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2010 Hub Milestones and Accomplishments

Updated on January 3, 2011

Summary of 2010

I started writing hubs just over 2 years ago to help me bring in links for some of the websites I was working on. Then I used it to vent a little about social things and sports related topics. Made some friends and met a few really cool people in Hub Pages.

Then I decided it was time to see if I could make my linking project and editorials start to pay me some money. I saw that others had made a little and started to try myself.

So, it was a good year and I've been very blessed. Here's a little summary of 2010 with stats, accomplishments and things I've learned.

Selected Stats:

Published: 29 Hubs

Most visited Hub: LG Cosmos Review at ~27K visits

2010 Revenue: $560

Total Visits: 98K (Passed the 100K mark today 1/3/11 !!!!)

Total Hubs: 66

Followers: 270

Passed 2 year mark in December.

Lessons Learned

There are 3 things I've learned from this past year;

1) Keywords - Very important to have high demand low competition. I summarized my process in my hub on most searched keywords.

2) Evergreen content - I figured out what they were talking about. In fact I stumbled onto it. My family switched cell phone. I liked my LG Cosmos so much I wrote a review. Did the keyword research and put it up on the web. Soon it caught the attention of Google and the rest is history. I started getting about 100 views per day on that one Hub. Next I had to figure out how upload ringtones. Once I figured it out I shared it with the world in a hub. Turns out lots of people who get the phone have the same question. There's another 75 or so views per day. The point is write about things you know and things others would want to know about.

3) Monetize with Amazon - Up until May of last year I had not bothered with Amazon too much because I'd sell something but get a lousy 4%. I was making pennies. Then I hit upon something. Remember the hub on my cell phone. I put Amazon on that and started selling lots of $1-$2 cases and covers. Not much money but I started reaching the escalators for 6 and 6 1/2%. Just per chance if you sell something for $100 would you rather get $4.00 for it or $6.50. So the point here is to make lots of cheap easy sales to jack up your rate and each sale then becomes more valuable. So when you do make a big sale, it pays you better.

Looking Forward

I still have a lot to learn. I want to concentrate on more evergreen content. I have a list of projects I'd like to put up on Hub pages. I also want to attract more followers. 

My goal is to get to 100 Hubs, 400 followers and make 4 figures on my hubs.  That would be a cool part time side business and kind of fun too.

I hope this helps or dare I say inspires someone.  This is something that can be done and it can be profitable.  Maybe you could put down your goals for 2011 and we can check back in a year to see how we did...


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    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @James A Watkins - Thanks for stopping by. I've been thinking about 2011 and I'm not sure what to say. I appreciate your comments and that you took the time to stop by.

      I have a great deal of admiration for you and what you write because most of the time I learn something new and it often reinforces what I already believe. It is both an honor and a pleasure to have you stop by. God bless and be well.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Congratulations on your excellent start on HubPages. You are well on your way to achieving your goals here. I absolutely love the comments you make on my Hubs. I am glad you are in the HubPages Community with us. God Bless!

    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @Powerpoe1 Looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Powerpoe1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your learning and earning experience on HubPages. I'm new to the community and appreciate the positive feedback. Well, after I make my 1 yr. anniversary I'll follow-up on my experience. Thanks again! Happy Hubbing~

    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Dennis AuBuchon - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I agree that Hubpages is a wonderful place to learn and discover ideas from some terrific writers.

    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 

      8 years ago

      Good article

      I too have many topics that I will eventually put on Hubpages. I like this site very much and enjoy participating and reading other hubbers articles. I have found some great writers like yourself that I may never have known without hubpages. I have also read some great articles with great topics.

    • TahoeDoc profile image


      8 years ago from Lake Tahoe, California

      Nah, I think I got lucky with one day that had almost $2, and the rest are pennies that added up. I like a challenge so we'll see. And yeah, I feel pretty lucky to live here and have a job here and raise my family in this outdoor paradise!

    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      TahoeDoc - 5 weeks and $ are a rock star. Keep writing and thanks for stopping by. P.S. Tahoe is one of my favorite destinations in the world.

    • TahoeDoc profile image


      8 years ago from Lake Tahoe, California

      Yes, this is the type of inspiration I need. I joined 5 weeks ago and have made just over $6 all from AdSense, none from Amazon. It will be interesting to see what happens as I write more, focus more and learn more. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    • atmarupa profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes, Tom, let's begin! I hope I will be able to endure long enough :)

    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      @atmarupa - Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to compare notes in 2012...let the quest begin!

      @FGual - I've read your hubs. You write well. I'd suggest writing a few hubs on more specific things, like you have a couple of hubs on model airplanes. I'd change it a little and get more specific like the B52 plane you put together and add that tag and put B52 into your title along with model airplane. Maybe ad some tips on assembling it and use amazon to showcase some accessories or other similar kits to assemble. Good Luck.

      @kirutaye - thanks for stopping by and I could probably get a few tips from you. 100+ followers in only 2 months. You must be doing something right!

      @Marcella Glenn - Thanks for the vote.

    • profile image

      Marcella Glenn 

      8 years ago from PA

      Tom, thumbs-up on this hub.

    • kirutaye profile image


      8 years ago from London, UK

      Well done and Thanks for sharing. :o))

    • FGual profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Great hub, I'll be learning from you. Have over 100 hubs and making very little in adsense and nothing on Amazon. Gotta check those keywords.

    • atmarupa profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice post, Tom T! I have similar goals for the 2011 - mainly for income, and followers. Yes, it would be nice to see what we reach by the 2012:)

    • Tom T profile imageAUTHOR

      Tom T 

      8 years ago from Orange County, CA

      SuzieCat7 - Wow you are quick. I went to help my daughter with homework. Came back and the was already a comment. You are good....

    • suziecat7 profile image


      8 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Congratulations - looks like you're well on your way.


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