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3 Amazing Budget Friendly Places To Go On First Dates

Updated on May 24, 2011

The Zoo

Great Place For First Dates #1

Take it to the zoo!

*The Zoo*

No, it's not only a place for children and animal freaks, adults go there too.

On top of that, the zoo has many benefits. It's a great place to practice your imaginative humor.

What I usually do is lightly clown the animals, not disrespectfully of course.

For e.g, When I saw a bear sleeping at around 3 P.M,

I commented on how the bear "was hung over."

"He must've partied hard last night".

If you see crocodiles (which usually are still as statues), joke about how they "Enjoy posing", and tell your date how "We should find them a modeling agency, or send them casting".

Don't worry, you won't be labeled for animal discrimination.

The trick is to personify the animals. It works like wonder.

A Perfect Picnic

Great Place For First Dates #2

Laying back with the fine weather and lush green grass

*Picnic In The Park*

This is a great activity to impress your date, or even sweep her off her feet. I call it "Pre-Romancing". Chances are also high that no one besides you have ever taken her out on a picnic for first dates too. She'll remember it for a lifetime.

My advice is to keep it as lavish or luxurious as you want. Settle down on even grass, not somewhere rocky.

Prepare the necessary blanket, a basket full of napkins, utensils, and water. Show her that you put effort into the picnic setup without going over the top. Keep the food choices easy - ready-made sandwiches and fruit salads will do the job.

Make sure you prepare the food yourself - your date will definitely appreciate you for the forethought.

Don't forget desserts too. Women will love the second they share a slice of chocolate cake with you.

Don't forget some nutritious drinks or fruit juices. Leave the alcohol alone. You don't want to insinuate any attempts at getting her intoxicated.

Additional items to consider taking on a picnic date:

1. Music. Depending on your picnic location, consider bringing your portable music device.

If not, you can always enjoy the sound of nature.

2. Your camera. Why? To capture the moment.

If you and your date work out in the end, these photo could

serve as sentimental and pleasurable pieces.

Hot Tip: You may even use the pictures as an excuse to get her e-mail so you can send them to her after uploading later.

3. Bug spray and sun block. You never can be too safe.

Now, go ahead, enjoy the view, sit back, keep the conversation flowing.

By the way, a picnic is also an ideal situation where you can go Sync Dating with your date.

Check out my breakthrough dating question game which will skyrocket your attraction and intimacy level with any women in just under minutes.


Art Gallery

Great Place For First Dates #3

The Local Art Gallery

*Art Gallery*

For the more highbrow amongst you, this can be an uplifting first date idea.

Art galleries allow you to reveal how sharp and perceptive you are. Girls find it impressive when a man knows how express his thoughts eloquently.

So, go ahead. Take turns analyzing pictures.

This also serves as a great bonding moment and an opportunity to "get inside her head".

See how she sees the world. Observe how sensitive she is to certain images, and how insightful she can comment on the art pieces.

If you're clueless about art and all the movements behind it, don't worry, just have fun exchanging thoughts. You're not being graded for your judgments.

The objective is to learn a bit more on how her mind spins; and again, bring out the observant and discerning side in you.


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