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Two Years on HubPages: Our Second Anniversary!

Updated on May 19, 2016
Learn to Love Writing by Learning the Rules!
Learn to Love Writing by Learning the Rules! | Source

A Second HubPages Anniversary!

How to celebrate my second HubPages anniversary?

What better way than by writing--writing a hub, of course?! ☺

Celebrating A Second HubPages Anniversary!

After a bit of celebration, I realized that all the cliches about time passing quickly apply to this anniversary and it really is hard to believe that I've been a part of this writing community this long.

That much time makes for an interesting and amazing journey no matter where you go or what you do en route. HubPages has been no different in that respect.

One thing I know without a doubt here on my little anniversary is that after two years with HubPages I’ve still got a lot to learn!


Write Something Worthy!
Write Something Worthy! | Source

A Walk in the Park to get to the 2nd HubPages Anniversary?

This journey, however, has certainly taken me more places, given me opportunity to learn from a wider variety of people, and stretched my abilities as much as any other trip I’ve ever taken.

The trepidation with which I began this experience was a mixed bag of intimidating confusion and honest questions. Could I do this new-to-me web writing? Did I really want to expose my writing to literally the whole world and risk the input I would get?

What were my primary and secondary goals? Would the effort be worth the time investment? Did I even understand what it would take to succeed in meeting my goals?

I started anyway. I’ve lived long enough to know that learning by doing is one of the best ways to really learn, and that mistakes don’t have to be the end of my world but, as a matter of fact, they can be a super learning experience.

Plunging in, I found that good help is available through the information that HubPages provides its members. Hubbers themselves have proved to be very helpful and encouraging--see my Milestones hub.

Reaching some milestones was exciting. 10 hubs published, 50 hubs published. 10 followers was even more amazing! 50?! Would I, could I ever have 100 followers? Pretty soon I begain figuring out how and why to look at stats, and I was indeed learning from my own mistakes.

The HubPages Journey to an Anniversary Is An Adventure

On this anniversary I am thinking of some of the experiences I’ve had with reading and writing on HubPages. For one thing, learning to read the English of people who do not know English very well has been interesting.

Some of this is neat because wonderful accents can come through and I can hear their meaning even if the grammar is not exactly English. I often wonder if they would be confused or if would they smile at hearing my southern accent.

Organize To Meet Goals!

Communication is Important!
Communication is Important! | Source

Other hubs, though, were just a difficult learning experience for me. Sometimes I’ve tried to read posts by people even from my country that are indecipherable. I decided they must be on something that I’m not familiar with. It’s ironic that some of these writers are the ones who criticize people from other cultures for their earnest attempts at writing English.

A look back at some of my initial work quickly reigned in any haughty thoughts that may have developed in my thinking. Looking over my own beginnings I almost asked myself who wrote those hubs. Yikes--very embarrassing. Some of my early hubs still need work, sure, but others simply had to be deleted--love that button.

Then I came across some of my past comments on other’s hubs, like the ones in which I meant to write something like, “So glad you posted this information” but instead wrote, “So gald you posted this information.” Of all misspellings to use--one that sounds like that is over the top!

Then there are the times I’ve answered questions or commented on hubs when I should have been asleep. Trust me, don’t do it, not even to answer a quick question. I’m sure readers thought I was demented at times.

Of course, dealing with truly mindless comments from others is a part of life on HubPages. One never likes to be unkind, but sometimes those get the best of you. One hubber responded to a commenter’s, “Very informative hub” on a poem she had written with, “Oh really?” Perfectly priceless.

Only in the last few months have I begun to grasp the importance of comments in the HubPages community. Now that I do understand the concept better, I’m enjoying that aspect of hubbing much more.

I’ve come to realize that thoughtfully participating in the comments as they are intended is an opportunity to meet a need of today’s technological society. Educators, sociologists, and youth workers are all concerned that thoughtful communication is being lost to an entire generation.

Encouraging contemplation of written words is important for everyone, not just the generation we are trying to salvage from the debris of technological communication. Carefully thinking through what we read online and how best to respond to it is an exercise that we should all stay involved in if we want discernment regarding issues we face.

Forums can be fun if you can read the exchanges objectively, sincerely trying to look at both sides of the issues. They can be funny, too. People who get really angry often make comical mistakes. I just read this line: “First of all it insults anyone with an once of intellect!” Besides the typo and no comma after “first of all” there was nothing more to the post. (I would’ve read the rest of the list, too!)

Prudently Proof Those Hubs!

Prudently Proof those Hubs!
Prudently Proof those Hubs! | Source

Build Those Hubs!

Build Those HubPages Hubs all the way to an Anniversary!
Build Those HubPages Hubs all the way to an Anniversary! | Source

Food hubs are something I never dreamed I would be doing. Family and friends would fall in the floor laughing if they knew I was writing recipes. What little I’ve done has been well received, but cooking is not my forte. I find that my key is to learn something new about food or cooking it and then share it with others.

A hub that included the phrase “edible cooking oil” made me giggle. Need I say that my first thought was, “I suppose we could cook with non-edible cooking oil, but why?” My sarcasm melted away, however, when I remembered how some of my own sentences sounded after publication--sigh. Seeing lines like that encourage me to proof my own work better!

HubPages can be a real opportunity for humor. Taking something written the wrong way, or having a different perspective on it is sometimes funnier than expected. I came across info on trying self-hypnosis. To me, the obvious response is, “You’ve got to be kidding. Really now, who’s gonna bring ya’ out of it?"

Surprising things can happen when you do creative writing, like the hub in which I wrote about Christmas lights under the snow, and lo and behold, they do make such a thing and it’s for sale on Amazon!

More importantly, creative writing is very satisfying, particularly when you’ve given some happy thought and careful effort to a piece and then a reader is kind enough to leave a comment. It’s a creative outlet worth working up the courage to try!

I’ve recently gotten around to improving my profile page, thanks to reading about the importance of doing so. I imagine there are other writers who haven’t thought much about how important it is to set it up nicely and keep it updated, but I was clueless until just last month. I imagine it will need to change with time, but it's a good opportunity to evaluate one's own work.

Personally, I do not like third-person profiles, but I will keep trying to read them. This isn’t a criticism--I promise--it’s just a preference because I find them distracting, confusing, and scratchy. You may have an explanation for them that helps me!

Raise the bar with your writing and take it to a HubPages anniversary!
Raise the bar with your writing and take it to a HubPages anniversary! | Source

Web Writing Is An Unending Learning Experience: HubPages is a Great Place to Learn

There are still some opportunities that I want to take advantage of, but doing the research to learn what I don't know and then implementing what I learn takes away from the little time I have for the writing I want to do--and there's a lot of that!

I have finally decided to Twitter. Now that I’ve decided, the reading I’ve been doing looks different. One of the major drawbacks that kept me from green-lighting my plans to join the world of Twitter finally dawned on me. Too many people already think I’m a twit. Do I really want more of those people in my life?

Well, web writing is a world that comes in a package containing both a learning curve that must constantly be updated as well as loads of opportunity that can help us benefit from what we learn. Maybe I’ll get it all together one day--in the meantime, I’ll just go one step at a time.

If you are interested in learning about online writing, HubPages is a great place to start. All in all, I have to recommend that you give it a shot!

Could HP be a Writing Workshop? :)

Interesting Writing Tool:

✐ What's Your Most Unusual Experience on HubPages?

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    • sofs profile image

      sofs 5 years ago

      Congratulation...and I wish you many more years of online writing and much success.. I loved the section on comments and mindless comments.. lol. Recently I was advised to rewrite my very ordinary looking profile in third person and your view of it brought a smile to my face. I agree with you totally when you say HubPages is a great place to start .. if not for HP I would have quit online writing a long time ago. Great hub:) and great knowing you!!

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 5 years ago from Tempe, AZ

      This is an excellent hub! And yes, web writing is indeed a never ending learning experience.

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 5 years ago from Texas

      This was a great hub! I thoughly enjoyed reading about your journey. I enjoyed how you put your words together - flowed well, easy to understand, excellent grammar, etc. Your hub gave me hope...that in two years I may be able to write a summary of my two years and be able to say it as eloquently as you have done. I am inspired! Voted up, interesting and useful!

    • ktrapp profile image

      Kristin Trapp 5 years ago from Illinois

      Congratulations. This hub made me laugh. Some of the actual examples cracked me up like, "an once of intellect" and "first of all" without a second or third point to be made. Very funny!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Hi sofs! Thanks so much for your kind comments. :)

      I checked your profile again and it's quite nice to read--the third person part is not long and then you are speaking to me about your work in the next section.

      I do have difficulty getting through long third person ones, but I read them anyway--it's good for me! I would love to hear others' perspectives on them because reading about the reasons for doing that might help me get over my confusion with them. It's probably as simple as different personalities like different styles.

      So appreciate your visit to this anniversary hub. The benefits of meeting encouraging friends is just one more reason to write with HP! :)

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