was not so clever as he missed the mint mark.

As far a I am aware, after much research, there have been no "1943's" found and so I am somewhat lost on this coin as seen in the pictures. Looks like a true Henning counterfeit based on edges and roughness of the coin on this clearing machine made coin.

My close relative worked for both mints...U.S. and RCA...during WWII as a research scientist so may have been given this coin to help the FBI identify the alloy....cannot be sure on this as he had so many secrets due to his work during the war. He was an honest and hard working man and had genius knowledge of metals....and a left hander to boot....which was my main area of working research: the brilliance and learning styles of "gauche handed" once burned at the stake for being witches.

Any help and comments from the collectors of interesting coins will appreciated and thanks for reading


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