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2010 Hub Challenge

Updated on March 17, 2011

30 hubs per month

Welcoming the New Year varies from everywhere in the world. In HubPages community, being one of the writers, made me decide to challenge myself anew to start the Year 2010 with a bang.

Various topics await me as my fingertips are itching to start the main sentences of my hubs while my mind travels to get all my data from the news, magazines, newspapers and personal experiences.

I’m sure most of us, hub writers, will explore on the beliefs and traditions regarding the New Year. I have plenty of topics to write about it. My 30 hubs on the challenge will delve on the yearend events of 2009 and the expectations on the new year, like New Year’s resolution and my personal views on various things.

I will also share my travels about my being a seafarer and the places I’ve visited for the past decade that I became one of the mariners of the modern world. Being a cook on board ship has many advantages, unlike other crew who are assigned on deck works or engine maintenance.

The last quarter of the past year 2009 really gave me an opportunity to explore my writing skills and contributed to the HubPages community things that’s worthy of sharing.


Effects of the 30 hubs in 30 day-challenge

Believe it or not, marathon writing on HubPages for 30 days will affect one's health, dramatically. That's what happened to me. Or for me only. Since I was new on Hubpages when i answered the challenge, little did I know that it will help me loose weight and also the number of my platelets due to long nights of composing my hubs.

Well, good for me then because I was on vacation and I don't have positive things to do, except internet surfing and writing articles for HubPages.

My hubs, I admit were still incomplete. I still don't know how to add videos or even photos and the RSS (really simple syndication) and other tools that will help hubber to have a very good hub. So, whenever it's Hubscore drops below 50, it's my indication to rehash it again.

These were the things I've experienced when I took heed for the challenge.

  1. Sleeping late at night
  2. Availment of the free wi-fi signal of my neighbor
  3. Losing 5 pounds or more for just a week!
  4. Low platelet count on my blood. I had to take an iron-rich stress tablets for recovery.
  5. Aching joints on my hands due to extreme hub writing.
  6. My mind worked for 24 hours for various ideas.

The good riddance was my hubs were slowly getting noticed and I was even nominated for my finished hubs.

At the same time, I applied for the monetization via Google AdSense, eBay and Amazon.

I was rejected at Google the first time I applied but got the nod the second time I renewed my application.

My eBay's application is still in 'limbo'. I have to buy a domain name that I'mstill cintemp0lating to do it.

Amazon's commission is not yet on the threshold, after a year.

Maybe, I still have to do another challange for a month.

Have you joined the challenge, yet?

HubPages Face-to-Face: The HubNuggets Program c/o HubPagesDOTcom


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Very well said, bacville. I'm sure you can take the challenge, just like the rest of us, young and old, professional or not, as long as you are dedicated to share whatever ideas you have promoting truth and conciseness with whatever facts you will contribute.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      HubPages opens an opportunity to aspiring writers, like me to be known throughout the world and have a global influence to all knowledge seekers. Thansk for this hub, travelman.